Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Femblossom Heat

The company Emotional Bliss is all about women and what they want. They create toys to compliment the natural contours of a woman's body. Which sometimes can be tricky since all bodies are different but they did a pretty good job with their new toy the Femblossom Heat. The clitoral vibrator that heats up gradually while you are using the toy. Depending on the level of vibration you set it at will determine how hot the toy gets. Emotional Bliss products are the only ones on the market to do that. It has nine different speeds you can play with and get off to.

It's also environmentally friendly. It's completely rechargeable so you never have to deal with batteries. It also is built with environmental friendly rechargeable batteries and 100% recyclable components. Good for your vagina and the world. Depending on the level you use it can run 90-240 minutes before you need to recharge it. It has a one year warranty just incase anything happens and it breaks. It claims that it is quiet but that is not the case. Now it's nothing out of this world noisy but there is a good deal of noise that comes along with it.

One of the most interesting things about it is how it cleans itself. There is an antibacterial agent built into the material. After wiping it with water it becomes sterile and and ready to use again only after a few minutes. I really don't know this quality works and how it's possible. I couldn't find any information about the specifics of it but it sounds pretty cool. It comes with both silicone and waterbased lube for you to use with it too.

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The shape is meant to work with your body. At first glance it reminded me of the head of a cobra which I thought was kind of funny. When holding it in the front I really just used the tip to move around my clit area. Because of how wide part of it is I had to hold open my vaginal lips a little bit so it could get on up in there. It did work with my curves when I laid it flat on my vagina but didn't pin point my clit as much as I wanted it too. I thought it fit my body better when I held it from behind and came up through my legs with it. It does cover a pretty good area of my lady parts.

I turned it all the way up to the top speed. Took a little while to get me off but it did the trick. The heat isn't immediately since it warms as you are using. Since I was on the highest speed I'm guessing it heats to it's max which after while when I pressed it down into me was a little too hot. But then again I did have the toy on for awhile. It would probably make a really nice neck massager too now that I think of it.

I'll admit the heat thing was nice but wasn't really a big deal for me. Honestly I never got the whole wanting to put heated things down there like warming lube and such. I'm already warm down there, no need to make it a sauna. However I did like the heat. I wish I could have controlled the heat separately from the speed though and have the option to not have it heat up if I wanted just the vibration. But overall it was a pretty good toy.

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