Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ghetto Fabulous Review

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Porn Stud of the Week: Jerry

Jerry is a gorgeous creation of a man. He has been in the business for about 5 years now and has bedded some of the hottest women in the industry. He recently did a scene with the lovely Madison Mitchell who was completely satisfied with him and wants more. She told me "He has the most amazingly awesome cock I have ever shoved balls deep in my cunt." Enough said there, I want a go with him.

He is from the Czech Republic and has an accent to make you go weak in the knees. His penis looks amazing and big and delightful. I have seen him pick up a girl and put her in all sorts of positions, even hold her upside down just to eat her out. He is 6'2" so he would have no problem tossing me around and roughing me up.

Want more? I know I do. You can masturbate to him in the following movies; Control 4, Just Fuck Me, Deeper 6, Babysitters, After Party, Aperture, Bombshell Bottoms, Circus, Cleavage, Girls Night Out, Flash, House Guest, Icon, Jesse Jane Lust, Milk Jugs, Test Drive, Seduction and Way of the Dragon.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Red Hotz Review

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Fetish Friday: Autoagonistophilia

Autoagonistophilians gain arousal by being watched while engaging in sexual activity or exposing their genitals on stage or on camera. Unlike exhibitionism, with is intentional exposure (think creepy dudes in trench coats with nothing underneath), Autoagonistophilians create situations in-which people "accidentally" can catch glimpses of them. For example, an Autoagonistophilian may leave their bedroom shades or door cracked open with the full knowledge that someone can see them. This fetish brings to mind the scene in the book and movie "The Reader" when Hanna intentionally leaves the door open for young Michael to see her changing.

"I think all my neighbors have seen me naked, I'm constantly running around with no clothes on and the shades up!" says Lucy Vonne "But it's more that I'm too lazy to close the shades and I don't really care so I don't think that counts. I wish more hot men had this fetish and exposed me to it!"

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bound Review

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Am I A Virgin?

Read my latest blog for Club Double entitled "Am I A Virgin." 

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Deceived Review

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Review

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Wet Together Lubricant

A very big trend right now in the lube business is making lubes for couples. We got a bunch of free samples of Wet Together at work and I decided to grab a few so I could try out the lady one. Usually when picking lubes I don't go for the cheap stuff and in my opinion Wet isn't high on the food chain. But it was free so I figured why not.

Both his and her lubes come in a package together so you can become one in love making, that's their slogan. Hers is supposed to tingle and his is supposed to warm. So when your naughty parts all covered in lube match up you experience a unique sensation. I was curious to see if they actually worked. Not all stimulants work but I do know some that do.

To read about me and the lube click read more

I tried out the women's one first. They said it is hypoallergenic which is great because I'm sensitive down there. They claim it is odorless but I could detect a small smell when using it, however it was nothing extreme. It was much more liquidy then I thought it would be and I almost got it all over my bed. I rubbed some on down there and waited for the magic to happen. I started to get this cool and slightly tingling sensation but mostly cool. I think at one point my vagina got a little cold. It made me slightly more sensitive but I didn't really see a big difference.

Not having a penis to add the man lubricant too I just put some on my fingers. It didn't warm a lot on my hands but I did feel something. It was thicker then the other which I preferred. I rubbed that down on my vagina to see if the combination would provide a new feeling or spontaneous combustion. I didn't feel anything different and vagina was still cold. It did feel rather silky in terms of the lube but after a while it got sticky which was a pain.

I will not be taking home anymore free samples of this. Mainly because I already have lubes and creams that I prefer more. Plus I'm not a huge fan of my vagina having a cold minty feeling to it.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Predator III: The Final Chapter Review

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Seduction Review

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Heaven or Hell Review

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Saturday, May 23, 2009


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Porn Stud of the Week: Vin Vericose chats with Lucy Vonne

Porn studs with tattoos are my favorite hence why I decided on this weeks stud Vin Vericose. He has been in the business for a few years but has recently been getting know for his work with Vivid Alt. With a killer smile and huge cock I'm sure he will go far in this business. Unfortunately ladies he is taken so for now you will just have to watch him on your screen.

You can find him in the following: On My Dirty Knees, Pussy A Go Go and Razordolls The Movie.

Click read more to check out my interview with Vin

Lucy Vonne: How did you get into porn?

