Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Andy is Back

A while back I posted a message I got on myspace from a guy named Andy. Apparently me not responding to him prompted him to write me another message basically saying the same thing.

You really are a Goddess Ms Lucy
Would you be interested in a guy that would do your house cleaning, chores, errands and anything else that would please you? I am also learning mani/pedi and should be able to do that soon. I love pampering a beautiful lady that expects things to be done her way. Please let me know if you are interested. I won't bother you again if you are not.


I kind of don't want to respond and see how many times he tries to contact me before he gets the hint it's not going to happen. Mean I know and I'm going to hell but I have already accepted that fact. Plus all my friends are going too so it won't be so bad.

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Anonymous said...

you are not going to hell my little darling! andy better chill out Mama is coming to town!

unspeakable axe said...

Yeesh. It's guys like that that give submissive men like me a bad name.

Ten bucks says if he finds that you posted this that hell email you again.

Make it twenty.