Friday, July 17, 2009

Just in Case Compact; Got Me a Pink One!

A while back I first discovered this little gem and did a blog about them and how fun they sounded. When now lucky me I got myself one and I'm so excited. The Just In Case compact is great way to discreetly carry around condoms so you are always ready for action. Sometimes when condoms are left to wander about the purse while waiting to carry out their destiny they might get punctured or ruined. Well now I don't have to worry about that with my new little handy dandy compact. Plus the lid inside that you lift up to reveal the condoms is also a mirror, I like mirrors.

It comes in many colors and styles but I picked the petulant pink one, go figure. It's coated in clear acrylic and a cute hot pink design on the top of it. Shaped as a square that's only 2.5" both ways and about 7/8" deep. It comes with a petal pink organza bag that you can carry it around in. Although the bag is perfect for me to use to store my jewelry in when I travel, very convenient. Or it would be great to carry a mini clit vibe around in my purse. You would think I already have one in there but I don't. I should get on that. It also comes with two complimentary condoms for my sexual pleasure. Basically it comes ready to go into your purse and out for a night of love making.

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The mirror is also a nice touch to the compact. Not only great for checking yourself out and fixing your lip gloss through out the day but for checking to make sure you get all the cum off your face when you are done fooling around. However last time that happened they guy wiped my face off for me, he is sweet! But he is away right now so I have to pleasure myself for right the next week. But I do think of him when I do.

It hardly takes up any space in my purse which is good because I have so much stuff in there. It's pretty durable and has held up to me shoving stuff into my purse. If only it held more then two condoms because they way I like to roll I'm going to need something that holds a whole box. I need to get one for every purse so I'm always ready no matter which one I wear.

Thanks for the Just In Case compact Sex Toys!
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