Vin Vericose: We were on tour in the summer of 2006, staying with a friend of the bands' who lives in Long Beach. Well it just so happened that her roommate did work for Razordolls, the ill-fated alt site. Said roommate heard that I was a "porn freak" and that I just might do a scene with her. So sure enough she asked me, and it only took me a few minutes to decide that I had to do it. Ever since that first scene, which went well, I have been meeting more people in the industry and getting offered more work from time to time. It's been a challenge to make shoots work since I have been living all the way out in Minneapolis, MN. I've had to do a lot of traveling and make a lot of sacrifices to make some of the shoots happen, but it's been completely worth it and self fulfilling to be doing what I've always wanted to do. I plan on really getting the performing ball rolling when I finally move to L.A. for good in August.

Lucy Vonne: How did you and Andy meet?

Vin Vericose: We started talking on, which often seems to be mind blowing to other members of the site. Half the time I tell the story, I hear the same response, which is "Oh my god - there are actually real girls on XPEEPS?!?". When I first noticed Andy put pictures up from Dana DeArmond's ROLE MODELING, I immediately developed a fanboy crush and started messaging her, being very supportive and telling her how great I thought she was going to be. Then, months later, the metal band I was in was recording an album in Baltimore where she happens to be from. I asked her to make her way over to the studio and chill. We smoked, we drank, we watched Full House, and we fell in love fast and hard. It only took 3 days before we decided we had to be together.

Lucy Vonne: Were you both already doing porn when you met?

Vin Vericose: Yes. I had done the scenes for Razordolls and had been trying to do the dirty work of looking for willing girls to start my own alt-type site in Minneapolis (which seems nearly impossible). Andy had her Role Modeling scene, as well as some Internet work. I knew she had something special from the first time I looked at pictures of her. As for me, she always talks about how nice it was that she was able to see my cock and know it was a cock she'd like to be sucking and fucking before we even met. Genitalia are very important to both of us.

Lucy Vonne: I hear you love the site Xpeeps, can you explain that site for people who don't know what it is?

Vin Vericose: Xpeeps is just a site that is really run pretty half-assed. But it's a nice site for networking if you want to start doing porn, or if you really just want to get naked on the Internet and have no other way to do it. It's the whole MySpace/Facebook/etc rip off, only you can post n00dz. It's pretty crucial in our day and age if you ask me.

Lucy Vonne: How did your mom react to that letter you put on myspace?

Vin Vericose: My mom doesn't know that I posted that
letter on MySpace. But it was a copy and paste from an email that I sent directly to her. So it being up there is almost kind of a mockery of the whole situation and her and myself, which is kind of rude on my part, but I am the kind of guy who likes to take things a step too far from time to time. My mother is a quiet middle-aged woman just out there looking for love. I think that's really the only thing on her mind, aside from survival - so really, she was pretty supportive. She was just happy that I'm happy. And that I'm doing what I want to be doing.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any moves you like to use on set?

Vin Vericose: Yeah, it's a move called "Struggling to keep my own hair out of my fucking face". I totally understand why so many male performers have shaved heads. Hair in your face is such a distraction! I don't know how
Evan Stone did it for so many years! Nonetheless, I am going to tough it out and keep the flowing locks for as long as I can. I think there are a lot of ladies out there who would appreciate a few more guys with nice hair. I know I would.

Lucy Vonne: Is it hard to do porn and be in a relationship?

Vin Vericose: It's not hard for me because I don't have a jealousy issue. I see Andy as a natural performer and I feel like porn is something that I've always understood and felt connected to, so it's really not a big deal to me.

Lucy Vonne: At what age did you become fascinated with porn?

Vin Vericose: About the age 12 when I first discovered how to access scrambled porn. I was the first one in my entire grade (6th grade) to figure it out, and when I started telling people at school, nobody believed me. Until the next day, when every kid came up to me wide-eyed, stating "Oh my god dude! It actually works!” SPICE rocked my world for a long time.

Lucy Vonne: What made you start your blog?

Vin Vericose: What DIDN'T make me start
my blog...? Everything needs to be blogged now. This is 2009. Not Blogging is like not breathing. You should post a link to it. I forgot it...

Lucy Vonne: Any upcoming projects you are really excited about?

Vin Vericose: Andy and I have some heavy ideas lined up for her official site, which is in the works. It will be a very visceral, very personal feeling experience. It could be very different from any porn you've seen before - but that's a pretty bold statement. You'll just have to wait and judge for yourself.

Lucy Vonne: I see you are engaged, how did you propose?

