Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Slimline G Twin

I will never use this toy again. I knew this particular outcome was possible when I picked this toy out. For awhile now I have been wondering whether or not this toy will do what it says it does when I knew that it would fail. Yes I did get this toy just to prove it wrong and I did. I even had to bust out my Gigi when I was done just so I could get a decent orgasm, and I got three.

The Slimline G claims that it's design is ergonomically correct and will hit the g spot and the clit. This is so far from the truth, unless you are 7 feet tall this thing will not hit both. A ladies g spot is only about 2-3" inside the vagina and this toy has about a 5" shaft between the two bullets. So needless to say when I had the toy on one or the other that's the only part of me it hit. When I was hitting the g spot the clit bullet was about 2" away from my clit and vice versa. Also for me I need to put pressure on either the clit or g spot to get off. So when pushing down on one you pull away from the other. This toy just had no hope for me. At that point I couldn't even try to use it just on my clit because I was so annoyed with it.

It was also very loud which is not something I want to deal with. I don't mind a vibe sound but this thing was rattling when you turned it all the way up. The material is a silk touch hard plastic which was nice and it is water resistant. It did have a decent strong vibe that I liked. But those did not make up for the fact that this toy is crappy. I will never use this toy again.

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