Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Contour I from Jimmyjane

Jimmyjane is becoming one of my favorite toy companies. I have always been impressed with all the products I have tried of theirs and this one is no different. The Contour I is a modern day take on hot stone massage. This smooth and polished toy is designed for deep kneading massage for you or a special friend. (that's what my mom likes to call them) The booklet that it comes with gives you tips and tricks about places on the body it is good for. Because it's made of double-fired porcelain it hold temperature really well. Heat it up or cool it down, whatever tickles your fancy.

The porcelain is hygienic, bio-compatible and non porous. It's durable in the sense that if you stand on it, it will not break. But drop it on the hard floor and you might have another story. It makes a great match with the Euphoric lotion from Jimmyjane. You can even buy the two in a kit! I love digging this thing deep into my shoulders or running it up and down my thigh to work the muscles.

When reading the instructions it says the toy was made to explore the body. Leave it to me to take that as try this out in your vagina. It's designed perfectly for g spot stimulation and I wasted no time trying it out. Let's just say I spent some time working out a whole other muscle group for a bit. I felt much better and happier after. I did laugh when after saying you should explore the body one should "use common sense."

No need to click read more, that's it.

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