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Chatting with Claudia Valentine!

Claudia Valentine is relatively new to the world or porn. She has been around for about two years but recently has been making headlines with her appearance in the upcoming Sasha Baron Cohen movie Bruno. She is on the rise in the world of porn gracing the cover of a few of her new releases. This down to earth beauty is all about getting out there and making a name for herself in this industry. Which I'm sure will be no problem with her exotic looks and sweet personality. I have a feeling Claudia career is about to take off with all the hard work she has been doing. She was a delight to talk to!

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Lucy Vonne: How are you? How are things in the life of Claudia these days?

Claudia Valentine: It’s slow with economy but I try to keep busy with doing content and trying to get my website up, and Myspace and Twitter.

Lucy Vonne: I noticed you just joined the Twitter phenomenon, how’s that going for you? Do you find it helpful or more just fun and interacting with fans?

Claudia Valentine: I think it’s much easier to do then doing Myspace or Facebook. I find it’s really easy; I just downloaded an application onto my blackberry. So whether or not I’ m sitting at home or yesterday I was hiking up to the Hollywood sign and emailed Twitter you know. It’s easy to keep your name out there and your fans can watch and see and out your sexy thoughts or that you are a real person and just doing average everyday things, let your fans follow you. Myspace is just; I don’t use much because I don’t sit in an office all day. And I was moving and going back to school so I just didn’t go with it when it all started up. So now I’m always asking friends like “Hey can you help me?” They just think I’m a big dork but I’m like “Oh my gosh I don’t know what to do.”

Lucy Vonne: Are you currently still in school?

Claudia Valentine: I graduated from Arizona state and then after dancing for awhile I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising down in San Diego. Then I started working for a company called Quicksilver but I decided with the energy that I’m putting into porn if I’m going to do porn I should just do it full time and I can always come back to clothing later.

Lucy Vonne: How did you get into the porn industry?

Claudia Valentine: I used to swimsuit modeling like glamour and nude, all that stuff. I happened to fall into doing a pay site one day and that was kind of weird. Like I’m used to being naked and everything like that but somebody photographing me or my butt hole or more provocative poses I was just like oh my gosh. Honestly the first time I did a porn shoot it was no big deal compared to the pay site. Like that was the jumping into the pool you know the cold water spot. So once I was doing porn I was like this in no big deal bring on the next dude.

Lucy Vonne: Whom do you enjoy working with?

Claudia Valentine: I enjoy working with Danny Mountain and Mick Blue. I think a lot of times with directors if you have a great report, you know I love working with Matt over at Zero Tolerance. They make you feel sexy and that makes you do a good scene, makes the sex even better.

Lucy Vonne: I hear you call yourself the quintessential glamour girl, now what does that mean to you? Do you like dressing up a lot?

Claudia Valentine: You know I like being pretty. I mean sexy and slutty doesn’t have to be around but you can be dressed nice. Your boobs obviously come out and all the right things are showing but you don’t need to be like all tacky you can still do a great scene and stuff like that. I like dressing up I like being pretty and I like having a good time. Just glam it up.

Lucy Vonne: Your recent appearance in the upcoming Bruno I hear has cause a little controversy, can you tell me about that?

Claudia Valentine: I guess it’s NC-17 I don’t think it has anything to do with me. I was naked during it but I didn’t know, I thought they wanted a porn girl for it. I didn’t know it would be Bruno or Sasha Baron Cohen. So here I am taking off my clothes and I’m sure the more clothing you take off the more editing you have. Hopefully they don’t cut my scene out but there’s a lot of controversy with Bruno. There are gay porno guys in the movie too and all the things you see on the news about him asking all these nasty questions to some of them. I’m sure that stirs up a lot of anger ness about how they are doing it. So we’ll see, I’m really excited to see how I’m portrayed and hopefully everything will work out and I get more mainstream roles and stuff like that.

Lucy Vonne: Was this your first big mainstream role?

Claudia Valentine: Yeah mainstream, yeah I mean I’ve done some B flicks where I’m the bikini girl that gets killed first. Anything to do with me wearing a bikini or screaming. The stripper or the girl with big boobs roles you get when you are trying to start out. I have friends who are always trying set up their movies and trying to build up their portfolio and they’re like “Hey work with me. Can you do this bit or can you scream and moan? Can you die really well?” (Laughs) sure I guess.

Lucy Vonne: How did you find out it was Bruno? Did they tell you directly after the fact or it wasn’t till awhile later?