Vin Vericose:The thing is - I haven't officially proposed yet. I'm not gonna do it until I think of the absolute most perfect way to do it, at the most perfect time. We just know we're going to marry each other. That's all. I mean it.

Lucy Vonne: Any memorable or funny on set stories?

Vin Vericose: Yeah, it was pretty funny when I was going to do my 2nd scene ever, and I thought it was just going to be me and Riley Mason, one on one. I walk in the hotel room, and there are about 12 more people in there - including Stoya, Page Morgan, Dane Cross, Violet Skye, JackTheZipper, Vonn Fink, and more. Then, they tell me it's going to be a big group scene. It was a little intimidating to say the least. It was my first time around stars who I had paid attention to before and they were watching me fuck. It was a little nerve racking at the time and keeping my dick hard was like teaching a dead man to swim. That's pretty funny, isn't it?

Lucy Vonne: Who would you really love to work with in terms of actress and or directors?

Vin Vericose: Well there are A LOT of ladies in the industry right now doing phenomenal scenes whom I'm sure I'd be absolutely floored by if I got to perform with. But the most mind-blowing, surreal experience I could have would be to shoot with any of my favorite Late 90's Vivid girls, those were the first girls who ever really stuck with me and blew my mind and many of my loads. April Summers, Taylor Hayes, Lexus Locklear, Briana Banks, Nikki Tyler, Chasey Lain, etc. MILF directors - hook it up!

As far as directors, I've already been fortunate enough to work with my favorite director in the entire industry,
Eon McKai. If anything, I just hope to continue working for him and the rest of the Vivid-Alt crew. They are all amazing people and have made me feel right at home.

Lucy Vonne: What do you have for tattoos?

Vin Vericose: I've got a 3/4 sleeve on my right arm, full of villains from old Super Nintendo games. Aside from jerking off to scrambled porn, video games filled a lot of the time during my childhood / teenage years. Castlevania IV - that shit rocks.

On the other arm, I've got another half sleeve sporting 2 slutty angels...wearing vinyl outfits and wrapped up in a bunch of veins, which are protruding from the heart up on my shoulder. It goes pretty well with the whole Vin Vericose name. It's super metaphorical and it's a very personal tattoo to me but I won't go into details! It deals with cheesy emo shit like heartbreak!

Lucy Vonne: Do you think you will be in porn for a while or do something else?

Vin Vericose: I want to do as much as I can with porn for as long as I can. It's something I've felt super passionate about for a long, long time. And I am just now about to find out what I can really do in the industry. I am starting out as a performer but like a lot of the people out there, I want to direct, I want to produce, I want to own a company, I want to run a website, I want to make a difference, I want Vin Vericose to be a name that you can't get away from no matter how hard you try.

Lucy Vonne: What would you like to say to your female fans out there?

Vin Vericose: I'm not totally sure I have any fans! But, if you're out there, I appreciate it, and I'm doing this for you, just as much as I'm doing it for me. Chase those dreams, ladies.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Bree's College Daze Review

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Fetish Friday: Diaperism

Those with diaperism have a strong erotic desire to wear diapers as adults. "Diaper lover" is term commonly used to describe people with this desire. It's important to point out that diaper lovers are not always those with infantilism, which is a sexual desire to return to babyhood through other behaviors as well. Many diaper lovers gain arousal by "wetting" themselves, and a small number actually gain arousal by defecating or pooping in their diaper. However, not all diaper lovers find it erotic to relieve themselves in their diapers. Many simply find the act of wearing the diaper arousing.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free Porn Contest!

Who doesn't love free porn! I know I do and I get a lot of it because I do movie reviews for Rancho Carne. Most of the time I enjoy the movies I pick out but every once in a while I'm not to pleased or they send me extra ones that just aren't my style. Some I do like but I know I will never watch again. I had no idea what to do with all these movies that I didn't want and then it came to me. FREE PORN CONTEST! That's right people from time to time I'm going to hold a contest to get free porn. Now don't be discouraged because these are all movies that I don't want, they are just not my taste. But for many of you I'm sure they will be.

But it isn't as simple as just entering, there will be a challenge for each contest. I will pick the winner and post what ever the winner did to win the contest. The DVDs are technically not brand new because I have watched them all once, but that's all the manhandling they have had. There are a good amount I have to get rid of so there will be plenty of contests.

Click read more to check out the first contest!

This will involve you to get a little creative and a little dirty. You must write for me an erotic poem. It can be about anything you want as long as it's sexual content. Get as creative as you want and impress me for free porn! There are a few rules.

