Friday, July 3, 2009

Hydrasmooth Lube

Never try to stick it in dry because I will hit you. Men, I will say this time and time again you need to use lube when the vagina area isn't wet enough. Thankfully I get wet enough on my own thanks to the hotness of my man friend. But sometimes I do need some help in the wetness department. Hydrasmooth is a great lubricant that made for ladies with sensitive lady parts. It's water based and contains no glycerin which is something one should never put in their vagina. However some lubes still contain it so always read the ingredients first. It's considered a cream base that is thicker then liquid lubes and feels fantastic.

The great thing about hydrasmooth is how moisturizing it is. It contains aloe, elastin, collagen and vitamin E which is great for your skin. I decided to rub a little on my legs to test out that fact and it was quite nice. Plus it doesn't get sticky like some water based lubes can and works it way into your skin. Since it is so moisturizing you don't need to wash it off when you are done. My vagina and I were instantly impressed with the feeling of it and how silky smooth it was. 

A few cons though. It does have a small taste to it. Yes I did lick it to see what it was like. I have to be prepared just in case it ever gets in my mouth at some point. It also has a slight smell which doesn't bother me at all. But my room smells like sex anyways so it fits right in. I really like this lube and I'm thinking of making it one of my regulars.

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Anonymous said...

sex is lovely darling but your room should have an alluring odor like oh la lilac musk! great writing as usual! that jean fellow verrrry nice ! love mom xoxo can't wait to see my babe'