Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vixskin Bandit

We all know how much I love to masturbate, and it's usually just the clitoral area that gets the most attention. However sometimes when just playing around there I get a really strong urge to have a large penis inside me. Unfortunately having a real life penis in my bed all the time isn't the case these days. So I thought to myself what could I do to fill that void. I have a few internal toys but nothing like what I was craving, a penis.

I took this as a sign to get my first dildo. I have always thought about getting one, since I am surrounded by them all day long at work and even have had a few thrown at me. (ahem Brandon) There are many to choose from but I wanted a really good one that looked and felt realistic. There are cyberskin ones but those are so porous and don't last that long. I wanted something that was going to stick around for a lifetime.

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Right of the bat I knew I wanted one from Vixen who has a line called Vixskin. This line is still made of their 100% platinum medical grade silicone but feels amazingly realistic. Non- porous, dishwasher safe and heats to body temp nicely. After careful consideration and mulling over a few different choices I decided on the Bandit. It's so pretty and one of their top selling toys.

The Bandit is one of the larger ones that they make, go big or go home I say. At 7" long and 1 5/8' wide I was very satisfied. While it's feels soft like the real thing it has a hard inner core which I like. It would work great in a harness because of it's base, but I don't know if I will ever put that aspect to use. Plus Vixen offers a lifetime guarantee on all products. The one thing I do not like is that there is no suction cup base so if I wanted to stick it on the wall I would have to get creative. But I was not about to go with a crappy rubber dildo just for that advantage, I made it work.

I really wanted to ride the hell out of this thing so I played with my options. First I stacked my pillows on top of on another and tried sitting on that. That didn't work too well because it was too soft and I couldn't really get the results I wanted. However the Bandit felt amazing. It was the perfect size and girth. Riding a penis like this is one of the ways I get off and not quite getting to that point because of the pillows made me want more.

I took the advice of Brandon from The Inqueery and found a harder surface that was easier to straddle. He suggested I used the side of my bathtub which worked wonders. I got quite the thigh workout too bouncing up and down on that thing. I was amazed at how like the real thing it felt. It did move around a little bit because I couldn't strap it down so I had to hold it at some points while riding it. Seriously me and my vagina were extremely happy with the results after that.

It was a little strange at some points because while I was enjoying it so much I felt kind of a void because it was only a fake penis. I missed having a hot guy attached to that penis. That thought slipped my mind when I was cumming but still made me wonder. This just proves my point that toys will never replace real men, how else will I have bite marks the next day.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kaylani Lei Interview

Of all people I should know that one should never underestimate a petite woman and what they are capable of. But guys love to pick up pint sized girls, and that's just the case with Wicked contract star Kaylani Lei. One of today's biggest stars who just keeps getting bigger. I completely forgot I was talking to a mega porn star while interviewing her because she is so down to earth. Loves her fans, life and what she does. I have seen her play everything from the girl next door to a vampire. She does it all and does it with class and poise. Kaylani has proved her staying power in this industry.

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Lucy Vonne: So what’s it like being you right now, take me through a day in your life?

Kaylani Lei: Being me well it’s different every day. I guess cause it’s not a set schedule of 9-5. There will be periods were I’m working for a week straight and traveling and doing appearances, doing a shoot or feature dancing all over the place. I’m kind, a lot of traveling and on the go stuff like that. Where it’s really busy and going to shoot. And then there’s times where I’m not working for like a week straight and that’s a nice little break. I have time to hang with friends and socialize kind of just relax and get ready for the next cluster of busy days. So it kind of varies.

Lucy Vonne: How long have you been a Wicked contract girl?

Kaylani Lei: I’ve been with them for about 6 years.

Lucy Vonne: For those who don’t know what a contract girl is what does that entail?

Kaylani Lei: It’s really really great actually. You sign a contract for each year and basically each agreement is different for each individual person. In mine I do 7 movies a year and 10 to 12 additional scenes where I have to be in someone else’s movies but in scenes but 7 movies I have to be on the cover or in the lead role. It’s really fun cause were kind of like family cause there’s 6 of us. We get to pick the people we work with and we get to get as involved as we want in the projects we do.

