Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Rub My Duckie Review

I'm a kid at heart and that always shows in what ever I do. This time it shows through my toys when I picked out the I Rub My Duckie for my freebie of the week. But I didn't go for just the regular duck because where is the fun in that? I went for the bondage duckie because it's considered the naughty duckie. Plus it comes with little mini hand cuffs which are really cute and I wore them on my belt loop for the day. A funny fact about these toys is sometime parents come in to get them for babies because doctors tell new parents how vibration calms down upset babies. Why not give them a vibrating duckie, just make sure you wash it first before you give it to them.

This duckie is ready for action in it's bondage outfit, and by action I'm talking about rubbing my clit. It's the regular size of a typical rubber duckie one might find at a toy store. More powerful then the original I Rub My Duckie, this duckie packs some punch. Sometimes it takes a few times pushing down on the button to turn it off which was a pain. It is water resistant which is a plus and I can keep it in the shower and no one will know what it is. Well that's probably not true because people always ask me if random things are sex toys. Sometimes I say yes when it's not just to freak them out.

To see what my vagina thought of my duckie click read more

I was very excited to try out my duckie, it's so cute. I took it into the shower with me. Strangely I had just masturbated before my shower but didn't get enough so I had to continue. First thing I did when I got in the shower was go for the duckie. It has a good vibe to it, nothing spectacular but not bad. I experimented using the different parts of the duckie on my clit to see what I liked the best. The beak was interesting and good for pin pointing a certain spot. The head was also alright but didn't really do it for me. I did like the tail however, that hit the spot. The naughty duckie made me cum, twice. 

The duckie also comes in a travel size in case you want to keep him in your purse. They claim he is quiet but I didn't find it silent. But being in the shower muffled the vibration sounds. I don't like how you have to unscrew the flap to change the batteries. Let's say I'm in bed and it goes dead. By the time I find a screw driver and unscrew and change batteries my lady erection will probably be gone.

The duckie is still in the shower. I figure he can just hang out in there so I'm always prepared for masturbation. I mean I do keep my gigi right next to my bed so it makes sense to keep a water toy in the shower. I should just start leaving sex toys in all the places I hang out the most.


stephanie said...

love this review. love you. hilarious. hilarious. hilarious. and by ready for action i mean my clit. seriously, best roomie ever. p.s. when the boy asks how i know certain things i say it's cuz you were my roomate lolol

goalie fights said...

Start leaving toys where you hang the most? Sounds like you have started. I have one for my bag, one for my tub, one for the boy's house, one for the boy's bathroom, one at my bestie's house in LA, etc. Putting that 50% discount to use.