Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vibratex Snugglepuss

I was on the fence when I picked up the Snugglepuss from Vibratex because I have heard a lot of mixed things about it. Therefore I felt it was my duty to try it for myself and set the record straight. It's an interesting looking toy that always gathers a lot of questions. Made of elastomer which is a great toy material. It's made to hit the clit and the g spot at the same time. The g spot piece is covered with little ticklers to give you added sensation. There is no on or off button; it turns on when you spread open the toy at a certain point. It runs on watch batteries and has a 6 month warranty in case you break it and need another. My vagina was not impressed at all.

It's a really great concept of a toy but it just didn't do it for me. To get me off and my g spot off you need to put pressure on it. The way the toy is designed there is no pressure put on anything, it just of sits there. And because there are no external handles to force pressure on my g spot I had to put my finger in me behind the toy to work my g spot. That didn't really work out too well for me. Plus the ticklers they add, who actually feels those things anyways. They made no difference what so ever. I did however like the clit piece of the toy. It covers a lot of area and has a pretty good vibe.

I don't know how many customers have broken this toy at work. The middle piece where it bends snaps so easily if you pull it apart too far. I wanted to try and rock on it to see if that would do the trick but I was afraid I would break it so that was out of the question. It is on the quiet side which is nice and it's pink. The batteries it runs on don't last very long and can be kind of expensive.

I really don't think I will use this toy again. Just didn't do it for me and I wasn't impressed with it.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Five Stars Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Madison Mitchell Interview

If I lived in L.A. I would be hanging out with Madison Mitchell all the time. She is one of the sweetest, generous and dirty girls that I know. I'm completely jealous of all her male porn star conquests who all happen to be Porn Studs of the Week, she knows how to pick em. She has been dubbed the Virgin Mary of whores and is very proud of that. You can read about her life and thoughts on her site Backdoor Whore. There is no doubt in my mind that it's only a matter of time before this gorgeous lady is gracing box covers galore. She is not afraid to speak her mind and call you out if need be. Her sense of humor is hilarious and you get a taste of that if you follow her on Twitter, which you should. She's gone through a lot in life and has turned out to be a delightful person who loves cock.

To read my interview with this sexy lady click read more!

Lucy Vonne: At what age did you become fascinated with porn?

Madison Mitchell: I have never really been fascinated with it. I began to sexually explore myself at the age of 22.

Lucy Vonne: How did you get your start in the porn business?

Madison Mitchell: I decided to make some porn for Burning Angel.

Lucy Vonne: Tell me about your tattoos. Which one is your favorite and why?

Madison Mitchell: My favorite one(s) are the sugar gliders on my chest by Eric Ziobrowski in Long Island NY. When I flew out to get them done I had the most magical weekend ever with Eric.

Lucy Vonne: What made you fly all the way to New York to get tattooed?

Madison Mitchell: Eric was my internet boyfriend :) That’s why I flew there.

Lucy Vonne: What made you want to start your blog and what kind of stuff do you write about?

Madison Mitchell: I kind of wanted to write about my life... the second time around.

Lucy Vonne: Who are your favorite male porn stars to bang and why?

Madison Mitchell: UHM THIS IS SO AWESOME! Rocco Reed. (Look at him he's so fuckable.) Derrick Pierce (He's so beautiful and dominant.) and of course everyone's favorite.. The beautiful and talented Mr. Pete (He's cute and turns my vagina into a water fountain.)

Lucy Vonne: What can you tell me about your upcoming appearance in Hustler Magazine?

Madison Mitchell: It's about girls they love from the internet. I haven't gotten the okay of when the exact date it will be in stores though is.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anyone in the industry you look up to and go to for advice?

Madison Mitchell: Dana Dearmond, Belladonna, and Mark Speigler and Nate Liquor.

Lucy Vonne: What's something someone would be surprised to know about you?

Madison Mitchell: I'm a really shy book nerd. Who loves to cuddle and make jokes and kiss.

Lucy Vonne: How often do you go to Disney and what do you enjoy most about it?

Madison Mitchell: DISNEY IS THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. I've been 3 times since March. I love the water rides the most.

Lucy Vonne: What jobs besides porn have you done?

Madison Mitchell: I have worked in Real Estate. I have worked for Volkswagen of America Headquarters. I have also worked for a hospital. and some crappy retail jobs as well as bartending.

Lucy Vonne: Any crazy fan encounters?

Madison Mitchell: I have crazy haters who don't know how to shut their mouths and go fuck themselves. That's about it.

