Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Njoy Fun Wand

There are a few companies where I own multiple versions of their toys and love them and Njoy happens to be one of them. My first treat was their Pure Wand and now lucky me I have the Fun Wand. All Njoy toys are cast in 316 grade stainless steel and are hand polished for a mirror shine. There are cheaper materials out there but Njoy only wants the best. Also this kind of steel has superior corrosion resistance with a deep and lustrous finish. Plus it has added strength and toughness compared to other materials. It would make a great weapon to defend myself with. I will just have to carry one in my purse from now on.

The Fun Wand is one of the most versatile toys that they make since it's made for anal and vaginal use. It can also be used on a lady while a man goes down on her. The steel holds temperature really well. It's great to heat up or cool down and tantalize your sensations. It also warms up to your body temperature quite nicely. Although I did really enjoy the cold steel on my lady parts.

To read what my vagina thought about it click read more.

I was feeling adventurous when I tried out my Fun Wand. In the sense that I was going to use it anally. I have played around with anal stuff before and like it but never have tried anal beads. I was scared of what they would feel like and would I really like them. Honestly I didn't see the point in them. I know what they are for but it just didn't seem like my thing. Well I played around with the beaded end and I was rather surprised that it felt kind of nice. The sensation still needs some getting used to because it reminds me of something else if you know what I mean. At one point I could feel the end of the beaded end hitting my g spot which was a nice feeling.

I used the other end for g spot play which we all know is one of my favorite things to do. It's not thick enough to give a real good internal penetration feel but in terms of putting pressure on my g spot it did a fantastic job. I really liked how it was cold when I first started using it. Didn't think I would like that but because it was so hot out that day it was kind of refreshing for my vagina.

I really do enjoy playing with this toy. Plus it comes in an awesome box to store it in. It really is a "fun" wand, my vagina certainly thinks so.

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