Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twinkle Lover's Riding Crop

If you happen to catch me with an imprint of a star on my ass in the next few weeks then you are about to find out why. We all know how much I love a little pain sometimes when I'm getting naughty. Hence why I am excited about my new Twinkle Lover's Riding Crop. I have a paddle and a flooger so it was only fitting that I get a crop to add to my collection. Plus it also looks like a magic wand so I can use it when I play Pretty Pretty Princess.

It's long and pink, just how I like them. It's about 18" long and seems to be pretty sturdy for play time. The handle is rubber and ribbed which makes it really easy to grip. The shaft is covered with pink glitter ribbon and thread. At the top is a pink star that is also covered in pink glitter. I'm not sure what material the star is made of but it has some give and bend to it which will work nicely for smacking. But I do question if it's a material that will last for a long time or something that will need to be replaced soon. Does this mean the glitter will be imprinted in my behind also? I should test this out.

What is also great about this crop is I can use it for other things besides smacking. I can use the edges of the stars to stimulate the senses of the body. It feels really nice when you drag it along the arms, nipples or inner thighs. If you do it lightly it gives off a tickling sensation but I like it done a little harder. SInce there is glitter on the star when you have it flat on your body and drag you get the tickling sensation also.

This would have to be more of a toy I use on others then the other way around, not much of a manly toy. I think if the boy I was dating came at me with a hot pink glittery crop I might start giggling. That is something I would like to see though. I feel like when I use this I should be wearing a princess outfit and a tutu. Who wants to play naughty princess?

While this looks like a innocent toy one could really hurt someone else with this if you hit hard enough or poke them in the eye with it. I smacked myself on the butt with it and I can still feel it, but it's nice a nice feeling. But do be careful when playing with toys like these. Start of gentle and work your way up to my status. Perhaps have a safe word for when it gets too intense. My safe word is unicorn.

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Adri Cowan said...

wahhh! it cut me!!!