Friday, May 29, 2009

Fetish Friday: Autoagonistophilia

Autoagonistophilians gain arousal by being watched while engaging in sexual activity or exposing their genitals on stage or on camera. Unlike exhibitionism, with is intentional exposure (think creepy dudes in trench coats with nothing underneath), Autoagonistophilians create situations in-which people "accidentally" can catch glimpses of them. For example, an Autoagonistophilian may leave their bedroom shades or door cracked open with the full knowledge that someone can see them. This fetish brings to mind the scene in the book and movie "The Reader" when Hanna intentionally leaves the door open for young Michael to see her changing.

"I think all my neighbors have seen me naked, I'm constantly running around with no clothes on and the shades up!" says Lucy Vonne "But it's more that I'm too lazy to close the shades and I don't really care so I don't think that counts. I wish more hot men had this fetish and exposed me to it!"

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