Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Colt Vibrating Stud Ring

First of all I would like to point out that the word "Stud" is in the title. I'm guessing to make the man feel more manly and get him pumped up. When I think of the word stud I think of macho men and all my gorgeous porn studs of the week. I enjoy using the word stud to describe certain men, the kind that like to pick you up and throw you on the bed and ravish you. Ok so now for the toy review. 

The Colt Vibrating Stud Ring was not for me for a few reasons. There were two reasons why I originally got this a while ago. First of all because it's a cock ring. For those of you who aren't familiar with cock rings they help with erections. They trap the blood in the penis so the man stays erect longer and he lasts longer. This was an issue I had with my ex so I figured this would be a good idea to get. Thankfully I do not have that problem anymore, Chris is VERY good at keeping it up. But I didn't tell my ex that was why I bought the toy, I based it on the simple fact that it vibrated. I'm a quick thinker.

So yes it also has a vibrating bullet to stimulate both partners depending on where the bullet is placed. Usually the bullet sits at the top so it can stimulate the clitoris during sex. The ring is made of a soft stretchy silicone that can be stretched to fit around most penises and the testicles. There is a textured surface on the ring and bullet piece to provide more stimulation to where it hits on the body. It's a great basic vibrating cock ring if you have never used one before and want to check it out.  It's even small enough to fit in your pocket so you can always be ready. You can even take the bullet out and just use it as a regular cock ring, this part came in handy. It's also wireless so you don't have to deal with a remote getting in the way. 

While it could be a great toy for others I did not like it. The bullet is not very strong and only has one speed. It has a nice little vibe going on but it didn't do it for me. I have spoken to a few others who didn't think it was strong enough either. I have a super hero clit, it needs super vibration. It takes 2 small watch batteries. The problem with watch batteries is they never last very long and can be expensive. Plus it didn't really hit the right spot for me. Unless he was really close into me I didn't even really feel it. 

You should also not leave it in the sun or it will melt. We found that out the hard way at work when we used it in one of our window displays. It did not end well. 

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