Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scandalous Slogans

Companies always come up with slogans and gimmicks to try and get you to buy their product. The same is true for all adult toys. This one is the strongest or the most realistic feeling. Sometimes it's just not true. But the even greater thing that makes me giggle is the sayings that these toys have on them. There have always been a few that made us laugh and shake our heads why would they decide to put that on there. I wondered how many other boxes had wacky stuff written on them so I explored the store and found a bunch. All these things come from either a toy, candy, lube etc. However I will not tell you where I got each quote, you can just imagine.

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- It's so cute you just want to suck on it.

- Go down, go deep, discover a whole new adventure.

- Shoot like you've never done before.

- OOO gives me such a complete burning sensual feeling inside.

- Talk about a wild hare.

- Transform your penis into a supercock.

- Have courage.

- All aboard for the ride of your life.

- Regain the thunder.

- A strong little pip-sqweek.

- Soft naked pleasure.

- Indestructible anal tool.

- A walloping piece of slender jelly waiting to be swallowed by you and your friends.

- Supercharge your rod.

- Hand detailed to capture ever vein, bulge and crease of a real erect cock.

- Explore the deep penetrating mysteries of my pussy and ass.

- Explore the mysteries of female orgasmic bliss while restoring the powers of creativity and natural forces back to the one eyed snake.

- Suck and swallow.

Makes you wonder where these came from. Challenge! If you can tell me where these quotes are from I will give you a prize.

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