Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mini G Rock

I was curious about the Mini G Rock when we first got it in because it seemed like an interesting concept. We had a much more expensive version and then we got this one in. With my experience the cheaper one while saving you money may not always work as well. But I wanted to give it a go anyways and see. The rocking factor fascinated me also but is not always easy to achieve correctly. The toy is made of silicone which is very body friendly. You can even take out the bullet and boil it for a few minutes to sanitize it. But since it's silicone you only want to use waterbased lube with it.

I lubed it up and put it in, that sounds so nice doesn't it. The one problem about duel g spot toys is no lady is made the same, so trying to get the toy to hit both parts on everyone is not going to happen. This was the case with me and the g rock. It was a little too long for the clitoral part and went up past it. A piece still hit it but not the part of the toy I wanted to hit it. The vibration is not as strong on the clit either because the bullet is more towards the g spot place.

However it did hit my g spot really nicely. The rocking thing didn't really happen as easily as I would have hoped. Just sitting on the bed didn't work, I had to either sit on a pillow or the side of the tub. Something to wedge up there so I could rock. But what really was working was just using my hand on the clit part up and down which moved the toy delightfully and felt awesome. So while the toy didn't do exactly what it was supposed to do it did really get the job done. It's not too expensive where you feel bad if it doesn't work as well as you would have hoped.

No need to click read more, just masturbate.

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