Lucy Vonne: What kind of porn do you like to watch?

Madison Mitchell: I love Kink.com's Public Disgrace. I love Hog Tied. I usually just watch it for the gentleman whose names I said above.

Lucy Vonne: Do you ever watch your own scenes?

Madison Mitchell: I laugh when I see them I've never seen one all the way through.

Lucy Vonne: What's a day like in your life?

Madison Mitchell: I wake up. (Derrick says I eat sushi everyday. I do not.) I make a light breakfast. I hit the gym. I go tanning. I work film scenes or on my site which is going to be launched.) Also I make it a point to see Dana "Doodle Bug" Dearmond at least once every other day.

Lucy Vonne: Why do you call Dana "Doodle bug"?

Madison Mitchell: I'm not sure. Dana used to call her cat doodle bug and I thought it was adorable so I kept calling her doodle bug haha.

Lucy Vonne: What are some misconceptions people may have about you?

Madison Mitchell: I think some people have said some mean things about me on some certain websites which is fine we are all entitled to our own opinions. It irritates me but at the same time I have a very strong personality and sometimes it just rubs people the wrong way. Oh well.

Lucy Vonne: What would you like to say to all your fans out there?

Madison Mitchell: Thank you so much for being so awesome and helping me get to where I want to be. I love you guys and please keep an eye out for my new work!! xoxox MM


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beyond Massage Lotion: Euphoric

I love getting massages but I don't like feeling all greasy and oily after from the oils that they use. That's why when Jimmyjane came out with their Beyond massage lotions I fell in love. They have 3 kinds; cooling, warming and my favorite euphoric. I'm obsessed with this lotion. Not only for massage but it makes a great every day lotion that I can use all over my body. I think the tester at work is empty because of me and my always using it. It is made of all natural ingredients and is body safe since it contains no parabens, glycerin or synthetic fragrances.

This lotion is not like others because it's made with extra emollient so it will stay on the skin longer then regular lotion but will rub in eventually. It's smells so wonderful and really does make me feel euphoric. It's made with natural plant extracts that will promote the natural release of beta endorphins and give you a sense of well being. To give the lotion relaxing benefits they have added Ylang Ylang oil that comes from the flower of the same name. Coconut and Monoi Oils moisturize and condition the skin.

Seriously I could rub this stuff on me all day long. It really makes my skin feel so soft and smells so good. It's only recommended for external use so don't be trying to put it up anywhere if you know what I mean. It's also not compatible with latex condoms. I must say my whole body smells so good right now. I addicted! 

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sporty Girls 2 Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Chroma

I like nice things and we all know this. When it comes to sex toys you get what you pay for. The Little Chroma is one of the best toys on the market in my opinion. My vagina finally got to experience this fabulous toy and is very pleased with it. The Little Chroma is made by Jimmyjane and is one of a kind. It's the only vibrator in the world that has a patented replaceable motor and therefore it will last you a lifetime. How awesome is that! Guaranteed orgasms for the rest of your life, yes please!

It comes in 4 colors; blue, magenta, red and black. I picked black because I thought it was very classic and sleek looking. They also have a few special editions with different designs on them including an "Inked" one. It is made of anodized aluminum, a material that holds temperature really well. This material is medical quality, body safe and dishwasher safe. But don't forget to take out the motor before you toss it in the dishwasher. It's about 5.25" long and .67" in diameter.

What is also great about this toy is it's waterproof and I mean really waterproof. Usually when toys claim they are waterproof it's usually only splash/shower proof. You would never want to submerge it under water because you will most likely break it. Not the case with the Little Chroma because this toy is fully submergible up to a depth about 5 times of you bathtub's. My bath time just got a lot more fun.

Click read more to see what my vagina thought of it.

The vibe this toy gives off is simple and strong. It appears to only have one speed but as you move down from the top to the bottom the intensity changes. It runs on one AA battery which will give you 16 hours of fun. For those of you who are worried about noise then you will love this toy because it is virtually silent. Of course if you hold it up to your ear you can hear it but at arms length it's very hard to hear.

I turned it on and was very excited. When I touched it to my clit it was cold but I kind of liked it. It then warmed up to my body temperature and felt nice. I used the very tip so I could get the most power out of it. I did cum very quickly and again soon after. When it was cold it did feel nice to put it inside and tease myself with. But it isn't something I would be able to get myself off internally with. I did also try it anally to see how that felt. It was really the perfect size to warm up with. The smoothness made it very easy to insert and was not uncomfortable at all. But if you do use it anally you have to be careful because there is no base on the bottom so you must hold on to it so you don't "misplace" it.

