Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar Featuring Lucy Vonne

When I started my website I never thought about what it could do for me and my life. Well it has completely changed it for the good and given me so many wonderful opportunities and introduced me to some awesome people. Plus I get to talk to male porn stars and say dirty things to them. The end of last year at work we recieved the 2009 edition of the NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar and I announced it was my goal to make it into the calendar one day.

Well ladies and gentleman I have reached my goal. Little Lucy Vonne is putting on her heels and push up bra (or taking off the bar who knows) and posing for the 2010 edition of the calendar. I'm so freaking excited and honored to be part of this project. This year is going to be a little different then last year. 12 photographers will be shooting and representing their take on sexual freedom. I was just told Bob Coulter specifically asked to shoot me, he is big time people. I still can't believe all this is happening.

9 of the girls have returned from last year and they are welcoming 5 new girls. Every model is unique in her own way, you can check them all out on the 2010 Pin-Ups page. Like I said before it's an honor to be included in this group of women. A big part of this project is to spread awareness and get support for Sex Work Awareness. We are hoping to make this years calendar a huge success and bigger then ever.

Operation calendar body has started and the gym is my best friend. I must get my booty into shape! Of course there will be a calendar release party which is sure to be loads of fun. I will keep everyone up to date with all the new information about the calendar. Check out the official calendar site and read all about the project and people involved.

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Kasey said...

I helped! :D lol Congratulations darling! Can't wait to see.

Adri Cowan said...

booooty booty booty booty! oooo Dominos....

no for reals, I'm so proud of you :)