Monday, May 4, 2009

The Cuchini

Camel toe has never been an issue for me. Usually because I try to stay away from outfits that are skin tight against my vagina. I'm just not a big fan of showing off my lower lady parts to the world. However if I was plagued by camel toe then this product is something I would think of getting. They claim with the rise of shaving everything off down there has caused the wonder of camel toe to be more common. However I have nothing down there and I don't have that problem. Maybe that's because my vagina is special. Called the Cuchini, this product claims it will eliminate camel toe so you and your vagina can walk around confident.

They really don't give you too much information about the product on the website, mainly because I think this is a fairly new product. It's a light weigh material but they don't say exactly what the material is. It's made to stick to any undergarment or even be worn without anything at all with the help of double sided tape. My vagina only likes pleasurable things and double sided tape is not going to be one of those things. That is not the pain that I enjoy!

It only costs $15 for two of them. They do not explain if they can be worn more then once and if you can clean them to do so. They do mention that the Cuchini will help to keep your undergarments clean. They were designed by women so I'm sure they are very comfortable. I'm curious to know how thick they are and if you can get them in different patterns. I would enjoy a unicorn printed on mine. It's a really interesting concept and I hope it does well. It does mention that more products are to come. I hope they make something to eliminate wedgies. 

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