The cap has a hole at the top of it. I would like to think that it's there for you to be able to wear it as a necklace. But what it's really for is if you do use it anally you can tie a cord there to help retrieve it if it goes to far. While that's not an issue you need to worry about for vaginal use just keep it in mind for anal.

This seems like an ideal toy that I should keep in my purse. Small, compact and quiet. I like that idea.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Keiran Lee Sweet Talks Lucy Vonne

Keiran Lee's smoldering good looks and fantastic body is enough to make any girl drool. Just ask hardcore hottie Lexi Love, "Hehe that London bloke fucks me speechless and dizzy." I don't know about you but that convinced me. Being a contract boy for Brazzers he's bedded some of the industries hottest women. He has only been around for a few years but has already left his mark on the industry. He was born in Derby England therefore has a darling accent. In 2007 he won the Best Male Actor award from the UK Adult Film and Television Awards. It's only a matter of time before he starts taking home the AVNs.

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Lucy Vonne: How did you get into porn?

Keiran Lee: Was about 5 years ago when my friends put me on a website, I had a call from a local company and took it from there...

Lucy Vonne: What's a typical day like for you?

Keiran Lee: Wake up, breakfast, go to set, gym then chill...Weekends its all about football. (soccer)

Lucy Vonne: In terms of actresses and directors whom do you like to work with?

Keiran Lee: Brett Brando, makes every performer feel like a king and favorite female has to be Jenna Haze we connect really well and do a great scene.

Lucy Vonne: Whom have you not worked with that you would like to?

Keiran Lee: Ummm Belladonna her scenes really rock.

Lucy Vonne: At what age did you become fascinated with porn?

Keiran Lee: About 12, I’ve always been a horny thing since seeing topless pictures in the newspapers in England.

Lucy Vonne: How was Erotica LA? Did you cause any trouble?

Keiran Lee: No I only went along for one day, was strange people asking for pictures etc.

Lucy Vonne: When did you come to the US and why did you decide to come?

Keiran Lee: I came over about a year and half ago, I came over for Danny Mountain's Wedding where I was one of his ushers.

Lucy Vonne: What book are you reading now and why did you pick it up?

Keiran Lee: The boy called IT, some one recommended it...

Lucy Vonne: Are there any special moves that you have that you like to do during a scene?

Keiran Lee: I've been doing standing reverse a lot at the minute.

Lucy Vonne: How is it having a contract with Brazzers and what does that entail?

Keiran Lee: Having a contract with Brazzers is awesome, there a real great company to work for and look after all the contract guys well...I'm contracted to do 20 scenes a month for them for all the sites they run.

Lucy Vonne: I saw the wheel chair you once made for Lexi Love for after your scene with her. You make those often for the girls you bang?

Keiran Lee: Lol I've been know to bang pretty hard when needed, but I’d never see a girl in pain. Just a gentle tap and I slow down...

Lucy Vonne: What upcoming projects do you have that you are really excited about?

Keiran Lee: Well I’ve just extended my contract with Brazzers for another year so lots more scenes to shoot, also a few mainstream films coming up.

Lucy Vonne: Are you excited about the mainstream work? 

Keiran Lee: I am...I'm friends with one or 2 actors who have gave me sound advice and its something I’m really looking forward to.

Lucy Vonne: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Keiran Lee: Ummm I’m really quite shy. If I don't know someone at first...Although some people will disagree. lol

Lucy Vonne: What would you like to say to your female fans out there?

Keiran Lee: Would just say thank you to all female fans, straight guys and gay fans. They leave me some really nice comments on my myspace and forums, its really nice to know your work is appreciated.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Billionaire Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne. 

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Impulse 5 Hypersonic Bunny

First of all I'm wearing this toy right now as I write this review, I thought it would be more fun that way. (I will update you on how my clit is doing through out the review) So let's get down to business since I'm already half way there. The Impulse 5 Hypersonic Bunny is a fun little toy that I have added to my collection. It can be worn on it's own or during sex for added stimulation. At first glance it might look a little complicated but once you figure it out it's pretty simple to use. (Oh this feels nice)

The main vibrating piece is the ever so popular bunny shape. This one is pink and about 3 inches long. There are 3 fully adjustable elastic straps which were a little confusing at first but once I got myself hooked up I was ready to go. (This toy is making me wet) There is a remote that is pink to match the rabbit. It is attached to the bunny which wasn't my favorite feature. Because if you are wearing this thing during sex then the remote is just off to the side hanging there. That could get in the way depending on what position you are in. However the remote has a clip on design so you can attach it to one of the straps of the toy, however because the straps are small it moves around a bit. Also you still have wires hanging down. (I'm going to cum soon) I wish it was wireless like the remote for my panties and then I could wear them anywhere.

