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Kaylani Lei Interview

Of all people I should know that one should never underestimate a petite woman and what they are capable of. But guys love to pick up pint sized girls, and that's just the case with Wicked contract star Kaylani Lei. One of today's biggest stars who just keeps getting bigger. I completely forgot I was talking to a mega porn star while interviewing her because she is so down to earth. Loves her fans, life and what she does. I have seen her play everything from the girl next door to a vampire. She does it all and does it with class and poise. Kaylani has proved her staying power in this industry.

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Lucy Vonne: So what’s it like being you right now, take me through a day in your life?

Kaylani Lei: Being me well it’s different every day. I guess cause it’s not a set schedule of 9-5. There will be periods were I’m working for a week straight and traveling and doing appearances, doing a shoot or feature dancing all over the place. I’m kind, a lot of traveling and on the go stuff like that. Where it’s really busy and going to shoot. And then there’s times where I’m not working for like a week straight and that’s a nice little break. I have time to hang with friends and socialize kind of just relax and get ready for the next cluster of busy days. So it kind of varies.

Lucy Vonne: How long have you been a Wicked contract girl?

Kaylani Lei: I’ve been with them for about 6 years.

Lucy Vonne: For those who don’t know what a contract girl is what does that entail?

Kaylani Lei: It’s really really great actually. You sign a contract for each year and basically each agreement is different for each individual person. In mine I do 7 movies a year and 10 to 12 additional scenes where I have to be in someone else’s movies but in scenes but 7 movies I have to be on the cover or in the lead role. It’s really fun cause were kind of like family cause there’s 6 of us. We get to pick the people we work with and we get to get as involved as we want in the projects we do.

Lucy Vonne: Do you hang out with any of the girls off set or have become good friends with them and become really close with them?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah totally. We have to go events a lot together so we have to call each other and coordinate, like coordinate times and wardrobe. It’s really cool we have the best group right now everybody gets along really well. Closest I am is with Kirsten Price I’d say. Out of everyone we hang out the most, I mean I hang out with her the most outside of work.

Lucy Vonne: How did you decide on the name Kaylani Lei?

Kaylani Lei: At the time there wasn’t any names that sounded like that, so abut 6 years ago it was unique. I felt like my image what I was trying to go for at that time was a Hawaiian look and I wanted the name to be that. So I chose that and my agent at the time said I needed a last name and it kind of flowed, Kaylani Lei. So I stuck with it and I’m stuck with it now.

Lucy Vonne: Do you ever watch your own movies?

Kaylani Lei: I do, it’s actually hard for me to watch the actual sex scenes. And if I do watch them it’s just to like, I have to turn down the volume because I can’t stand the way I sound. But I do watch them because if I’m at an event or a convention or an appearance and I’m talking with a fan about my movie and they want to get in an in depth conversation about the movie or ask me questions about it; I want to know what product I’m putting out there and selling and what I’m talking about when engaged in conversation with them.

Lucy Vonne: Writer's Bullpen was just released, can you tell me about that movie and what your role was?

Kaylani Lei: It’s a cute comedy directed by Jonathan Morgan, he’s know for doing a lot of really funny comedies. I’m not funny myself but in his stuff I’m the serious character that gets placed in really funny situations and there is funny stuff going on around me. So that way I don’t have to try and be funny cause I’m not that funny. (Laughs) Buts it’s a really really cute movie. It’s about a contract writer and I play, I was able to keep my own name, I play Kaylani. I play the really bigheaded contract girl who kind of steps on everybody on her way up the ladder. Like when she wins an award she doesn’t really acknowledge anybody or thank anybody and it’s really funny different scenarios.

Lucy Vonne: Can you tell me about the movie you just finished, Never Say Never?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah that one was awesome. It was a few days shoot and it was directed by Brad Armstrong. Its told from a narrative point of view. Like it has all these different scenarios of what your told never to do like don’t run across the street or don’t run with scissors in your hands. Different skits and it shows what happens and what the negative effects are. It turned out so far what I’ve seen of it, it looks really good but it’s not put together yet because they are still working on it.