Lucy Vonne: Do you hang out with any of the girls off set or have become good friends with them and become really close with them?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah totally. We have to go events a lot together so we have to call each other and coordinate, like coordinate times and wardrobe. It’s really cool we have the best group right now everybody gets along really well. Closest I am is with Kirsten Price I’d say. Out of everyone we hang out the most, I mean I hang out with her the most outside of work.

Lucy Vonne: How did you decide on the name Kaylani Lei?

Kaylani Lei: At the time there wasn’t any names that sounded like that, so abut 6 years ago it was unique. I felt like my image what I was trying to go for at that time was a Hawaiian look and I wanted the name to be that. So I chose that and my agent at the time said I needed a last name and it kind of flowed, Kaylani Lei. So I stuck with it and I’m stuck with it now.

Lucy Vonne: Do you ever watch your own movies?

Kaylani Lei: I do, it’s actually hard for me to watch the actual sex scenes. And if I do watch them it’s just to like, I have to turn down the volume because I can’t stand the way I sound. But I do watch them because if I’m at an event or a convention or an appearance and I’m talking with a fan about my movie and they want to get in an in depth conversation about the movie or ask me questions about it; I want to know what product I’m putting out there and selling and what I’m talking about when engaged in conversation with them.

Lucy Vonne: Writer's Bullpen was just released, can you tell me about that movie and what your role was?

Kaylani Lei: It’s a cute comedy directed by Jonathan Morgan, he’s know for doing a lot of really funny comedies. I’m not funny myself but in his stuff I’m the serious character that gets placed in really funny situations and there is funny stuff going on around me. So that way I don’t have to try and be funny cause I’m not that funny. (Laughs) Buts it’s a really really cute movie. It’s about a contract writer and I play, I was able to keep my own name, I play Kaylani. I play the really bigheaded contract girl who kind of steps on everybody on her way up the ladder. Like when she wins an award she doesn’t really acknowledge anybody or thank anybody and it’s really funny different scenarios.

Lucy Vonne: Can you tell me about the movie you just finished, Never Say Never?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah that one was awesome. It was a few days shoot and it was directed by Brad Armstrong. Its told from a narrative point of view. Like it has all these different scenarios of what your told never to do like don’t run across the street or don’t run with scissors in your hands. Different skits and it shows what happens and what the negative effects are. It turned out so far what I’ve seen of it, it looks really good but it’s not put together yet because they are still working on it.

Lucy Vonne: When does that one come out, do they know yet?

Kaylani Lei: I’m not sure because we just wrapped about a few weeks ago. So I think a couple of months.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any plans to direct or write or produce in this industry?

Kaylani Lei: I never purposely planned on it but being on set your can’t help but to observe and learn. Cause you’re around it all the time you kind of naturally learn how things go behind the camera and not just in front of it. I can see myself possibly doing it but I would want to do it when I was definitely ready. Like when I totally know what I’m doing so I can be serious. But yeah I would definitely like to do that, direct.

Lucy Vonne: Exxxotica Miami is coming up, have you ever been there before and are you excited?

Kaylani Lei: I’m very excited, well for one its in Miami which is really cool. I love going there it’s nice; it’s a good time of year weather wise. And connections with fans is great and yeah I’ve been to Exxxotica Miami before about 3 years ago and I’m really excited to go back. I’m hosting a party out there as well so it’s really fun. There are times when I’m like this is really my job travel to cool places and party. 

Lucy Vonne: Do you use other outlooks in terms of staying in touch with your fans, do you use Myspace or do you respond to fan mail?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah I have a Myspace its And the only place I actually return my emails to each individual person is my website which is And that’s run by me and that’s really the only place I correspond with fans directly.

Lucy Vonne: And you just launched that, the website right?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah just a couple months ago.

Lucy Vonne: How’s that going?

Kaylani Lei: It’s going well, I’ve been thinking about getting on Twitter too.

Lucy Vonne: Yeah Twitter is really addicting I will warn you about that.

Kaylani Lei: But why, how? I don’t know, do you just record everything you do through out the day or your thoughts or what comes up, is that what it is?