To keep reading and see if I cum click read more

The bunny is made to fit nicely right between the vaginal lips and get all snuggly with my clit. I like when things snuggle with my clit, especially boys. The one thing I didn't like was the straps didn't make it tight enough for the bunny to put a lot of pressure on my clit so I would have to hold it down or as I'm doing right now keep my legs crossed for pressure. (shit this feels good) The material is a jelly so I would not share this with other people.

If you need more then just straight constant vibration then you are in for a treat with this toy. There are 5 hypersonic funtions with 10 levels of speeds. And if thats not enough there is also 4 functions of escalation with progressive patterns of acceleration. Basically you have a whole lot to pick from and your vagina will never get bored. (ok fuck I'm cuming aksjdhfu ejaaj fdadju fuhekjh)

Needless to say this toy works. It's on the quieter side too as to not scare your neighbors or roommates. But at this point my roommate is so used to hearing vibration noises from my room that if she doesn't hear them she thinks something may be wrong.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar Update

Well I still can't believe I'm a part of this awesome project with all these great women, but it's true and really happening. A few things have changed since the last time I posted and some awesome updates need some announcing.

Bob Coulter decided not to do the calendar because it wasn't full nudity and he only does complete nudity. He also asked me to shoot for his website but I can't do full nude so he declined. Mainly because my parents would smack me silly. But if they hired a cute boy to do the smacking I wouldn't mind. 

I now have photographer JM Darling who I think is a much better fit and a complete hunk. I'll admit I have a crush on him which will make posing for him much easier. (will also help being almost nude easier too) The photo idea that we came up with is awesome but I will not tell you what it is, you will just have to buy the calendar. All I will say is panties and possibly a wet wife beater might be involved. I'll push the nudity limits since I have no problem with nudity. Maybe I will even get Mr. Darling to take some personal nude photos for me to keep, what do you think?

Click read more to see the rest of the updates.

My darling friend and Pretty Blogtime! writer Cara Underwood will be doing my hair and make up. She works at Cutler salon and in my opinion is much better then a lot of the people working there. She always does an awesome job doing my hair and make up. I just hope she can handle possibly powdering my booty and breasts. But she's seen them before.

I'm shooting this weekend and have been trying to go to the gym and run as much as I can to look my best. Also doing the healthy food thing which is hard because of my sweet tooth and love for hamburgers. I have also been masturbating as much as I can. I don't know how that relates but thats got to burn some calories right? I actually masturbate before the gym sometimes because it makes me refreshed and pumped to go. My endorphins kick in.

My lovely place of work The Pleasure Chest will be sponsoring my month in the calendar and I'm very happy they are supporting this cause. There are still openings for monthly sponsors and daily messages. If you or anyone you know would like to be a sponsor then please email nycsexbloggerscal@gmail.com for more info. The single days are great if you would like to leave a message or promote something. If you would like to pre-order you copy click here for details. 

The big launch party will be November 6th at Fontana's in China Town NYC and everyone is invited. My parents and sister are all coming for the event. I just home I can find a date for this thing.

I'm so excited and can't wait. Now excuse me while I go run and do some abs to tighten up my booty and belly!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The French Guy Is Back

I talk to him for my own entertainment and because he doesn't speak english well. I don't think he gets the hint it will never happen. But I will continue to entertain myself and post it.

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Jean Francois: hello ca v
Lucy: im good, how are you
Jean Francois: tu parles francais?
Lucy: a little bit
not really
Jean Francois: I INVITE YOU
Lucy: i dont know what that means
I LIVE near bastille
Lucy: but i dont know you
Jean Francois:if you want
no pb
Lucy: you have a gf
Jean Francois: gf what,
what is gf?
a flat ?
i amsorry
i don t understand gf
Lucy: girlfriend
Jean Francois: yes but it is no good now
Lucy: why not
Jean Francois: les habitudes ca tue l amour
have you a boy friend
Lucy: no
Jean Francois: you work in porno industry?
Lucy: yes
Jean Francois: IT IS COOL?
Lucy: yes
Jean Francois: oki
if you want go to paris nopb
Lucy: but i dont know you, and dont visit men i dont know
Jean Francois: i am teacher
no pb
if you want go with the friend no pb
Lucy: i dont think so
Jean Francois:come on
Lucy: you dont even know me, why would you want me to visit
Jean Francois: SEX
Lucy: what makes you think i would have sex with you
Jean Francois: I DONT KWOW
Lucy: not gunna happen, sorry
Jean Francois: oki i want to see you i can reflechir
Lucy: what

And then he got offline. Yes he gave me his actual number but I will not be calling it.


