Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Chroma

I like nice things and we all know this. When it comes to sex toys you get what you pay for. The Little Chroma is one of the best toys on the market in my opinion. My vagina finally got to experience this fabulous toy and is very pleased with it. The Little Chroma is made by Jimmyjane and is one of a kind. It's the only vibrator in the world that has a patented replaceable motor and therefore it will last you a lifetime. How awesome is that! Guaranteed orgasms for the rest of your life, yes please!

It comes in 4 colors; blue, magenta, red and black. I picked black because I thought it was very classic and sleek looking. They also have a few special editions with different designs on them including an "Inked" one. It is made of anodized aluminum, a material that holds temperature really well. This material is medical quality, body safe and dishwasher safe. But don't forget to take out the motor before you toss it in the dishwasher. It's about 5.25" long and .67" in diameter.

What is also great about this toy is it's waterproof and I mean really waterproof. Usually when toys claim they are waterproof it's usually only splash/shower proof. You would never want to submerge it under water because you will most likely break it. Not the case with the Little Chroma because this toy is fully submergible up to a depth about 5 times of you bathtub's. My bath time just got a lot more fun.

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The vibe this toy gives off is simple and strong. It appears to only have one speed but as you move down from the top to the bottom the intensity changes. It runs on one AA battery which will give you 16 hours of fun. For those of you who are worried about noise then you will love this toy because it is virtually silent. Of course if you hold it up to your ear you can hear it but at arms length it's very hard to hear.

I turned it on and was very excited. When I touched it to my clit it was cold but I kind of liked it. It then warmed up to my body temperature and felt nice. I used the very tip so I could get the most power out of it. I did cum very quickly and again soon after. When it was cold it did feel nice to put it inside and tease myself with. But it isn't something I would be able to get myself off internally with. I did also try it anally to see how that felt. It was really the perfect size to warm up with. The smoothness made it very easy to insert and was not uncomfortable at all. But if you do use it anally you have to be careful because there is no base on the bottom so you must hold on to it so you don't "misplace" it.

The cap has a hole at the top of it. I would like to think that it's there for you to be able to wear it as a necklace. But what it's really for is if you do use it anally you can tie a cord there to help retrieve it if it goes to far. While that's not an issue you need to worry about for vaginal use just keep it in mind for anal.

This seems like an ideal toy that I should keep in my purse. Small, compact and quiet. I like that idea.

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