Friday, May 1, 2009

Old Man Package

The other day it was bright and early at work and I was having a wonderful morning and then I saw something that blinded me. The this little old guy comes shuffling up to the store, smiles and goes in. Now this is why my jaw dropped, the tiny little pair of shorts he was wearing and all his goods were on on display. The shorts were made of a thin grey material and were discolored. He was not wearing anything underneath because they were wedged pretty far up his butt. Plus his old man package was right out there for everyone to see. No thank you.

He wandered around the store for a bit but kept going back to the paddle/flogger wall. At one point the Sex and the City tour came in and he freaked a few middle aged women out. I giggled the whole time. He finally decided on what he wanted and left the store with a heart shaped crop. He was rather pleased with his purchase and left the store through the sea of women who couldn't stop looking at his old man package. What a wonderful way to start the day.

Don't click read more, just stop thinking about the visual I'm sure you have in your head.

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