Monday, September 28, 2009

Sasi Vibe

Sometimes toys come into the store and we get really excited about them and then are completely disappointed. This is the case with the Sasi Vibe. I had high hopes for it because I had heard so many great things about it. It sounded like a really great concept. A toy that was supposed to simulate oral sex and who doesn't like oral sex. The way it does this is it has a small ball that moves around and vibrates. The best way to describe it is to think of the back massagers with those rolling balls in them. The concept was good and the toy has nice qualities, but when it came down to it, it completely didn't live up to all the hype.

They were on the right track with some of the aspects. It has a silicone cover on it which is one of the best materials you can use on a toy. It comes off for easy washing and you can even switch it to a different color. I also really liked the fact that is was rechargeable. It has lots of speeds and functions you can use. It remembers what you like and will go back to that in certain modes. It was even water resistant and came in some fun colors. It was off to a good start.

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We had a few display models in the store break really easily. They would just stop charging for no reason at all. Or it would charge and then keep turning off. It wasn't very strong and the ball didn't move very fast. I thought it was too bulky for how small of an area the ball actually moved around on the toy. The toy is about 5.25" long and 2.25" wide but the ball moves around maybe only 2" of that. It's not as simple as just turning it on either. There are dozens of different functions and two modes you can use it in. Which was only easy to use after it was really explained to me. You have to program it for certain modes and speeds which could confuse some people. Despite all of that I figured I would try it out and see if there was any hope.

It took forever to charge, which is normal for some rechargeable toys but it took longer then it said it should for the first time. This toy just did absolutely nothing for me. It reminded me of this one time I was hanging out with this guy I was dating and wasn't super into him but was giving him the benefit of the doubt because he was such a sweet guy. He could have been amazing at the sex part and that could have swayed my decision. Basically it was awful and at one point when he was going down on me I was strumming my fingers thinking is this really all you got I'm so bored and not turned on right now. At that point I just watched the television which was more entertaining. This is how I felt when using the Sasi.

We had a rep for the Sasi come talk to us at work. I told her my dislike with the toy and she figured I had an old model where there were some issues with it. So she gave me an updated version that was supposed to have all the kinks figured out. It didn't make a difference. It was a little stronger in terms of the vibration but just didn't do it for me. Sure it felt nice but that's all I got from it. I would have never gotten off from it. The ball is an interesting concept but it wasn't pronounced enough to really get up in there. I found it didn't really fit or sit nicely in between my vaginal lips. I was bored with it within 3 minutes of using it. I can understand how it's supposed to feel like oral sex but when I can hardly feel the ball it just doesn't do it for me.

If someone could perfect this toy and really work out all the kinks then they may get my attention. Great concept just wasn't executed right. I know some people out there do really like this toy but in my honest opinion I'm never using this toy again. It was a waste of my masturbating time.

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