Lucy Vonne: When does that one come out, do they know yet?

Kaylani Lei: I’m not sure because we just wrapped about a few weeks ago. So I think a couple of months.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any plans to direct or write or produce in this industry?

Kaylani Lei: I never purposely planned on it but being on set your can’t help but to observe and learn. Cause you’re around it all the time you kind of naturally learn how things go behind the camera and not just in front of it. I can see myself possibly doing it but I would want to do it when I was definitely ready. Like when I totally know what I’m doing so I can be serious. But yeah I would definitely like to do that, direct.

Lucy Vonne: Exxxotica Miami is coming up, have you ever been there before and are you excited?

Kaylani Lei: I’m very excited, well for one its in Miami which is really cool. I love going there it’s nice; it’s a good time of year weather wise. And connections with fans is great and yeah I’ve been to Exxxotica Miami before about 3 years ago and I’m really excited to go back. I’m hosting a party out there as well so it’s really fun. There are times when I’m like this is really my job travel to cool places and party. 

Lucy Vonne: Do you use other outlooks in terms of staying in touch with your fans, do you use Myspace or do you respond to fan mail?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah I have a Myspace its And the only place I actually return my emails to each individual person is my website which is And that’s run by me and that’s really the only place I correspond with fans directly.

Lucy Vonne: And you just launched that, the website right?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah just a couple months ago.

Lucy Vonne: How’s that going?

Kaylani Lei: It’s going well, I’ve been thinking about getting on Twitter too.

Lucy Vonne: Yeah Twitter is really addicting I will warn you about that.

Kaylani Lei: But why, how? I don’t know, do you just record everything you do through out the day or your thoughts or what comes up, is that what it is?

Lucy Vonne: It’s pretty much a bunch of updates and you can respond to different people. I’ve seen some of the stars on there and they have thousands of followers who want to know when you they are just going to the store.

Kaylani Lei: Really, they really care that’s crazy.

Lucy Vonne: They do, it’s pretty interesting.

Kaylani Lei: I would forget to record everything. What’s on your Twitter right now?

Lucy Vonne: What is on mine, probably someone come visit me at work or yesterday I put I almost got hit in the head with a penis pump at work.

Kaylani Lei: (laughs) Oh my God, and then people just respond to that?

Lucy Vonne: Yeah it’s amazing. People are like you have the most random tweets. But I know I’ve heard people say it’s a great way to interact with fans and answer questions and talk to them that way. So you mentioned you do a lot of feature dancing. Did you start off dancing and you really liked and it you wanted to continue doing it?

Kaylani Lei: I did, I was dancing at a club in Vegas for a really short time. Because I needed to find a way to make more money faster. To me walking around trying to hustle and talk to guys for lap dances, it didn’t come naturally to me. While I really admired the girls that could they work it really well, it just wasn’t good for me. I was just not good at that at all and I didn’t really enjoy it. So another dancer was like there’s a way you can make money like a lot of money. And at the time I wasn’t very Internet savvy you know what I mean. So she was like there’s this thing called a website and you can on your computer, and this is exactly how she described it, and you can pose naked and sexy and people actually pay you and guys will pay you and its really easy. I’ve always been really comfortable with my body so I was like ok lets do it. So I took pictures with a photographer and stuff the honestly everything happened so fast. My manager took me to L.A. and stepped it up a notch, got me into doing movies and I just started doing that. Then the more movies that you do and box covers you get you are able to feature dance. That I love, it’s different from house dancing I do enjoy it. I try to space myself out and not do it too much cause a lot of traveling is hard on me and my health. So I space it out, like maybe once every other month I will pick up a dance gig.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have a theme to your dance or costumes?

Kaylani Lei: The usual stuff and I try to pick good music that goes with it. Like I have a schoolgirl, I have a geisha one, oh a cop. So I try to pick music that matches it.

Lucy Vonne: Do you get noticed a lot being out and about?

Kaylani Lei: Once in a while and it will be in the most unusual places. Or at a time when I don’t expect it and my hair is pulled back and no makeup on and my glasses and it kind of happens then. As much as it does happen I’m still surprised every time. Like oh thank you, it’s flattering it really is and everybody is really sweet with their approach.

