Monday, June 15, 2009

Beaded Nipple Clamps

Usually when people think of nipple clamps they get his scared look on their face. Large metal clamps come to their mind and how much it will hurt while pinching their nipple. Yeah they do have some rather large scary clamps one can use but those are for the more advanced and adventurous. But what about for a petite lady (yes me) who likes sparkly things and wants to experiment with nipple clamps?

Beaded nipple clamps are the answer! I admit I never thought I would want them but when they were offered to me for free at work I said why not, you never know when I may need them. That also explains why I have a ball gag but we will get to that another time. I always say it's good to be prepared.

Spartacus makes these dainty but powerful adjustable tweezer style beaded clamps. The tweezer style is great for beginners mostly because it is adjustable but they aren't intimidating. You can have anything from light pressure to nipples gone purple. To change the intensity you slide the ring up the tweezers to the desired spot. The tips are a soft rubber and are very comfortable. They come in a few colors; sapphire blue, scarlet red, pink and violet purple. I have the blue ones. I bet you thought I had the pink ones didn't you?

I'm not one for the gentle soft touch of the nipple because I don't really feel that and it doesn't get me turned on. So being able to play with the clamps was fun. They aren't just for decoration I learned but really do feel nice for stimulation. But I don't know how serious I could be having sex with them on. I should try and find out. I probably could even wear them for earrings if I wanted to.

Speaking of nipples I missed having my right one pierced. Yes I only had the one and I really liked it. Maybe I should do the other side.

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