Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wet Together Lubricant

A very big trend right now in the lube business is making lubes for couples. We got a bunch of free samples of Wet Together at work and I decided to grab a few so I could try out the lady one. Usually when picking lubes I don't go for the cheap stuff and in my opinion Wet isn't high on the food chain. But it was free so I figured why not.

Both his and her lubes come in a package together so you can become one in love making, that's their slogan. Hers is supposed to tingle and his is supposed to warm. So when your naughty parts all covered in lube match up you experience a unique sensation. I was curious to see if they actually worked. Not all stimulants work but I do know some that do.

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I tried out the women's one first. They said it is hypoallergenic which is great because I'm sensitive down there. They claim it is odorless but I could detect a small smell when using it, however it was nothing extreme. It was much more liquidy then I thought it would be and I almost got it all over my bed. I rubbed some on down there and waited for the magic to happen. I started to get this cool and slightly tingling sensation but mostly cool. I think at one point my vagina got a little cold. It made me slightly more sensitive but I didn't really see a big difference.

Not having a penis to add the man lubricant too I just put some on my fingers. It didn't warm a lot on my hands but I did feel something. It was thicker then the other which I preferred. I rubbed that down on my vagina to see if the combination would provide a new feeling or spontaneous combustion. I didn't feel anything different and vagina was still cold. It did feel rather silky in terms of the lube but after a while it got sticky which was a pain.

I will not be taking home anymore free samples of this. Mainly because I already have lubes and creams that I prefer more. Plus I'm not a huge fan of my vagina having a cold minty feeling to it.

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