Christina's Island Vacation Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne

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Did You Just Call Me Snowflake?

I went to a hilarious comedy show last night featuring my darling friend Lindsey Gentile and her partner Kelly Wallace Barnhill. Not life partner people but writing partner, Lindsey loves the penis.....a lot. The title of the show was "Kelly and Lindsey DO New York. Literally." They talked a whole lot about sex and vaginas which made me laugh and I thought it was brilliant.

One part of the show that was really great is when they read the letter they drafted to all the men they would like to stop "hollering" at them. I have been the victim many times of this God damn stupidness. Oh the things I have been called or the noises they make. Yes a grunting noise is going to make me stop in my tracks and come and give you a piece of ass. When you call me snowflake or shorty it makes me wet and I want you. For the love of God give it up already. However if it was done by a gorgeous tattooed man who did make me wet by the sight of him (Lindsey might agree) I would let him call me gumdrop any time he wants. However that is never the case because they guys who do this spectacle are usually old, gross and/or douchebags. I'm making copies of this letter and giving it to people. You should too. 

Click read more to check out the letter they wrote, so funny and true.

Dear Sir,

If you are reading this, you have just "hollered" at a young woman, and this is an act which is DESPICABLE AND REPULSIVE TO EVERY WOMAN ON THE PLANET. Not only can I guarantee that this had never gotten you laid, I can guarantee it never will. Let me ask you what it was that you wanted from me. A smile, a hello, a warm vagina? Let me guess, women usually ignore you, roll their eyes, give you a dirty look, or tell you to fuck off, right? If that's NOT the reaction you want, then STOP talking to women in this manner.

I want you to ask yourself "What makes me behave this was? Is it my cowardice? My loneliness? My insecurity? My utter uselessness as a human being? Or all of the above?" If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then we know exaclty why you do it: it's for the POWER. And you need power in your life because....... YOU HAVE A SMALL AND USELESS PENIS. Maybe even a micro penis! (Wikipedia that) Listen, you dont have to take this route. A lot of lovely men with small penises conquer great tasks and get laid often.

But hey, only your therapist can help you sort all that out. The bottom line is: we don't really care what you think. So don't "pssssst" me because it's insulting. Don't "hey mommy" me because it's rude. And for the love of God, don't tell me "God bless you", because it's ignorant. Why do you assume I even believe in God. If I were an atheist would I be safe from your bullshit? And STOP doing the "drive by." It's even more obnoxious then actually saying it to my face. When you saw it in my ear at the last possible second that's just being a pussy. So just KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

In conclusion, please take this free advice and catch up to the year 2009. Stop hollering at women on the street. Maybe just stop talking to women at all. If you want a date, go on eharmony. If you want love and compassion, get a dog. And if you want to fuck, go fuck yourself. Do you have any questions?

Sign name here


Monday, June 15, 2009

Beaded Nipple Clamps

Usually when people think of nipple clamps they get his scared look on their face. Large metal clamps come to their mind and how much it will hurt while pinching their nipple. Yeah they do have some rather large scary clamps one can use but those are for the more advanced and adventurous. But what about for a petite lady (yes me) who likes sparkly things and wants to experiment with nipple clamps?

Beaded nipple clamps are the answer! I admit I never thought I would want them but when they were offered to me for free at work I said why not, you never know when I may need them. That also explains why I have a ball gag but we will get to that another time. I always say it's good to be prepared.

Spartacus makes these dainty but powerful adjustable tweezer style beaded clamps. The tweezer style is great for beginners mostly because it is adjustable but they aren't intimidating. You can have anything from light pressure to nipples gone purple. To change the intensity you slide the ring up the tweezers to the desired spot. The tips are a soft rubber and are very comfortable. They come in a few colors; sapphire blue, scarlet red, pink and violet purple. I have the blue ones. I bet you thought I had the pink ones didn't you?

I'm not one for the gentle soft touch of the nipple because I don't really feel that and it doesn't get me turned on. So being able to play with the clamps was fun. They aren't just for decoration I learned but really do feel nice for stimulation. But I don't know how serious I could be having sex with them on. I should try and find out. I probably could even wear them for earrings if I wanted to.

