Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vixskin Bandit

We all know how much I love to masturbate, and it's usually just the clitoral area that gets the most attention. However sometimes when just playing around there I get a really strong urge to have a large penis inside me. Unfortunately having a real life penis in my bed all the time isn't the case these days. So I thought to myself what could I do to fill that void. I have a few internal toys but nothing like what I was craving, a penis.

I took this as a sign to get my first dildo. I have always thought about getting one, since I am surrounded by them all day long at work and even have had a few thrown at me. (ahem Brandon) There are many to choose from but I wanted a really good one that looked and felt realistic. There are cyberskin ones but those are so porous and don't last that long. I wanted something that was going to stick around for a lifetime.

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Right of the bat I knew I wanted one from Vixen who has a line called Vixskin. This line is still made of their 100% platinum medical grade silicone but feels amazingly realistic. Non- porous, dishwasher safe and heats to body temp nicely. After careful consideration and mulling over a few different choices I decided on the Bandit. It's so pretty and one of their top selling toys.

The Bandit is one of the larger ones that they make, go big or go home I say. At 7" long and 1 5/8' wide I was very satisfied. While it's feels soft like the real thing it has a hard inner core which I like. It would work great in a harness because of it's base, but I don't know if I will ever put that aspect to use. Plus Vixen offers a lifetime guarantee on all products. The one thing I do not like is that there is no suction cup base so if I wanted to stick it on the wall I would have to get creative. But I was not about to go with a crappy rubber dildo just for that advantage, I made it work.

I really wanted to ride the hell out of this thing so I played with my options. First I stacked my pillows on top of on another and tried sitting on that. That didn't work too well because it was too soft and I couldn't really get the results I wanted. However the Bandit felt amazing. It was the perfect size and girth. Riding a penis like this is one of the ways I get off and not quite getting to that point because of the pillows made me want more.

I took the advice of Brandon from The Inqueery and found a harder surface that was easier to straddle. He suggested I used the side of my bathtub which worked wonders. I got quite the thigh workout too bouncing up and down on that thing. I was amazed at how like the real thing it felt. It did move around a little bit because I couldn't strap it down so I had to hold it at some points while riding it. Seriously me and my vagina were extremely happy with the results after that.

It was a little strange at some points because while I was enjoying it so much I felt kind of a void because it was only a fake penis. I missed having a hot guy attached to that penis. That thought slipped my mind when I was cumming but still made me wonder. This just proves my point that toys will never replace real men, how else will I have bite marks the next day.


michelle said...

This picture just made me laugh so so so hard at work Lucy thank you.

I miss you!

Brandon B. said...

I have never thrown dildos at you, I have merely passed them to you via; air.

Kasey said...

Somehow I don't think my roommate would accept the "don't worry, I wiped down the tub afterward" statement. lol

Adult Toys said...

Dildo Dodge Ball