Friday, September 25, 2009

King of Coochie 4 Review

I love Tom Byron and his Speedo tan. He does have a pretty cute butt so it works on him. The King of Coochie is even better in Volume 4 of his very popular series. He rounds up some of today’s hottest stars for some coochie loving. He scored big with cover girls Sasha Grey and Sunny Lane. Sunny Lane even takes on another task for this movie. She takes over the job of introducing the girls before each scene while she is strolling the streets of Miami. It was a nice little change of pace for me. Tom still did his dancing during the opening credits, which is my favorite!

There were some absolutely adorable girls getting banged. Chelsie Rae is super cute while sitting on Tom’s face. He gets her from a few positions while she enjoys every minute of it. Also a delight was Lexi Belle. When he eats her out he shoves his face right up in there to get every inch of her. Nice move Tom, you need to teach more men that. They start on the bed but end up on the floor in doggy. I masturbated after this scene.

Trina Michaels is a pretty girl, but every time I see her boob job I feel bad. The scars are really bad, I’m sorry I had to say it. But that aside she gets Tom going by wearing jeans and we learn he has a jeans fetish. They come off soon and the naughty times began. Rachel Roxx gets it on with Tom in my favorite room in Tom’s house; the old lady decorated room. She gives him head and he returns the favor while she grinds her lady parts on his face. They bang in a few positions while she fingers her ass for extra pleasure.

Best scene was with Sasha Grey and Sunny Lane who are two of porn’s biggest stars right now. The girls start feeling up on each other first before Tom joins in. They tag team his penis with their mouths. He lines them up on the couch so he can go back and forth eating them out. He does the same at one point while banging them from behind and then front. Most of the time one girl is getting happily banged while eating the other out. Otherwise one is licking and sucking his balls while he pounds the other one. Super sexy scene with really good chemistry between all of them. They did me proud.

I greatly enjoyed this movie and the coochies that were on screen getting banged. I’m still hoping one day Tom keeps the crown on for a scene, I would heart that.

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