Monday, July 20, 2009

One Hour Fantasy Girl Review

Yes ladies and gentlemen not every movie I watch is porn. However this movie is about a dominatrix so it’s not much of a stretch. “One Hour Fantasy Girl” from writer/director Edgar Michael Bravo is the story of Becky/Brandi (Kelly-Ann Tursi). Escaped from a broken home and made her way to Los Angeles where she has been making it on her own. She teams up with Paul (Chi Trang) and begins working as a dominatrix to pay the bills and to one day start a career in real estate. However the job of a dominatrix isn’t always easy to do as Becky/Brandi learns through out her journey. She gets caught up in everything from strange clients to murder to trust issues.

You only see appointments take place with three different clients. One is Roger (Jon Morgan Woodward) who has an infant fetish. He is the typical client: big time music producer with a freaky fetish side. You would never know by looking at him. Sal (John Buckley Gordon) likes to get tied up in his office and played with rough. The other is Bobby (Joe Luckay) who Becky/Brandi befriends and makes a connection with. However everything is not as it seems and it doesn’t all work out for everyone involved.

One of the best things about this movie is how humanized everything is, especially the character of Becky/Brandi. She is a real person who is just trying to live her life working to make ends meat. Her job just happens to be a little more “involved” then others. People will watch this and see there is much more to women who are dominatrixes in real life. In no way do they over sexualize more then they need to. It’s not the glamorous/Hollywood version; it’s the gritty real life version. Kelly-Ann does a great job and gives a raw performance that is very convincing. I could really relate to her as a woman struggling with life.

I was very impressed with the rest of the cast also. They all fit into their characters well. I’m not too sure of what I think about the ending of the film. I feel like a few things didn’t make sense and needed more explanation. However overall the story did flow and kept my attention the entire time. Edgar did a great job with the writing and the directing. For an independent film it was really well made and I look forward to more projects from all people involved.

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