Claudia Valentine: I actually found out when I was at the Xbiz awards. I ran into Mark Spiegler and he said something and I was like what “What are you talking about?” Reminded me and I was like “Oh my gosh that was Sasha Baron Cohen, are you kidding me.” And then I was lying in bed and watching the news and they said something and I sat up immediately thought oh my gosh that was it. And my parents don’t know exactly what I do so and a lot of people are going to be seeing that movie and if my parents see me topless I should maybe prepare them for it so there not oh my god. I was talking with my old agent and he was like why didn’t you know. I mean I didn’t really watch Borat or I mean I’ve seen more of it later but I didn’t know any of the characters. I didn’t know who that was and I really thought it was some European rip off of Borat and some 30-year-old virgin. Sometimes I don’t get out too much. You go to school and save a lot of money and you only see what blockbuster has out. I don’t think it had it out then.

Lucy Vonne: When you’re not on set what are you doing?

Claudia Valentine: I like to work out, hang out with my friends, sleep, and have a good time. I guess it varies. I used to travel a lot, used to dance. It’s really just working on the Internet and trying to get your face out there and work out and be human.

Lucy Vonne: What up coming projects do you have that you are really excited about or working on?

Claudia Valentine: Well I’m really trying to get my website back up. I had it up for awhile and then took it down because it wasn’t going in the right angle that I wanted it to be and found a new Webmaster. It’s really about getting stuff on there and creating more of a buzz about me you know. I’ve only been doing porn for two years and I’m 32 years old so some people might say I’m already over the hill and why did you start so late. But at the same time there are a lot of older women. I don’t necessarily play a lot of MILF’s because I look a lot younger then what they want. But try to create my own buzz about myself and my website. Get my name out there and have people see me go to parties.

Lucy Vonne: What kind of special features are you going to have on your website?

Claudia Valentine: A lot of boy/girls, just me having fun, enjoying sex and pictures. I would like to have daily blogs, daily diaries like maybe a video diary; a day about me Simple things like painting my toe nails or going shopping and trying on underwear. You know cute little things and have a little video or web cam stuff.

Lucy Vonne: Do you see yourself staying in this business for a while?

Claudia Valentine: As long as I can, I mean it’s hard right now with the industry. I don’t get as many roles from, I look younger then most MILFs so I don’t get MILF roles. And there are so many girls who are in that in between stage of too old for college girls but too young for the MILFs and cougars. So we are just trying to get out there and have a good attitude and you’re only as good as your last movie.

Lucy Vonne: Do you ever think you will do any directing because I know a lot of people will travel over into that side of the business?

Claudia Valentine: I would love to; I would love to do that. I think it takes a lot of practice and I’m relatively new. Everyone has their own quirks and you have to see what’s hot and sexy and trashy and what makes people cum. What I like I could develop and figure out what might get people to jerk off more. I would love to do that and try it and see if I could do that.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any memorable moments from set that you can remember or funny things that may have happened?

Claudia Valentine: Um cum shots that may have gone over your head. This guy was supposed to come on my face and it blew over my head and I had to lick it off the couch. I did public flashing and I ran around down in Santa Monica flashing and doing yoga outside and stuff like that. That was a lot of fun. I love going around and flashing people and I’ve been doing that since I was probably 12.

Lucy Vonne: You’ve always a sexual exhibitionist then?

Claudia Valentine: Yeah I love having sex outside, just do it or flash people. I just show a boob every now and then. I’ve hung out with my friends and gone to subway and ate a sandwich and pulled one boob out and just sat there eating a sandwich pretending like it was never there just watching the looks on peoples faces and getting a reaction from people that way.

Lucy Vonne: Are you dating anyone right now?

Claudia Valentine: Not right now, I’m just concentrating on myself. I just got out of a relationship not to long ago. It’s tough being in the business and putting all this energy into these scenes and coming home and having regular sex or trying to portray that same sort of energy at home. Having somebody say that now how you do it in your movie. Sometimes it’s having that difference and it’s hard, that balance.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anything you won’t do on camera?

Claudia Valentine: I won’t do animals. (Laughs) I haven’t done anal, I do anal in my private life I just haven’t gotten any work to do any yet. But I’m always open to see what it’s like. Hopefully wont be too painful and it’s fun.

Lucy Vonne: Where’s the best place for fans to reach you if they want to send you a message?

Claudia Valentine: Myspace or hit me up on Twitter. I should be presenting at the next award show, getting my name out there and putting a name with the face and seeing me in some pictures. And hopefully my site will be out soon, should be out in another week or so. I have to go meet with my Webmaster to go drop off some more footage. Every day, every day is work one-way or the other.

Lucy Vonne: Is there a special message that you want to send to you fans?

Claudia Valentine: I appreciate all the love that they give me and if you like girls with curves and dark brown hair keep watching then. I’m learning new things and enjoying my job every day so it’s only going to get better.

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