Speaking of nipples I missed having my right one pierced. Yes I only had the one and I really liked it. Maybe I should do the other side.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

System Jo Women's Agape Lube

Lube is so important when it comes to sex and pleasure. And yes I will judge you for what kind of lube you use. But if you are cute I will let it slide and just bring my own, which I have been known to do in the past. One of the reasons is because I am rather sensitive down there. Now I'm not talking about in terms of banging because it's been said that I like the harder the better. But I'm talking about products or lubricants that enter the vagina. Lubricants with lots of add ins and sugars will cause yeast infections. It's amazing how many women come into the store and have no idea why they keep getting infections. Well if you use crappy lube that's probably why. Not all women are like this and some have vaginas that can handle anything. But for most women we need something sensitive for our lady parts.

That's why I was so happy when I was introduced to System Jo. They have some of the best lubricants on the market but they also have a great women's line. All their products are manufactured under strict US FDA guidelines. My favorite and go to lube is the Women's Agape lube they have. We no longer carry it at work for reasons I don't know but they need to smarten up and get it back! We used to sell out of it all the time because we think so highly of it and would recommend it to everyone. Get on that Pleasure Chest! Luckily I have a large bottle and a few small ones so I should be good for a bit. Unless I get a boyfriend then I'm going to need more after a week. 

Click read more to see some of the great qualities this lube has.

Sometimes companies feel the need to add sugars or add ins to their lubes. None of it is really necessary. The agape is a water based lube and contains no glycerine, oil or silicone. All which can cause irritations in some people. It is nontoxic and non-allergenic and recommended for anyone with sensitive skin. It won't clog your pores which is good to know because I never know where lube is going to end up with in the midst of being naughty.

Water based lubes will eventaully work their way into your skin, which makes clean up really easy. It comes off with warm water but sometimes I don't even need to wash it off if I have only used a little to masturbate with. It is safe to use with any toy material, which is good because I have a lot of silicone toys and you can't use silicone lube with them. It lasts a really long time and good for any activity, even anal. It is odor and fragrance free. They claim it has no taste but that isn't true. There is a slight taste to it, nothing bad and gross but there is a little something there.

Just remember spit does not equal lube. 


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Pinwheel

This is the type of toy I would have to be careful who I introduce it to. While I don't think it's a big deal it may freak some out. My friend came to visit me at work the other day and when I showed him the pinwheel and exclaimed how much I wanted it he got it for me! I have had my eye on this delightful little BDSM toy ever since we got it at work. Yes people it is a BDSM toy but not an extravagant one.

Made of stainless steel and has 22 points around the tops to tickle and spark the nerves in your body. It was actually made for doctors to test nerve sensation in their patients. I like testing out my nerve endings and sending shivers down my spine. I love running this things all over my body and seeing how it makes me feel. You do have to be gentle with it because if you press hard enough you will puncture the skin and have tiny holes up your arm, just ask my friend Kasey who learned the hard way.

I think it's how the sensation is a mixture of tickling and slight pain is why I like it so much. I love rolling it up and down the inside of my thighs. Many people forget how sensitive that area of skin is right there. But I don't stop there, I roll that thing everywhere.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Psycho Cheerleaders 2 Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Free Porn Contest!: Round 2 Sexual Superpower

The first free porn contest was a success but I still have so much porn to give away. I've decided to be more generous and the winner of the contest gets to pick 3 DVDs from the list. Why do I have so much porn you ask? Just in case you don't remember or are new to this I review porn for the website Rancho Carne. They send me so much free porn I just don't know what to do with it all. So I figure why not have contests and give it away! Now they are not technically brand new because I have watched them once but that is all the manhandling they have had.

Do you want free porn? Of course you do! Click read more to check out the rules and the list of movies you get to pick from.

This time you don't need to put as much effort in as with the last contest. I want to know if you were a sexual superhero what would your sexual superpower be? Be creative and it can be whatever you want. Give me at least a few sentences but the more effort you put in the more impressed I will be. You can enter up to two times. The best idea wins free porn!! Email me your submissions at Lucyvonne11@gmail.com. Contest ends the end of June. 

