Monday, July 6, 2009

The Screaming Octopus

This little delight is one of the cutest things ever! Yes it is a sex toy but does not even look like one. While this petite toy looks innocent it packs a powerful punch. Voted Best for Underwater Exploring in 2008 by Women's Health Magazine this waterproof toy is sure to leave you satisfied. There are 8 small tentacles that when vibrate tickle the clit perfectly. The screaming octopus come in 3 colors; pink, purple and blue which is what I got. It takes watch batteries that should give you at least 80 plus minutes of fun. It's only about 1.5" tall and made of jelly rubber.

I decided this adorable new friend needed a name. His name is William Bucksly but I will not tell you why. Let's just say it reminds me of someone or something. I couldn't stop playing with this thing and I'm not talking about playing with my clit either. Seriously it was like I was a kid with a new action figure. There is a little piece of jelly that hangs off the top so you can swing him around and smack him up and down. I was making him walk up and down my stomach and legs and dance around. Does this makes me strange? 

He is like my new little buddy. He is actually sitting right next to my computer right now as we speak, just hanging out. He makes me smile and giggle to look at him and play with him. Plus my clit really enjoys him and he's easy to use or have someone use on you. I could put William on my shelf and no one would know it was a sex toy. However with me people always ask if things are sex toys no matter what it is. Come on people not everything I own has to do with sex.

Who wants to come over and play underwater adventures with my octopus and action figures? No need to click read more just come play!

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Stephenwolf said...

aww you made a friend.