1. It must rhyme.
2. There must be at least two stanzas. It may be as long as you want after that.
3. No haikus.
4. You can enter up to 2 poems.

That's it! You can email me your poems to with the subject "Free porn contest." The winner will get to pick which movie he or she would like from the following list. Each movie is linked to the review that I gave them. Yes I did not like some of them but that doesn't mean you won't like them either.

Ranchy in Rio (Wicked Pictures)
Backdoor to Brazil (Wicked Pictures)
Kung Fu Nurses A Go-go 2 (Wicked Pictures)
Alexis (Private)
Minority Rules 4 (Wicked Pictures)
Double Krossed (Adam & Eve)
Shades of Romona (Adam & Eve)
Pure (Adam & Eve)
DD & Derrieres 3 (Gina Lynn Productions)
Bree's College Daze (Adam & Eve)
Exxxtra Credit (Penthouse)
Reform School Girls 4 (Wicked Pictures)
Kiss Attack (Adam & Eve)
Red Hotz (Pure Play)
Ghetto Fabulous (Ninn Worx)
Cuntourage (Pink Lotus)
Busty Beauties Fully Stacked (Hustler)

Now get to writing and dazzle me! Deadline for submissions is May 31st!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne

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Slimline G Twin

I will never use this toy again. I knew this particular outcome was possible when I picked this toy out. For awhile now I have been wondering whether or not this toy will do what it says it does when I knew that it would fail. Yes I did get this toy just to prove it wrong and I did. I even had to bust out my Gigi when I was done just so I could get a decent orgasm, and I got three.

The Slimline G claims that it's design is ergonomically correct and will hit the g spot and the clit. This is so far from the truth, unless you are 7 feet tall this thing will not hit both. A ladies g spot is only about 2-3" inside the vagina and this toy has about a 5" shaft between the two bullets. So needless to say when I had the toy on one or the other that's the only part of me it hit. When I was hitting the g spot the clit bullet was about 2" away from my clit and vice versa. Also for me I need to put pressure on either the clit or g spot to get off. So when pushing down on one you pull away from the other. This toy just had no hope for me. At that point I couldn't even try to use it just on my clit because I was so annoyed with it.

It was also very loud which is not something I want to deal with. I don't mind a vibe sound but this thing was rattling when you turned it all the way up. The material is a silk touch hard plastic which was nice and it is water resistant. It did have a decent strong vibe that I liked. But those did not make up for the fact that this toy is crappy. I will never use this toy again.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scandalous Slogans

Companies always come up with slogans and gimmicks to try and get you to buy their product. The same is true for all adult toys. This one is the strongest or the most realistic feeling. Sometimes it's just not true. But the even greater thing that makes me giggle is the sayings that these toys have on them. There have always been a few that made us laugh and shake our heads why would they decide to put that on there. I wondered how many other boxes had wacky stuff written on them so I explored the store and found a bunch. All these things come from either a toy, candy, lube etc. However I will not tell you where I got each quote, you can just imagine.

Click read more to check them out

- It's so cute you just want to suck on it.

- Go down, go deep, discover a whole new adventure.

- Shoot like you've never done before.

- OOO gives me such a complete burning sensual feeling inside.

- Talk about a wild hare.

- Transform your penis into a supercock.

- Have courage.

- All aboard for the ride of your life.

- Regain the thunder.

- A strong little pip-sqweek.

- Soft naked pleasure.

- Indestructible anal tool.

- A walloping piece of slender jelly waiting to be swallowed by you and your friends.

- Supercharge your rod.

- Hand detailed to capture ever vein, bulge and crease of a real erect cock.

- Explore the deep penetrating mysteries of my pussy and ass.

- Explore the mysteries of female orgasmic bliss while restoring the powers of creativity and natural forces back to the one eyed snake.

- Suck and swallow.

Makes you wonder where these came from. Challenge! If you can tell me where these quotes are from I will give you a prize.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kissing Girls Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Barrett Blade

I have been seeing a whole lot of Barrett Blade lately since I have a whole bunch of Wicked features to review which is just delightful. Barrett is a gorgeous specimen of a man and says Wicked is one of his favorites to work for. He just needs to keep his hair dark because he looks much better that way then blonde. He entered the business back in 1998 through an ex girlfriend who he claims is crazy now. After she dumped him he didn't know if he want to stay in the porn world but kept getting hired so he stuck with it.

