Thursday, June 18, 2009

Impulse 5 Hypersonic Bunny

First of all I'm wearing this toy right now as I write this review, I thought it would be more fun that way. (I will update you on how my clit is doing through out the review) So let's get down to business since I'm already half way there. The Impulse 5 Hypersonic Bunny is a fun little toy that I have added to my collection. It can be worn on it's own or during sex for added stimulation. At first glance it might look a little complicated but once you figure it out it's pretty simple to use. (Oh this feels nice)

The main vibrating piece is the ever so popular bunny shape. This one is pink and about 3 inches long. There are 3 fully adjustable elastic straps which were a little confusing at first but once I got myself hooked up I was ready to go. (This toy is making me wet) There is a remote that is pink to match the rabbit. It is attached to the bunny which wasn't my favorite feature. Because if you are wearing this thing during sex then the remote is just off to the side hanging there. That could get in the way depending on what position you are in. However the remote has a clip on design so you can attach it to one of the straps of the toy, however because the straps are small it moves around a bit. Also you still have wires hanging down. (I'm going to cum soon) I wish it was wireless like the remote for my panties and then I could wear them anywhere.

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The bunny is made to fit nicely right between the vaginal lips and get all snuggly with my clit. I like when things snuggle with my clit, especially boys. The one thing I didn't like was the straps didn't make it tight enough for the bunny to put a lot of pressure on my clit so I would have to hold it down or as I'm doing right now keep my legs crossed for pressure. (shit this feels good) The material is a jelly so I would not share this with other people.

If you need more then just straight constant vibration then you are in for a treat with this toy. There are 5 hypersonic funtions with 10 levels of speeds. And if thats not enough there is also 4 functions of escalation with progressive patterns of acceleration. Basically you have a whole lot to pick from and your vagina will never get bored. (ok fuck I'm cuming aksjdhfu ejaaj fdadju fuhekjh)

Needless to say this toy works. It's on the quieter side too as to not scare your neighbors or roommates. But at this point my roommate is so used to hearing vibration noises from my room that if she doesn't hear them she thinks something may be wrong.

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