Friday, August 28, 2009

Tom Byron's Lord of Asses 13 Review

I am delighted that Tom Byron has claimed himself the “Lord” of asses. Not king or master but lord. He has taken it upon himself to bring you the hottest starlets who love getting it up the ass. In number 13 Tom gets another round of porn’s finest ladies in bed with him. I did really enjoy this movie. Tom is a handsome guy and conveniently put himself in every scene. He had himself a nice little tan line from a Speedo going on which made me giggle. Before each scene he chats with the girl and we get to know a little about her.

The one thing that could have been improved was that every scene was rather monotonous. Now there was a new girl each time and new room but everything else was almost the same. The moves were the same and went in the exact same order every time. During the last scene I could predict every time what they were going to do next. Here comes the doggy and now the rimming. Oh yeah Tom gets a lot of rimming done to him during this movie, which is something you never really see in movies these days. Straight boys like ass play too people, let’s show the world that.

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Now when I watch porn I always notice the random things that no one else really pays attention to. Like with this first scene with Sasha Grey, it was not your typical porn room. The room looked like a guest room that my grandmother would have decorated. There was a ton of floral stuff everywhere and it was very old ladyish. However the anal happening on the bed was not very old ladyish at all. Although I’m sure some old ladies like it dirty like that, I know I will. She took it like a champ; all the ladies were anal champs.

When it came time for their scenes with Tom, Aurora Snow and Poppy Morgan gave you a really good show. For each scene the camera gets right underneath Tom’s ass so you can watch close up him banging each girl’s starfish. (I will never look at starfish the same again) He goes in and will then pull all the way out so he can give you a nice look at her gape. You can see all up in there. That I could have done without. Poppy had a cute English accent that was fun to listen to.

Lexi Love is awesome! However since I am friends with her in real life whenever I watch her scenes it’s funny to me. Like “Hey I just saw Harry Potter with her last week and now here she is getting ass banged.” She does an awesome job tackling Tom’s penis and loves every minute of it. I know Lexi is a squirter so I was just waiting for that moment. Soon enough it happened and she even hit the camera lens with it, nice.

The seductive Bobbi Starr rounds out this anal hungry cast. She looks like girl next door, if the girl next store like getting her ass pounded by a penis. Like I said before at this point I could predict what moves they would do next but I still really enjoyed this scene.

This was the first Tom Byron movie I have watched. I know crazy right, I review porn for a living and I haven’t seen one of his movies. But I am glad I got to watch it and look forward to watching more of his work. So if you like ass and hot girls then you will love this movie. You got to hand it to him for making his own movies because then he gets to bang all the girls in every scene. I should do this with all hot tattooed men. I think I might be on to something here.

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