Before porn he was in a band Dial 7 which was said to have quite some success. Barrett says he is a dominant person and really loves when a girl is into that too. Um yeah that's just how I like it therefore we need to hang out and "talk." He really likes it rough and passionate and says that makes for the best sex. But please Barratt take off your shirt all the time, I have seen a lot of movies where you keeps it on. I want to see more of what you are working with.

From what I know he is currently single so ladies get on that. But don't be too sad if it doesn't happen because you can still play with his penis. WildFire put out a dildo replica of his cock which looks very tempting. He seems like the guy that would just pick me up, throw me around and have his way with me all day long, yes please! You want more don't you? You can masturbate to him in the following movies.

Forever is the Night, The Wicked, Kissing Girls, Chill, Accidental Hooker, Elite, Baby Doll First Timers, Beloved Chanel, Devon Stripped, Flirts, Island Fever 2, Made in the USA, One Last Ride, and Teenage Sinsations

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DD & Derrieres 3 Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Whack Job Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exxxtra Credit Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne.

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Astrea I Remote Vibrating Brief

If I could masturbate all day long I would, it is one of my favorite things to do. And now with my new little toy I pretty much can whenever I want. I have always wanted a vibrating panty and decided I should get one before I took a 4.5 hour bus ride back to the Cape for a few days. We have a few options at work but they never seemed to hit the right spot or were cheap and noisy, except for one. The Astrea I Remote Vibrating Brief has always impressed me so I decided on that one. I am very happy with my choice.

Made by the Berman Center Intimate Accessories Collection it stands out above the rest. It was made by women for women. These women know what they are talking about. Fun fact; the center did a study recently that said "women who use vibrators experience greater levels of sexual satisfaction and express overall higher quality of life." This explains a lot about me.

First of the panty is super sexy and comfortable, they also come in a thong. Made of black lace and fits me perfectly. Said to fit almost any size I'm not so sure it would. I'm a size 2/4 and it will probably fit people up to a few sizes bigger then me. You might be able to stretch it more but it might rip. I would wear these panties as is with out the bullet they are that nice. The pocket for the bullet sits right underneath the vagina area and you can move it to reach the clit. The bullet is around 2-3" and hits a good amount of area. It only has one speed but it is pretty powerful but quiet which is key for when you are in public.

To read about my experience with the panties click read more

When I got ready for work this morning I put the panties on to be ready for the bus ride. However when I got to work I was tempted to just put the bullet in then and play around with it. It was awesome and my coworkers knew I was up to something. Of course I told them which resulted in each one of them taking the remote and playing with it. They thought it was hilarious because as soon as they hit the on button my face would light up and I would giggle. We even tested how far the range was and it was pretty far, almost 40 feet and it was still working.

At one point my mom called and someone had the remote and was taunting me with it. I started laughing and told my mom what was going on. She just laughed at me and said she told her friends at work what I was up to. It's even on the same frequency as some other remote vibrators because when I tested another brand it set mine off and I had to control myself in front of the customer. I was horny the whole entire day because of the constant stimulation that was going on. Which is nothing new because I'm always horny. It was super quiet so no one knew what I was up to.

I still had them on when I got on the bus. There were too man people on the bus to really enjoy myself in the panties but I still turned them on. If no one was there I really could have gone to town on those things and had a really fun bus ride home. I had to wait till I got home to use them to their full potential. I love these things, I want to wear them all the time. I'm going sew little pockets in all my panties so I can put the bullet into them. So if next time you see me and I have an even more devilish grin on my face then I normally do, you will know what's up.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phineas K. Rimmington ♥'s Masturbating

Our beloved and inked sexpert, Lucy Vonne, can tell you everything you need to know about the ins-and-outs of your bedroom. And that includes you, dudes! With her vast bank of information and experience she can tell you what's gonna feel great on your cock and what's gonna hit that backdoor g-spot just right.

But, sadly for me, Lucy Vonne has no penis. So I was delighted to accept her invitation to give you a man's perspective on a produt that will take your Sex-For-One moments to the next level. There are obviously a great many products that will accomplish this task and of course it all boils down to personal preference. What sets your sex on fire? Well I'm here today to discuss with you one option that the vast majority of you horny boys should always have near your bedside: The Masturbation Sleeve.

To keep reading click read more

There are a wide variety of masturbation sleeves out there today. Everything from a simple stretch silicone tube to the explosively popular Fleshlight®. As I said, these things always come down to what gets your personal motor whirring. So I am giving you my two cents on a sleeve that I love based on years of sex education, sex experience, and 20+ years of masturbation!

