Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edible Crotchless Gummy Panties

I have such a sweet tooth. While at work the other day I wanted something sweet and decided to snack on the editable gummy panties that we carry. They come in a few flavors but I went for the green apple because that is my favorite. I have never taken these things seriously and I was even more convinced of that when I opened them up.

First of all I would not think putting a giant green gummy triangle on my vagina would be sexy. You have to put the panties together yourself. They give you two strings of elastic you must tie together and around the gummy piece. That is too much work for me, I want them ready to go. They were a thick stiff gummy and weren't too squishy. I went in for the kill and took a bite. It was like a really thick fruit roll up. Like how when you take a bite of it and it doesn't give right away and it stretches out. It has a nice flavor to it but it wasn't very strong.

I would not actually want to put this anywhere near my vagina. First of all when you lick it, it gets gooey and sticky. I don't know about you but I'm not a fan of gooey gummy stuff near my lady parts. Plus with the sugar involved that is just a yeast infection waiting to happen. Think of how much fun it will be trying to pull it off too if it gets too sticky. I stuck it on my arm to see how it would deal with hair and it pulled a few of my arm hairs out when I pulled it off. Now just imagine that situation with pubic hair, no thank you. But on the plus side they are low carb.

These are fun to give as a gag gift but not something I would suggest really using. I mean you could but if you do I think it's only fair that the guys wears a pair too.

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