Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dirty French Man

I get all sorts of messages from guys asking for different things and it just makes me giggle. This was a conversation that took place this morning on Facebook with some French guy I do not know. He didn't speak english very well as you will see.

Jean Francois: you price please*

Lucy: huh

Jean Francois: i want to suck my dick please

Jean Francois: if you want come on in paris
you msn plesae
you love suck dick

Lucy: Im in the united states

Jean Francois: no npb
if you invite me i go to see you

Lucy: I don't do things like that, sorry

Jean Francois: why

Lucy: Because I don't have sex for money

Jean Francois: you want money?

Lucy: you asked my price which leads me to believe you were trying to pay me for sex

He then went offline. I checked out his profile and he is in a relationship and doesn't give much info. I shall update you if he tried to talk to me again.

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