Thursday, April 16, 2009

James Deen Makes Me Wet

I heart James Deen. He was on the first Porn Studs I featured on the site. I have boughten porn movies just because I knew he was in them. I love watching his scenes because he is hot and entertaining. He delivers comedy really well when given the chance, better then some mainstream actors I have seen in a while. I recently watched him in Nurses and his scene was the best in the movie. I have turned so many people onto him, including my gay male friends who love him too. My clit and I got very excited when he agreed to let me ask him a few questions. James is a man with a big penis but with little words. Brian Street Team (who I also heart) gave me a few ideas for questions even. There's a threesome I would gladly be in, um can we make that happen?

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Lucy Vonne: What's a typical day if your life like?

James Deen: I wake up around 10, I edit for a while then go work for someone (bang a chick) and then come home edit some more and then go to bed.

Lucy Vonne: How did you and Joanna Angel meet?

James Deen: We met at AVN in Vegas and she basically stalked me for a few months.

Lucy Vonne: How do you guys maintain a relationship working in porn? Any tips for other couples doing the same thing?

James Deen: We are both insane... and both of our insanities compliment each other :-)

Lucy Vonne: What actresses, studios and directors do you like to work with?

James Deen: All of them.

Lucy Vonne: I recently reviewed Nurses and yours and Stoya's scene was by far the best in the movie. Mainly because you guys have amazing chemistry, in not just that scene but in all the ones I have seen you two together. Are you guys just good friends and that's where it stems from or is there more to it?

James Deen: I love her she is amazing in every way. She is like Joanna and my girlfriend.

Lucy Vonne: In your scenes you are always talking to the girls but never loud enough for the camera to pick up and for the audience to hear, what are you usually saying to them?

James Deen: It is a secret that only me and the girls that bang me know :-)

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any special moves you like to use on set?

James Deen: I like to do the humpty hump and the tootsie roll

Lucy Vonne: What have you done in your career that you are the most proud of?

James Deen: I once gave a chick an orgasm and it was freakin sweet!!!!!

Lucy Vonne: I heard you purposely left the room at the AVN's when they announced your category for "Male Performer of the Year," how come?

James Deen: I have social anxiety disorder and I get very scared in situations like that.

Lucy Vonne: What do you hope to accomplish in your porn career?

James Deen: ummmmm... I want to give more girls orgasms???

Lucy Vonne: Does your family know about your job and what do they think?

James Deen: They know. They love me no matter what I do

Lucy Vonne: What would you like to say to your female fans out there?

James Deen: Trust me, I DO want to make out with you. Don't be shy just ask.

Lucy Vonne: What is your favorite kind of bacon?

James Deen: All bacon.

Lucy Vonne: If you had 24 hours to spend with Chuck Norris what would you two do?

James Deen: ummmm throw cans at him and see what he does?

Lucy Vonne: Who is your evil genius sidekick and what kinds of adventures do you two get into?

James Deen: Brian Street Team. We avoid traffic on the way to Vegas and then have sex with every girl in Vegas.

Lucy Vonne: When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?

James Deen: A pornstar. No joke ask my third grade teacher. Her name is Monroe, first name Mrs.

Lucy Vonne: What do you like better and why, Hugos or Del Taco?

James Deen: Hugos.

Lucy Vonne: What up coming projects do you have that you are really excited about?

James Deen: Faith No More is back together. I am going to see them. That’s a project right?


Kasey said...

"What is your favorite kind of bacon?"


That needs to be the new staple question for all your interviews.

p.s. The security word below this comment is WOMON. Which also made me laugh.

DominaDoll said...

Yes. JD is super hot. And he likes burritos and is always hungry according to his twitter :)

Kasey said...

Mmm... Burritos...

Anonymous said...

"There's a threesome I would gladly be in, um can we make that happen?"

ROFL, girl, I was JUST thinking about that when you mentioned Brian Street Team! I have to say that there is something incredibly sexy about Brian...

Also, I have to say my favorite is Nacho Vidal. I'm not even that into porn at all but his name alone gets me hot. He just has that raw sensuality American porn stars lack, you know?? Rocco Siffredi too. But Nacho REALLY knows how to be dominant... it's about TRUST, and pushing it. But never without a CONNECTION with the woman. When he's dominant there's always this tenderness to it, you feel like you could be vulnerable and he'd be strong enough for you to completely surrender to him... it's tough to explain you'd have to watch him in action. ;-) The BEST scene I've seen him in and the BEST S&M scene I've EVER seen &probably will ever see(there's so little quality S&M stuff, BTW) is with him and Melissa Lauren in John Stagliano's Fashionistas Safado: Berlin. I was shocked, mesmerized, GRATIFIED... my jaw was on the floor, my breath taken away. I watched it like a dozen times in a row because I just couldnt get enough of it. AMAZING. I'm warning you though, it's VERY INTENSE but TRUE S&M. I'd love for you to someday review it!!

Anonymous said...

James Deen is fucking hot. Perfect body, pretty face; I love watching him fuck. He really seems to respect and enjoy women, and he's clearly got a sense of humour. I just wish they'd mike him so we could hear all those sweet, filthy things he says. Seriously, where is all the porn for women who like to hear men talking dirty? I'd love to see him and Mark Davis work a woman over together; they both dominate so well without coming across as fake or mean.