Lucy Vonne: Being so petite do you ever have issues with performing with really tall guys and do you have tricks to make that work?

Kaylani Lei: (laughs) No I love it, it’s awesome. It’s what do they call it, spinners. I know that the guy loves it because he can feel big and strong and lift me up and do all kinds of stuff. But it’s really cool and makes it enjoyable. But no I don’t have a problem with it I think its great.

Lucy Vonne: If you weren’t doing porn what would you be doing with your life?

Kaylani Lei: I would have been two different things. One is a flight attendant, more when I was young cause I really wanted to travel. Like I would have been an international flight attendant because I really love to travel and it would have been a cool experience for a single person to meet people. Or the other thing I would have liked to pursue for a long time career would have been psychology. I’ve always had an interest in that and I would have done that.

Lucy Vonne: Have you ever thought about going back to school for that?

Kaylani Lei: I don’t know. Cause when I look down the line like ahead to the future I see myself in the industry. Kind of immerge myself more in doing different aspects like we talked about being a director or having my own production company something like that. Where I’m still in the industry in some shape or form. But I don’t know if I would go back to school and do that.

Lucy Vonne: So you got a lot of notice and nominations for The Wicked that came out a few months ago. How did getting all that press and the nominations make you feel?

Kaylani Lei: It was awesome. The noms were definitely well deserved. Every time you get one you think there are thousands of people in this industry so many movies and there are so many girls and to get acknowledged and be amongst the favorites and the other nominees is amazing. I think its great. That movie was great, all of us that were in it worked really hard we had a really good time filming it too. Michael Raven has always done really great movies and he’s extremely talented and that movie was awesome.

Lucy Vonne: I know you’re a big animal person and you have a couple pets are you involved in any sorts of charities or do any special events for them?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah I try to get myself involved with anything that I can that has to do with animals mostly dogs, anything I can do. I’ve gone to major events and stuff like that. There was this photo shoot called Pornstars for Pups and we did a photo shoot and the pictures will be made into a book and then the proceeds will be donated to dog shelters and stuff. Yeah I try to get involved with as much as I can with fundraisers and things like that.

Lucy Vonne: How many dogs do you have right now?

Kaylani Lei: I have two, two little dogs. One is a Maltese Pekinese mix and she has a little pink Mohawk and I have a Chihuahua and they are awesome I don’t even know, life would be boring without them.

Lucy Vonne: Do you ever find it hard to separate sex on set from sex in your personal life

Kaylani Lei: No I don’t find it hard. I mean on set it is what it is, it is work and everybody handles it professionally on our set. But it also is sex and you know I do try to enjoy it and get into it and you want a good performance. But it’s not hard to separate it. I don’t, my personal sex is different because its with somebody I choose. It’s as different as you want to make it but it’s not hard to separate it.

Lucy Vonne: If someone could only own one of your movies, which do you think it should be?

Kaylani Lei: Just one? I really like, I mean its hard cause I love them all because they’re each different and each director has a different style and extremely creative. But the one right now that I really like is Forever is the Night and that was directed by Fran├žois because the character I got to play, I got to play a dark kind of bad ass character not the normal everyday girl. It was kind of fun as far as acting and Fran├žois is amazing to work with, as a director he’s great.

Lucy Vonne: Are there any upcoming projects that your really excited about?

Kaylani Lei: We’re shooting a big one with brad Armstrong where all of us girls are involved.

Lucy Vonne: Is this the first time Wicked has put all their contract girls into one film or have they done something like this before?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah I think, this movie is actually going to be every single one of us. There have been movies before where it’s been all but one girl because maybe someone’s out of town. It’s hard to get everyone’s schedules to coincide with one another because our schedules are so different from each other. But I think for this particular one they were able to get all of us in it so that’s going to be exciting.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

Kaylani Lei: That I really really appreciate them and they’re awesome. They’re just so loyal and supportive and cool like that. They are the ones that keep me around and keep me going so thank you and check out clubkay

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