Gentlemen, I give you Golden Triangle's Stretch Masturbating Sleeve. It may look very simplistic and very generic, but trust me, this little wonder can definitely bring your stroking a level up. The super-stretch non-toxic material is outrageously soft and pliable (when they say stretchable, they mean it). The inside has a very light ribbed texture, nothing compared to the elastomer studs of the Vibratex Maven or Fleshlight's "Speed Bump" sleeve.

But what really sets this sleeve apart, aside from the soft and squishy texture, is the tightness of the sleeve. Now some might see "tight" and think "uncomfortable". But think of it more along the lines of wanting someone with a tight ass. If you and your partner (regardless of orientation) are in the mood for a quickie up the arse, odds are you're not hoping for someone with a gaping cavern back there. This sleeve replicates that sort of tight sensation wonderfully. Also, aside from its high level of elasticity, this sleeve is open at both ends and therefore is sure to suit men of all sizes.

Some masturbation sleeves, due either to a hardened exterior or thickness of material, can get in the way of a man focusing pressure or attention on specific parts of the penis that he finds pleasurable. With this sleeve, the material is so elastic that you avoid this potential hindrance to your play time and eventual climax.

Suggestions for use! This toy is perfectly safe to use with either silicone or water-based lubricants. For silicone, I recommend JO Anal Premium and for water-based I recommend the Sliquid Organics Silk.

I suggest starting out bare-handed (with or without lube, your call) while kicking back to your preferred porn. If you believe your imagination is superior to any porn, then by all means go that route as well. You may also consider pursuing a career in directing adult films if this is the case.

Once you've worked yourself up to a certain point, generously apply your preferred lube to the penis and slide yourself into the sleeve. The sensation of this soft material around the head and shaft of your cock feels amazing. Continue stroking with the sleeve as you normally would. And get playful with the positions! At no time is it more appropriate to use the phrase "Fuck it!" On your back, face down, standing up, leaning back, etc.

Remember, your time alone in the bedroom is your time to dream up any sexual fantasy you have and show no reservation! So take advantage, get creative, and let this sleeve help you with both your fantasies and your aptitude for the times you're not alone in that bed! At $14.95, it's definitely worth the investment.

I offer only two caveats to this sleeve:

1. Finding specific material info is very difficult with this item, so I am not aware of what type of rubber we're dealing with. If you have an allergy to latex, take caution.

2. The sleeve maintains a noticeable scent. Not a horrid and unpleasant odor like some rubber toys can have, but just a scent.

Cleaning: Once your self-loving has come to a close, simply turn the sleeve inside out (easy and mildly entertaining to do). I recommend using Pjur Med Wipes or Spray to clean your toys, but in lieu of this using warm water and a gentle anti-bacterial soap will work just fine.

As always, all products listed in this article are available at your friendly neighborhood Pleasure Chest! Thanks for reading! Play safe and play often!


Wedding Bell Blues Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne.

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My Mom Should Have Known

Parents never think their kids will grow up and turn into porn stars, strippers, or in my case a sex blogger. Kids never show signs of it when they are younger, except for me. This is the first in the series of "My Mom Should Have Known." Stories from my childhood or things that I did that should have clued my parents into what I would turn out like as an adult. However sometimes the stories are from my mom's perspective and she claims because of that instance she should have saw it coming. Like this first story.

I loved Barbies when I was little, I loved Ken just as much. I needed an equal amount of both to play with. One day when I was really little, I think I was about 5, my mom yelled to my room to get ready because we were leaving to go somewhere. As she approached my room she could hear me playing with my Barbie and Ken and she decided to listen. This is what I made them say.

Ken: Barbie let's go we need to leave.
Barbie: Wait Ken I'm not ready I have no clothes on.
Ken: You look alright to me Barbie!

And then a few minutes of plastic smacking noises went on, then I was ready to leave. I was always constantly making my Barbies do dirty things to each other and they were always naked. My mom should have known.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kiss Attack Review

Check out my latest review on a Rancho Carne


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Marcus London

Marcus London makes me melt when he talks. His accent gets me every time, I love it! Born in London in 1968 he originally trained out on sea to be in the NAVY. When that didn't happen he began managing bars and pubs and eventually was headhunted to manage some prominent strip clubs. All the while he was doing male reviews. First he was dancing with a group called Dreamboys but left to work on his own. Can I still hire him to dance at my next birthday party? Someone find out for me.

