Thursday, August 13, 2009

Opulent Lacquer Cote Pearls

A big part of being a lady is keeping my body in shape. And I'm not just talking about the muscles that you can see. Every now and then I like to work out my "lady" muscles. Now I'm not talking about sex, even though that's a great exercise, I'm talking about my kegel muscles. Kegel exercises are when you contract and relax the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor in the vagina. They got their name from Dr. Arnold Kegel who first talked about the exercise. There are many different things you can do to work on them, including using Ben Wa balls.

I got my first set of Ben Wa balls the other day and I was very excited. I got the Opulent Lacquer Cote Pearls and used them right away. They come in a black metallic shell case which looks a little cheesy but I have a thing for sea shells so I liked it. However I was not too impressed with the balls when I opened the case. They are about 3/4" inches in diameter and made of plastic. The coating on them is a little uneven so I wonder how long they will hold up. Also the seem on the balls where they glued the sides together is a little rough but nothing I could feel while using them, at this point. I would have liked them to be a little heavier also. But for starters they will get the job done.

To read how they almost fell out while I was at work click read more.

One of the ways you can use them is to walk around with them in while you try to keep them in. I decided that I should put them in one night while I was working with my gay husband Kasey. Balls can come either attached or on their own and these are on their own. I told Kasey what I was doing and he laughed and wished me luck. I went into the bathroom to get the process started. I didn't want to shove them in too far because that would defeat the purpose and I didn't want to get them lost. Now I know there is no where they can go but I still wanted to keep them in check. I put the first one in and it felt a little strange but was alright. I put the other in and made sure they were in a good spot. Squeezed a few times and I could feel them so I figured they were all set.

I had to make sure they weren't too far down because when I squeeze my muscles they have the potential to push things out, so when the balls got low enough I could push one out. However I didn't want to do that on the sales floor so I tried to be more cautious. I came out of the bathroom and Kasey asked me if they were up in there, but he could then tell from the way I was walking funny because I wasn't used to them yet but I eventually was ok.

I walked around a bit and was squeezing them to see if they were working. I could slightly feel them but I think that if they were bigger it would have had more of an affect. As I was in the process of squeezing I all of a sudden felt one slipping and had to go fix the situation. So after I shoved the one back in I tried to act normal again and walk around. However that didn't last long and the bottom one began to slip again. I decided it was time to take them out and asked Kasey if he wanted to help. I don't think he has ever seen a vagina before and he got frightened.

Well I got the first ball out but I couldn't quite get the other one. I could reach up and feel it but I couldn't get my finger around it to pull it out. I came out and told Kasey what was going on. I then told him if I couldn't get it he might have to go on up in there and retrieve it himself. I think I killed a small part of him with that statement. I jumped up and down trying to get it down. Whether or not that actually did anything I don't know but I tried.

Eventually it came out and everything was back to normal. I don't think I would use another pair of balls unless they had a string on them to make taking them out easier. So needless to say I don't think I will be using these again. Unless I'm playing a game of marbles and need some extra ones.

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