Movies you can pick from:

Ranchy in Rio (Wicked Pictures)
Backdoor to Brazil (Wicked Pictures)
Alexis (Private)
Minority Rules 4 (Wicked Pictures)
Double Krossed (Adam & Eve)
Pure (Adam & Eve)
Bree's College Daze (Adam & Eve)
Exxxtra Credit (Penthouse)
Reform School Girls 4 (Wicked Pictures)
Kiss Attack (Adam & Eve)
Red Hotz (Pure Play)
Ghetto Fabulous (Ninn Worx)
Cuntourage (Pink Lotus)
Busty Beauties Fully Stacked (Hustler)
Deceived (Wicked Pictures)
Psycho Cheerleaders 2 (Wicked Pictures)
Billionaire (Private)
Christina's Island Vacation (Adam & Eve)



Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Accidental Hooker Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Someone Loves Me or Wants to Jerk Off to Me

Either way I'm flattered with it. Twitter is a really interesting phenomenon and I'm addicted. I'm constantly getting new followers and I will always respond to them because they usually have interesting things to say. Recently a man with the twitter name Ophline started following me. His bio says; this account is for stuff I can't say anywhere else ... don't follow me unless you want to give me money or sleep with me

He was sweet and told me I was his new favorite blogger and responds to my tweets. This morning after I posted my Porn Stud of the Week blog he said he wasn't into blogs about guys much but I should check out his latest blog. So I did and it was delightful. Knowing I have that effect on someone is kind of a turn on. You should check it out. 

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Porn Stud of the Week: Aaron Wilcoxxx

Oh Aaron Wilcoxxx and your gorgeous chiseled body. He has this look on his face that makes you think he just wants to ravish you and bang the shit out of you but a smile to make you melt and want to pinch his cheeks. Standing at 6'2" he could easily pick me up and have his way with me. At 28 years old this hottie has only been in the business since 2007 but has still bedded some of the hottest women in the industry. Including my darling friend Lexi Love who says Aaron is one of her favorites to work with. I want to work with him. (Don't worry mom I won't do movies, that you know of hehe)

He says his fantasy is to fuck women for the rest of his life, funny mine is to fuck men for the rest of my life. He also says the kinkiest thing he has done is has sex with a girl and used ice
 cream for lube. I wonder what kind of ice cream he used because that sounds rather interesting. But his favorite position is doggy which just happens to be on of my favorites, now we need to meet. I get wet just looking at him and his penis is quite the penis. He also has an adorable butt that I just want to bite as long as he bites me back!

Want to see more of this hunk? You can find him in the following movies; The Wicked, Glam Trash, Red Hotz, Last Call, Artist, Lustrous, RPM XXXtreme, Matt's Models 6 and Public Service.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Fetish Friday: Podophilia

Podophilia or "foot fetishism" is the most common type of sexual preference for an otherwise non-sexual body part. In addition to just foot love, many fetishists also have a strong erotic interest in footwear. Points of attraction usually include size and shape of toes and feet. Foot fetishists are known to be rather fond of those infamous "foot jobs". Director Quentin Tarentino is rumored to have a foot fetish. Many of of his films feature close ups of the female actresses feet, for example in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dirty French Man

I get all sorts of messages from guys asking for different things and it just makes me giggle. This was a conversation that took place this morning on Facebook with some French guy I do not know. He didn't speak english very well as you will see.

Jean Francois: you price please*

Lucy: huh

Jean Francois: i want to suck my dick please

Jean Francois: if you want come on in paris
you msn plesae
you love suck dick

Lucy: Im in the united states

Jean Francois: no npb
if you invite me i go to see you

Lucy: I don't do things like that, sorry

Jean Francois: why

Lucy: Because I don't have sex for money

Jean Francois: you want money?

Lucy: you asked my price which leads me to believe you were trying to pay me for sex

He then went offline. I checked out his profile and he is in a relationship and doesn't give much info. I shall update you if he tried to talk to me again.

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I Rub My Duckie Review

I'm a kid at heart and that always shows in what ever I do. This time it shows through my toys when I picked out the I Rub My Duckie for my freebie of the week. But I didn't go for just the regular duck because where is the fun in that? I went for the bondage duckie because it's considered the naughty duckie. Plus it comes with little mini hand cuffs which are really cute and I wore them on my belt loop for the day. A funny fact about these toys is sometime parents come in to get them for babies because doctors tell new parents how vibration calms down upset babies. Why not give them a vibrating duckie, just make sure you wash it first before you give it to them.

This duckie is ready for action in it's bondage outfit, and by action I'm talking about rubbing my clit. It's the regular size of a typical rubber duckie one might find at a toy store. More powerful then the original I Rub My Duckie, this duckie packs some punch. Sometimes it takes a few times pushing down on the button to turn it off which was a pain. It is water resistant which is a plus and I can keep it in the shower and no one will know what it is. Well that's probably not true because people always ask me if random things are sex toys. Sometimes I say yes when it's not just to freak them out.