Soon he began to do some modeling which lead to hardcore modeling and then movies. He entered this business in 2005 with a dancer who he was dating at the time. A relationship that became a casualty of porn. However he soon met and married porn star Devon Lee and they are very happy together. Past PSOTW hotties Tommy Gunn and Tony De Sergio were both groomsmen in his wedding. That's a bachelor party I would have like to have gone to.

Marcus continues to perform in some of the biggest movies of the year for the biggest studios. He also has taken on the directing role for many projects. Recently he has appeared in an episode of the HBO series Entourage and hopes to act in and direct more mainstream projects. With his gorgeous looks and hot body I'm sure he will have no trouble finding projects to work on. He also has tattoos which is always a plus!

You can masturbate to him in the following films; Two, Accidental Hooker, Darkside, Bound, Cherry Bomb, Dream Machine, Hello Nurse, I Came In Your Mom, One Wild and Crazy Night, Mass Destruction, Virgin Diaries and Sweat.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg

The Silk Touch Egg from Grrl Toyz is one of the strongest bullets we have at The Pleasure Chest. What makes it even better is that for the month of May it is 20% off. We have deemed it masturbation May here which is fine by me, but with me it's masturbation life. I have been fascinated with this toy since we got it and finally got my hands on one. I'm glad I did!

I picked the sea foam green but it also comes in lavender. The bullet is about 3" long and 1" wide and is attached to the remote with a cord. The toy is made of plastic but it has a silk touch to it, very smooth and silky when you rub it. The egg itself has 3 ridges to give you a different sensation then the typical bullet. It has 5 different pulsations you can play with and a dial to intensify the vibration.

Now when I say this is one of the strongest bullets we have I'm not kidding! And that's even on the low setting, the high is super strong. So if you are just beginning and don't know what you like or can't handle super strong vibes then this might not be the toy for you. I enjoy the strong vibes so it was right at home with my vagina. Typically I don't like pulsations and just stick to the straight vibe but the last one was really good. The waves were really fast which was nice and I stuck to that one. I did turn it all the way up which was fantastic. Didn't take me long to orgasm and I continued to keep playing for a while. I liked the ribs and it was long enough to tease myself and put it in a bit.

While it is a great toy there are some draw backs. It's loud, wouldn't be able to play with that unless I was home alone or I was blasting some porn or music. Also it's not reliable on how long it will last. We have a good amount of people tell us after only a few months it stops working. The same goes for the one we have on display but that gets abused by middles aged women all day long who like to break things. However I have heard it can last a pretty long time. It's a gamble but it's also not super expensive so it isn't a total loss if it doesn't last you super long. It can also be snapped into the toys made by Aneros for some manly fun.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar Featuring Lucy Vonne

When I started my website I never thought about what it could do for me and my life. Well it has completely changed it for the good and given me so many wonderful opportunities and introduced me to some awesome people. Plus I get to talk to male porn stars and say dirty things to them. The end of last year at work we recieved the 2009 edition of the NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar and I announced it was my goal to make it into the calendar one day.

Well ladies and gentleman I have reached my goal. Little Lucy Vonne is putting on her heels and push up bra (or taking off the bar who knows) and posing for the 2010 edition of the calendar. I'm so freaking excited and honored to be part of this project. This year is going to be a little different then last year. 12 photographers will be shooting and representing their take on sexual freedom. I was just told Bob Coulter specifically asked to shoot me, he is big time people. I still can't believe all this is happening.

9 of the girls have returned from last year and they are welcoming 5 new girls. Every model is unique in her own way, you can check them all out on the 2010 Pin-Ups page. Like I said before it's an honor to be included in this group of women. A big part of this project is to spread awareness and get support for Sex Work Awareness. We are hoping to make this years calendar a huge success and bigger then ever.

Operation calendar body has started and the gym is my best friend. I must get my booty into shape! Of course there will be a calendar release party which is sure to be loads of fun. I will keep everyone up to date with all the new information about the calendar. Check out the official calendar site and read all about the project and people involved.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Pays to be a Sexy Blogtime! Reader

How you ask; well not only do you get my wonderful knowledge and fantastic stories and thoughts but you get a discount at the greatest sex store in NYC! The Pleasure Chest is my home away from home and has some of the best toys on the market. Starting now by mentioning you are a reader of Sexy Blogtime! you get 10% off your purchase. It's that simple, just mention Sexy Blogtime!

