Tuesday, September 22, 2009

French Letter FairDeal Condoms

Everyone and everything is all about going green and doing things that are good for the environment. And now you can support this theory with condoms. French Letter condom company are the makers of the first FairDeal condoms which supports Fair Trade. They get the latex used to make their products through FairDeal trading. This makes them the only company out there paying Fair Trade premium for latex rubber. The natural latex used in making the condoms is harvested under sustainable and Fair Trade conditions. Which means the workers who produce the rubber are paid a royalty to help improve their lives. Made in Germany and are available online or in certain stores.

There are four versions of the condoms. The "Aphrodisiac" have delicious and stimulating scents. The "Stimulating Massage" is smothered in indulgent studs and ribs. The "Linger Lust" have a potency ring to prolong performance. And the "Sheer Caress" is silky light for a real feeling. I got the stimulating massage and aphrodisiac ones. Everyone can enjoy these new condoms since they are vegan friendly and also come in packs of 12.

To read what my vagina thought about them click read more.

The aphrodisiac ones were rather interesting. The pack comes with 4 of each scent; rose, passion fruit and vanilla. All of them smell actually rather nice. I'm honestly am not a big fan of my condoms having scents. Because really how much time am I going to spend smelling them. Once that condom is out of the wrapper it goes straight on the penis and in my vagina. I was worried if the smell would be in the lube on the condoms and how that would work with my sensitive area. But the smell is built into the rubber and when you lick it, it doesn't taste like the smell or that much of latex either. That is a huge plus to have no latex taste.

I also got the stimulating massage ones that have studs and ribs on them. I didn't have an available real penis at the time so I put the condom on my dildo. There was no strong latex smell or taste with these ones either, nice job. I actually didn't mind how they felt and thought these were some of the best condoms I have tried. I didn't feel the studs or ribs but I never feel any of those extras they like to add to condoms. And I'm not the only one, a bunch of my female friends say they never feel them either.

So if you are looking to do good things for the world and the hard working people in it then you should go out and buy these condoms. Plus the boxes they come in are really pretty.

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