To see what my vagina thought of my duckie click read more

I was very excited to try out my duckie, it's so cute. I took it into the shower with me. Strangely I had just masturbated before my shower but didn't get enough so I had to continue. First thing I did when I got in the shower was go for the duckie. It has a good vibe to it, nothing spectacular but not bad. I experimented using the different parts of the duckie on my clit to see what I liked the best. The beak was interesting and good for pin pointing a certain spot. The head was also alright but didn't really do it for me. I did like the tail however, that hit the spot. The naughty duckie made me cum, twice. 

The duckie also comes in a travel size in case you want to keep him in your purse. They claim he is quiet but I didn't find it silent. But being in the shower muffled the vibration sounds. I don't like how you have to unscrew the flap to change the batteries. Let's say I'm in bed and it goes dead. By the time I find a screw driver and unscrew and change batteries my lady erection will probably be gone.

The duckie is still in the shower. I figure he can just hang out in there so I'm always prepared for masturbation. I mean I do keep my gigi right next to my bed so it makes sense to keep a water toy in the shower. I should just start leaving sex toys in all the places I hang out the most.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free Digital Playground Porn

We all know how much I love the production company Digital Playground. I follow them on twitter and chat with them every so often. Yesterday they announced they were having a contest for a free 30 day pass to their website. Within 2 seconds I entered what is the best contest ever. They wanted to know what was your favorite CD to have sex to. My response "The NIN CD that has the song "Fuck You Like an Animal" on it. But that's saved for when I really want to get fucked and not be able to walk to the next day.

This morning I found out I WON!! This means free DP porn for the next month. This also means I will get nothing done for the next month and will be constantly watching porn. Wait don't I already do that? I just got my login and password and I'm in heaven. There is so much to do on here. Full length movies, scenes, behind the scenes, galleries and I don't even know I'm just so excited. I will be giving you updates and reviews on what I find. Thanks Digital Playground for making my day! I'm going to watch every single Jean Val Jean movie on here! And Scott Nails, Charles Dera, Johnny Sins and James Deen! I'm already wet just thinking about it.

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Porn Contest Winner!

I would like to thank all the people that entered my contest for free porn. There were a lot of great entries but I could only pick one. But don't worry I have a lot of porn to give away so there will be many more chances. I just have to figure out what the next contest should be, suggestions?

The winner was Dale who did a wonderful job. Since I'm in a such a good mood I decided he could pick 3 DVDs for me to send him. Here is the winning entry;

Let me tell you what I like
And what I like to do,
Let me show you what I want
Then you can do it too.

Let me guide you by the hand
For boy, you are my guest,
Get ready for a whirlwind ride,
A fuck at your request.

I won’t waste time with pleasantries
For time is of the essence,
Simply push me on the bed
And let me have my presents.

My pussy is already wet
So let’s get started there,
Put your hand right up my skirt
And fondle me with care.

Insert two fingers in my hole
They’ll slip right in with ease,
Slowly slide them in and out
And hear me beg “oh please.”

Your other hand should find my breast
And firmly grab a hold,
Roll my nipple round and round
Keep doing what you’re told.

My pantiess are already soaked
So throw them on the floor,
Place your head between my legs
And hear me scream for more.

Lick my pussy up and down
Fuck me with your tongue,
Make my body squirm and shake
Fuck me till I cum.

I see your cock is straining hard
Let me set it free,
Release it from its fabric prison
A special treat for me.

Slide your cock in to my mouth
Let me make it wet,
Let me give you what will be
The best ever blow job yet.

I’ll suck you to your sweet release
Until the job is done,
I’ll suck you deep down in my throat
Now flood my mouth with cum.

Now keep that cock nice hard
A test that you must pass,
For your reward will simply be
To fuck me up the ass.

Bend me over, grab my ass
Pull my cheeks apart,
Lube my hole up nice and good
Fuck me like a tart.

Take it easy, nice and slow
Don’t shoot your load too quick,
Keep that rhythm going
My ass just loves your dick.

Harder now, we’re getting close
I can feel you twitch,
That’s it baby fuck my ass
Tonight I’ll be your bitch.

Fill me up with your cum
Make me shout and scream,
When you have finished fucking me
I’ll lick your big cock clean.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Naughty Flipside 2 Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne

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