Thursday, September 17, 2009

King of Coochie 5 Review

Tom Byron is the King of Coochie and is back for volume 5. I enjoyed the beginning credits where he dances around with a crown on. It was pretty funny. He pops on screen before each scene and talks about the girl he is going to bang. He wears the crown while doing all this but takes it off for the sex. I would have really enjoyed it if he kept the crown on for the banging part, would have been awesome. It was a little monotonous at times because it was always Tom in the scenes but I still enjoyed the movie.

The best scene is the movie was the last one with Memphis Monroe. Mainly because there was more variety in terms of the moves they whipped out. They have some good boob sex and she sits on his face for a bit. I really like her new haircut and her bra and panty set was really cute. She goes down on him for a really long time in the beginning, lucky Tom.

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The other scenes were also tantalizing. Riley Shy was adorable while riding Tom’s penis. Delilah Strong also held her own again the coochie king. Both girls got it in a few positions and got really into it.

I did laugh during Christina Agave’s scene. Not because of anything she did but they were doing in the room that looks like a guest room in my grandmothers house. There are flowers everywhere, from the table to the bed sheets. But after the giggle I enjoyed all the eating out and riding of the penis.

At the beginning of the scene with Christina, Tom was still wearing the crown. I crossed my fingers he was going to keep is on when they started banging. Sadly he took it off and banged the normal way. The scene was pretty similar to the others in terms of what went down. At then end he did ask her what her name was again, smooth Tom.

I enjoyed this movie and Tom’s fantastic dancing in the beginning. But please Tom, wear the crown every once in awhile while you are banging the ladies.

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