Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spank Me

We all know I like a little pain sometimes when I'm getting naughty. A little hair pulling or a bite mark or two. There is something about a little pain that turns me on. Hell I even got turned on last time I was getting tattooed. Many cultures describe pain as an aphrodisiac. But what I like the most is getting my ass smacked, harder the better. Don't worry about hand prints, I had one this weekend that lasted a day or two. Makes me think of who ever did it and I smile. To take this enjoyment to the next step I got myself a lather paddle from work the other day.

As you know I don't play around when I get sex toys, my paddle is really nice. Shape and size of a ping pong paddle because my butt isn't that huge and this one fits just right. Made by a Boston based company Marquis Leather Inc. It is made of real leather and one side has rabbit fur on it. Many people are confused by paddles that have fur or fleece on one side. The reason is rubbing or patting is a big part of the spanking. This paddle in particular because of the rabbit fur when you gently pat it creates this air pocket between your body and the paddle. Doing this after the smack will help with the sting.

To read how I picked this paddle click read more

I have played with the paddles at work many times but this time I meant business. I picked out a few that looked pleasant then proceeded to paddle myself with them to see which one I liked the best. It took a while but mainly because I enjoyed it and kept paddling myself. A few customers did stare and I got a few smiles. Then I had to decided if I wanted fleece or fur on the one side. I closed my eyes and had my coworker rub my arms with them at the same time to pick. It was an interesting site to see.

Butts are not the only thing that people like to have paddled (however I only like my butt smacked). Other areas that are good are inner thighs, upper back, chest, shoulders and calves. But there are some spots one much look out for. Never strike the kidneys, spine or lover back. The fleshier the area the better. Paddles can leave a deep bruise so be prepared for that to possibly happen.

I have yet to have a boy use this paddle on me during naughty time but I am looking forward to it. I did have my roommate smack me a few times with it. Sorry to burst your bubble but I had pants on during her paddling me. So who wants to spank me?


Brandon B. said...

Remember when I threw that wadded up paper at you the other day? Did that turn you on? ;)

Kasey said...

What about when I bat your boobs like a cat? Anything?...

Anonymous said...

Dude. That scene between Nacho Vidal and Melissa Lauren is TO DIE FOR. Here I am on another post mentioning it again since it's somehow related to this post, but only now I'd ask you to review it. The scene is up on Pornhub, let me know if you want me to e-mail you the link. Or maybe I can post it on your blog? Whatever, let me know.

Nacho Vidal said it was his BEST SCENE EVER. That means a lot, no? It was nominated for an AVN Award, but I forget who it lost to. Anyway, I'm just saying you HAVE TO SEE IT otherwise you have not seen TRUE SEX. ;-) There's really very few scenes like this in porn, those few are masterpieces. Let me know.