Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Man Friend Gives Good Sex

I had awesome wonderfully orgasmic sex for the first time with my new man friend. I knew it would be because he's fantastic at all the other stuff but it was REALLY good. No I'm not going to mention his name but I will be writing about him and therefore I'm thinking of a fake name I can use. I have a few ideas but I'm open to suggestions.

Yes this explains why I have been in a really good mood lately. I expect a phone call from my mom in about 2 minutes after she reads this wanting to know all possible info on him and want me to send a picture of him.

Needless to say my vagina and me woke up very happy today. He makes me smile.

No need to click read more, that's it.

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Anonymous said...

it also explains why I haven't heard from my Lucy much lately!! love you!miss you!! love Mama xoxoxo