Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sexual Superpower Contest Winner!

My free porn contests are my gifts to the world. Round two of the porn give-a-way was even better then the first round. The premise of this round was to invent a sexual superhero/power that would blow me away. I asked for creativity and to think outside the box. I got some amazing entries and it was really hard to pick a winner. So hard that I decided to have a tie and they both win 3 DVDs!

I'm now deciding on what the next contest should be. If you have any ideas let me know!
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The first winner is Charles;

I'd call it 'The Real Good T.M.E. (time)'

Maliciously wielded upon those criminally bad girls who vehemently asked to be turned inside-out.

Defined as the ability to have sex with a girl from the inside-out...literally. Where the climax isn't making her cum, but a reprieve from her longest, most prolific & powerful orgasm that started the started the second I got inside her. Only ending when she's on the brink of unconciousness.

And like some superheroes...I, too, would have a calling sign of sorts. There's the Bat symbol, the 'Z' belonging to Zorro...me, I'd just leave women exhausted, laced with a devilish grin and eternally exclamating in a satiated tone, "Too Much Ecstasy!"

As I disappear into the night saying, "I hope you had a Real Good T.M.E."
Sorry...no sex-ray vision or titanium dicks here. And please don't ask how I'd get inside the girls...Did Mary Jane ask Spidy how he spun webs? No, she just smiled and enjoyed the suspended sixty-nine! ;)

I really like this because I sooo wish it was a real superhero. Believe me I would make one of those sign things for him on my roof so I could summon him whenever I wanted.

Winner 2 is Toney;

I would start this guy off as your normal every day dude named Dusty Rockshire. Not too bad looking. His flaw is he has problems picking up women. One time, he got the guts to walk up to this beautiful and I must add HOT female and when he approached her, he could not speak the correct words to make himself a bit interesting. One day, as he was getting off of work he decides to walk home instead of taking the bus. As he traveled home, his route consisted of going through a major city park in which this very day changed the rest of his life. He noticed an elderly man being attacked by a bunch of hoodlums. The one thing that Dusty had for him was that he was very muscular. He worked out consistently every day. He ran over and helped out this elderly man by using his top notch kick boxing skills. As the hoodlums ran off, Dusty lifted the elderly man off the ground. The elderly man ever so thankful told Dusty that he owed him one. He asked Dusty, “If there was a wish that you could have granted right now what would it be?” Well that wasn’t too hard to answer. Dusty told the man of his problem and immediately, the elderly man, with a clap of his hands, said, “My friend, you wish is granted.”

The next morning, when Dusty woke up to get ready for work, he told himself, “Self, today is going to be a great day.” And yes it was.

The normal morning routine for Dusty in the morning right before work was stopping at the local Starbucks. One reason was to check out Janine, the hot ass cashier. When it was his turn to place his order with Janine, Dusty thought to himself, “Now’s the time.”

“Hey Janine, how are you. I want to know if you would like to possibly have dinner tonight?”

“Um. Well…”

As Janine was speaking, Dusty started getting these thoughts in his mind that were as clear as day, “Actually, I want to take you back home, right now and FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT!”

“Oh Dusty, that is all you had to say!” explained Janine. At that moment, she ripped off her Starbucks apron, jumped over the counter and grabbed Dusty by his tie and ran out her place of employment. They headed back to his apartment and to Dusty’s belief, HAD THE BEST SEX EVER!!!

Dusty’s superhero power is to say something proper to a female and his mind will transform what he just said into the most hardcore thought into her mind. Giving Dusty some of the best sex whenever he wanted. HOLY BUTT SEX DUSTY!!!

To be continued…

The fact that he wrote a little story about the character was a major plus. Plus he ended it with "Holy Butt Sex Dusty" which made me laugh.

Thanks to all those that entered! I really loved reading all your ideas!

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