Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg

The Silk Touch Egg from Grrl Toyz is one of the strongest bullets we have at The Pleasure Chest. What makes it even better is that for the month of May it is 20% off. We have deemed it masturbation May here which is fine by me, but with me it's masturbation life. I have been fascinated with this toy since we got it and finally got my hands on one. I'm glad I did!

I picked the sea foam green but it also comes in lavender. The bullet is about 3" long and 1" wide and is attached to the remote with a cord. The toy is made of plastic but it has a silk touch to it, very smooth and silky when you rub it. The egg itself has 3 ridges to give you a different sensation then the typical bullet. It has 5 different pulsations you can play with and a dial to intensify the vibration.

Now when I say this is one of the strongest bullets we have I'm not kidding! And that's even on the low setting, the high is super strong. So if you are just beginning and don't know what you like or can't handle super strong vibes then this might not be the toy for you. I enjoy the strong vibes so it was right at home with my vagina. Typically I don't like pulsations and just stick to the straight vibe but the last one was really good. The waves were really fast which was nice and I stuck to that one. I did turn it all the way up which was fantastic. Didn't take me long to orgasm and I continued to keep playing for a while. I liked the ribs and it was long enough to tease myself and put it in a bit.

While it is a great toy there are some draw backs. It's loud, wouldn't be able to play with that unless I was home alone or I was blasting some porn or music. Also it's not reliable on how long it will last. We have a good amount of people tell us after only a few months it stops working. The same goes for the one we have on display but that gets abused by middles aged women all day long who like to break things. However I have heard it can last a pretty long time. It's a gamble but it's also not super expensive so it isn't a total loss if it doesn't last you super long. It can also be snapped into the toys made by Aneros for some manly fun.

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Anonymous said...

these are very nice, i got mine from cuz their price was right. I had to buy rechargeable batteries, cuz I was using it too much.

Adri Cowan said...

it's okay Lucy, I don't mind if you use the silky smooth egg while I'm in the other room. I'm used to it by now. I LOVE EGGS! FROM MAH HEAD DOWN TO MAH LEGS!!