Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Climax Fruit Bombs

I have never seen the point of flavored lube. I mean I get why people like them and want to try them but I have never wanted to use them. Mainly because I like the taste of a natural penis. I don't need a cherry flavored penis, to me that is weird. Maybe if what you are licking down there tastes bad it just needs to be washed. But for those of you who need a little sweetness to the vagina or the penis then flavored lube would be fun to try, but not this one.

We have all the flavored lubes out at work for customers to taste so they can find the right one. (If you are serving white wine I would go with a tropical flavor) I decided to finally try them out and see if they actually tasted good. There are a bunch of lines and I went with the Climax Fruit Bombs first. They are waterbased lubes that come in a circular bottle with a pump for dispensing.

These were some of the most disgusting things I have ever put in my mouth. First when I tried to pump it out it sprayed out onto me and on the counter. It was really liquidy and ran down my hands and fingers. I licked it off and was immediately grossed out. All the flavors tasted like really bad cough syrup. It was not appealing at all and I would not want this near my vagina or on a penis. They claim it doesn't get sticky but believe me it does. They also say it's perfectly safe for penetration but if you are sensitive down there I would be careful or you are likely to get an infection or irritation. My friend joked that maybe they only taste bad on their own and when you lick them off a penis they taste much better. Unless the penis tastes like a Jolly Rancher then nothing is going to make these lubes taste any better. No thank you!

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Brandon B. said...

Hey that's my trick! "I swear it tastes better if you lick it off my penis!"

kenny said...

why does everything need to have a flavor??? coffee included.. coffee flavored coffee is the best... i want a vagina to taste like vagina.. that's what turns me on.. not a vagina that tastes like bananas foster.. these companies need to let people enjoy primitive attraction, lust, and taste again.. why is everything turned into a flavor?? next thing you know, TGIFriday's will have Jack Daniel's flavored penises..