Friday, August 7, 2009

Jesse Jane's Nymph Stimulation Gel

Sometimes it can take a while for a woman and her vagina to get going. It's not magical men, you don't touch my vagina and two seconds later I'm cumming. Depending on my mood and how turned on I am it can take a little while to get the juices flowing. Sometimes ladies don't want to wait for that to happen and they look to creams to get the process moving quicker.

Well ladies and clits, Jesse Jane is to the rescue. Well not really but her Nymph Stimulation Gel that she is endorsing is. I love how they say it's made from her own formula. Because we all know in her spare time Jesse makes up clit creams in her kitchen. Made to maximize sensitivity to the clit and the vagina; to give your orgasm some extra kick. It contains the normal ingredient of Argentine HCL. It also contains not only American but also Amazon ginseng, I don't know what the difference between the two is.

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It also is edible with a lovely cinnamon taste and smell. When I first smelled it the cinnamon smell reminded me of the candy Red Hots and I immediately thought I was going to burn my clit off with this stuff because that candy is spicy. But thankfully there was not burning of the clit. I did taste test it beforehand and it wasn't too bad. Not something I would snack on but wouldn't mind licking off someone.

I have used creams like this in the past and have gotten mixed results and this wasn't one of my favorites. When I first put it on I could feel a little tingle and coolness. It made things a little more sensitive but didn't really give me the punch that other creams have given me before. Then I don't know if I put too much of the stuff on or what but all of a sudden my clit got a little numb. And for a bit I couldn't feel anything and I just stopped masturbating because there was no point. I could feel a little sensitivity for a bit afterwards but nothing too great.

I didn't use the cream anywhere else except for my clitoral area. It says you can use it on the vagina but I am so sensitive that I didn't want to risk getting irritated down there. Then I would miss out on fun time with my man friend. But this cream is good for a little fun and a bit of added sensitivity. However I wouldn't invest too much into it.

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