Monday, April 20, 2009

The Reality of My First Orgasm

This past fall the reality show "Running in Heels" came to the store to film for one of their episodes and they needed a girl to talk to. Originally I thought I was just going to be talking about toys but they then told me they wanted crazy dating and sex stories. Much to all of your surprise I really don't have that many wild ones, that I would share on national television anyways. Two came to mind and decided to share them. However reality television likes to do what they want and combined my two stories to look like one and therefore what I talked about was not true. Take a look.

Of course I'm not a fan of how I look but that's not what I was mad about. I knew they would edit how they wanted but they twisted my words and gave my first orgasm credit to the wrong person. The fireman that I hooked up with in no way gave me my first orgasm. The other story I told was about the guy who did give me my first orgasm, a boy I dated back in Boston. Through the magic of editing it now seems like one story.

When I talked to my parents I told them what happened. My mom and I then talked about our first orgasm stories, she is a cool mom. My dad told me he had heard enough but watched the whole thing. While he supports what I do, when it comes to hearing my personal information sometimes he can only take so much.

To read the actual stories click read more

The Fireman story, oh I'm so proud of this one. The summer before I moved to New York I came to visit my future roommate for the weekend. We decided to have a night on the town. We went to the lower east side and visited a few bars. At the first bar some foreign creepy guy told me he wanted to lick all of my tattoos and tried to get me to leave with him. No thanks. We left and ended up at Iggys where we were on a mission to get drinks bought for us. That when we got hit on by a group of fireman and mission accomplished. One was really cute and one thing led to another and we were making out. That's when we accepted their offer to go hang out at the firehouse.

When we got there my future roommate and I played with the equipment and went down the pole. We took some awesome pictures but dropped the camera, broke it and have yet to be able to retrieve them. So yes eventually the fireman and I ended up in the gym and fooled around, what I will not tell you. But I can assure you that he was not the one that gave me my first orgasm.

The man who did is my dream man. Yes I did meet him online when I was living in Boston. He is my perfect type; built, shaved head and tattooed. However the best part was he was Irish and I mean really Irish with the accent and everything. He made me go weak in the knees. We met for dinner one night, went back to his dorm room and I was hooked from there. I had my first orgasm and a whole new me was born. Especially because he did everything exactly the way I liked it. People knew when I hung out with him because I would have bite marks every so often. But not always in places you could see them. There is even video of how awesome the sex was with him, which none of you will ever see. I still watch it every once in awhile, what can I saw he is so freaking hot.

I still talk to him every once in awhile but he has a girlfriend now so no more naughty things can happen for now. But since him I have been more comfortable with my body and sex life and telling boys what they need to do to get me off. Plus he introduced me to liking it rough which is such a turn on for me.

So there you have it, those are the two stories that made into one. It's only fair to give the right person credit for making me orgasm for the first time.


Brandon B. said...

Well you look great of course..

but Zack. Looks. CRAZY. Like, the entire time.

Anonymous said...

cool mom! oh really...!! can't wait to see you darling! love mama xoxoxox

Kasey said...

I've heard enough... But you looked really nice.

Yeah, stories totally misconstrued. WTF?

And yes... Zack looks rather sixes and sevens.

Kasey said...