Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beyond Massage Lotion: Euphoric

I love getting massages but I don't like feeling all greasy and oily after from the oils that they use. That's why when Jimmyjane came out with their Beyond massage lotions I fell in love. They have 3 kinds; cooling, warming and my favorite euphoric. I'm obsessed with this lotion. Not only for massage but it makes a great every day lotion that I can use all over my body. I think the tester at work is empty because of me and my always using it. It is made of all natural ingredients and is body safe since it contains no parabens, glycerin or synthetic fragrances.

This lotion is not like others because it's made with extra emollient so it will stay on the skin longer then regular lotion but will rub in eventually. It's smells so wonderful and really does make me feel euphoric. It's made with natural plant extracts that will promote the natural release of beta endorphins and give you a sense of well being. To give the lotion relaxing benefits they have added Ylang Ylang oil that comes from the flower of the same name. Coconut and Monoi Oils moisturize and condition the skin.

Seriously I could rub this stuff on me all day long. It really makes my skin feel so soft and smells so good. It's only recommended for external use so don't be trying to put it up anywhere if you know what I mean. It's also not compatible with latex condoms. I must say my whole body smells so good right now. I addicted! 

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