Sunday, August 16, 2009

French Man Is Back

If you have been keeping up on my postings you will know about this French guy who likes to IM me on Facebook and try and convince me to visit him in France. He is creepy and I have told him many times I don't do things like that and I will not sleep with him. He doesn't give up. He tried again today and this time got a little more forward.

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Jean Francois: HELLO

Lucy: hi

Jean Francois: t es bonne

Lucy: what

Jean Francois: I WANT SEX

Lucy: what make you think I will do that?
are you yelling at me?

Jean Francois: i dont undsersant

Lucy: I don't webcam with strange men I don't know

Jean Francois: (gave me email but I'm not that mean so I'm not posting it)

Lucy: What am I going to do with this
I'm not webcaming

Jean Francois: to see my dick

Lucy: I don't want to see your penis

And then he went offline. This guys is nuts, he just doesn't get it. A few hours later he IM'd me again.

Jean Francois: i want to see my penis

Lucy: well you can look at your own penis

Jean Francois: no i am exhitionnist

Lucy: that's fun
but no thank you

Jean Francois: yesmy msn (gave email again)
i want you to suck my dick
comme on in paris

Lucy: I told you I don't even know you so why would I go to Paris.
plus I don't sleep around

Jean Francois: whar
because it is avery fabulous town

Lucy: I know I've been there

Jean Francois: i just want to fuck your pussy

Lucy: not going to happen

Jean Francois: oki
it is no cool

Lucy: what

Jean Francois: nothing
you dont want with me
i am very sad

Lucy: I'm sorry you are sad but I don't have sex with random people

Jean Francois: radom what it is

Lucy: someone I don't know I'm not going to sleep with

it is no clear?

Lucy: its clear and I didn't say you were dangerous. but I don't want to have sex.
you will have to find someone else

Jean Francois: i want your pussy

Lucy: You have to find another one

Jean Francois: NO

Lucy: well it doesn't really work like that. I have told you no many times

Jean Francois: yes it is posible

Lucy: well me telling you NO makes it not possible

Then he went offline again. I don't know what to do about him. He really just doesn't get it.

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Anonymous said...

"I don't know what to do about him."

Uhhh... why are you even complaining? You can delete him off your friends list, you can block him, or you can create a Facebook Chat friends group, add him to it and then set it to offline.

Lots of options if you really don't want to talk to him.