Now get off your butt on venture into the world of self pleasure and fun to have with others. I'm there five days a week to help you on your journey of orgasms. I take that journey everyday sometimes even twice a day.

Never been there? It's so easy to find.

156 Seventh Avenue South
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-2158

1 train to Christopher Street. Walk North on 7th Avenue 2 blocks.
1 2 3 F L V to 6th Ave/14th Street. Walk West to 7th Avenue and head South on 7th Avenue 4 blocks.
A C E to 8th Avenue/14th Street. Walk East to 7th Avenue and head South on 7th Avenue 4 blocks.

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Double Krossed Review

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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Cuchini

Camel toe has never been an issue for me. Usually because I try to stay away from outfits that are skin tight against my vagina. I'm just not a big fan of showing off my lower lady parts to the world. However if I was plagued by camel toe then this product is something I would think of getting. They claim with the rise of shaving everything off down there has caused the wonder of camel toe to be more common. However I have nothing down there and I don't have that problem. Maybe that's because my vagina is special. Called the Cuchini, this product claims it will eliminate camel toe so you and your vagina can walk around confident.

They really don't give you too much information about the product on the website, mainly because I think this is a fairly new product. It's a light weigh material but they don't say exactly what the material is. It's made to stick to any undergarment or even be worn without anything at all with the help of double sided tape. My vagina only likes pleasurable things and double sided tape is not going to be one of those things. That is not the pain that I enjoy!

It only costs $15 for two of them. They do not explain if they can be worn more then once and if you can clean them to do so. They do mention that the Cuchini will help to keep your undergarments clean. They were designed by women so I'm sure they are very comfortable. I'm curious to know how thick they are and if you can get them in different patterns. I would enjoy a unicorn printed on mine. It's a really interesting concept and I hope it does well. It does mention that more products are to come. I hope they make something to eliminate wedgies. 

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Alektra-fied Review

Check out my latest review on Rancho Carne.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Tony De Sergio

It's rare when I say a man in his 40's is hot, usually they are handsome and I can see how they were hot when they were younger. This is not the case with Tony De Sergio, this man is still smokingly hot and sexy. He was always gorgeous but when he shaved his head my jaw dropped. We all know how much I like a guy with a shaved head and tattoos is a bonus, which he has.

I was searching online for info about him and couldn't find much. Which is crazy because he has been in the business for some time, since about 1998. Which is why I should convince him to let me interview him so the world can know more about him. Believe me he has quite a fan base who would like to know/see more of him. He was born in England and still has a bit of an accent which I love to listen to when I see his movies. Don't get too excited ladies about trying to woo him, he's been married to fellow porn star Jordan Kingsley for a few years.

Tony has an amazing body, one of the best in the industry I think. Plus he has a pretty nice penis too. I have watched him many times on screen and when he goes down on a girl he really knows what he is doing. He is also a pretty good actor, I have seen him do drama and comedy both really well. I first discovered this hunk in Babysitters from Digital Playground and found him delightful to watch.

Want to do some masturbating to him? You can find him in the following movies; Babysitters, Whack Job, Operation Desert Stormy, Bound, Bad Girls, Jesse Jane Lust, Naughty Bookworms 13, Double Krossed, Funny Bone, I Love Lanny, Layover, Rocco in London, Sugar, Trouble With Young Girls, Orgazm Addictz, and Deeper 9.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Old Man Package

The other day it was bright and early at work and I was having a wonderful morning and then I saw something that blinded me. The this little old guy comes shuffling up to the store, smiles and goes in. Now this is why my jaw dropped, the tiny little pair of shorts he was wearing and all his goods were on on display. The shorts were made of a thin grey material and were discolored. He was not wearing anything underneath because they were wedged pretty far up his butt. Plus his old man package was right out there for everyone to see. No thank you.

He wandered around the store for a bit but kept going back to the paddle/flogger wall. At one point the Sex and the City tour came in and he freaked a few middle aged women out. I giggled the whole time. He finally decided on what he wanted and left the store with a heart shaped crop. He was rather pleased with his purchase and left the store through the sea of women who couldn't stop looking at his old man package. What a wonderful way to start the day.

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Fetish Friday: Apotemnophilia

Those who have Apotemnophilia have a strong erotic desire to amputate one or more of their limbs. Many amputee wannabes will go as far as to attempt to remove a limb on their own, or damage it to an extent where amputation is necessary. Lucy Vonne even told me once that some amputee wannabes have been known to purposely cause car accidents in order to receive an amputation!

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