Lucy Vonne: It’s pretty much a bunch of updates and you can respond to different people. I’ve seen some of the stars on there and they have thousands of followers who want to know when you they are just going to the store.

Kaylani Lei: Really, they really care that’s crazy.

Lucy Vonne: They do, it’s pretty interesting.

Kaylani Lei: I would forget to record everything. What’s on your Twitter right now?

Lucy Vonne: What is on mine, probably someone come visit me at work or yesterday I put I almost got hit in the head with a penis pump at work.

Kaylani Lei: (laughs) Oh my God, and then people just respond to that?

Lucy Vonne: Yeah it’s amazing. People are like you have the most random tweets. But I know I’ve heard people say it’s a great way to interact with fans and answer questions and talk to them that way. So you mentioned you do a lot of feature dancing. Did you start off dancing and you really liked and it you wanted to continue doing it?

Kaylani Lei: I did, I was dancing at a club in Vegas for a really short time. Because I needed to find a way to make more money faster. To me walking around trying to hustle and talk to guys for lap dances, it didn’t come naturally to me. While I really admired the girls that could they work it really well, it just wasn’t good for me. I was just not good at that at all and I didn’t really enjoy it. So another dancer was like there’s a way you can make money like a lot of money. And at the time I wasn’t very Internet savvy you know what I mean. So she was like there’s this thing called a website and you can on your computer, and this is exactly how she described it, and you can pose naked and sexy and people actually pay you and guys will pay you and its really easy. I’ve always been really comfortable with my body so I was like ok lets do it. So I took pictures with a photographer and stuff the honestly everything happened so fast. My manager took me to L.A. and stepped it up a notch, got me into doing movies and I just started doing that. Then the more movies that you do and box covers you get you are able to feature dance. That I love, it’s different from house dancing I do enjoy it. I try to space myself out and not do it too much cause a lot of traveling is hard on me and my health. So I space it out, like maybe once every other month I will pick up a dance gig.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have a theme to your dance or costumes?

Kaylani Lei: The usual stuff and I try to pick good music that goes with it. Like I have a schoolgirl, I have a geisha one, oh a cop. So I try to pick music that matches it.

Lucy Vonne: Do you get noticed a lot being out and about?

Kaylani Lei: Once in a while and it will be in the most unusual places. Or at a time when I don’t expect it and my hair is pulled back and no makeup on and my glasses and it kind of happens then. As much as it does happen I’m still surprised every time. Like oh thank you, it’s flattering it really is and everybody is really sweet with their approach.

Lucy Vonne: Being so petite do you ever have issues with performing with really tall guys and do you have tricks to make that work?

Kaylani Lei: (laughs) No I love it, it’s awesome. It’s what do they call it, spinners. I know that the guy loves it because he can feel big and strong and lift me up and do all kinds of stuff. But it’s really cool and makes it enjoyable. But no I don’t have a problem with it I think its great.

Lucy Vonne: If you weren’t doing porn what would you be doing with your life?

Kaylani Lei: I would have been two different things. One is a flight attendant, more when I was young cause I really wanted to travel. Like I would have been an international flight attendant because I really love to travel and it would have been a cool experience for a single person to meet people. Or the other thing I would have liked to pursue for a long time career would have been psychology. I’ve always had an interest in that and I would have done that.

Lucy Vonne: Have you ever thought about going back to school for that?

Kaylani Lei: I don’t know. Cause when I look down the line like ahead to the future I see myself in the industry. Kind of immerge myself more in doing different aspects like we talked about being a director or having my own production company something like that. Where I’m still in the industry in some shape or form. But I don’t know if I would go back to school and do that.

Lucy Vonne: So you got a lot of notice and nominations for The Wicked that came out a few months ago. How did getting all that press and the nominations make you feel?

Kaylani Lei: It was awesome. The noms were definitely well deserved. Every time you get one you think there are thousands of people in this industry so many movies and there are so many girls and to get acknowledged and be amongst the favorites and the other nominees is amazing. I think its great. That movie was great, all of us that were in it worked really hard we had a really good time filming it too. Michael Raven has always done really great movies and he’s extremely talented and that movie was awesome.

Lucy Vonne: I know you’re a big animal person and you have a couple pets are you involved in any sorts of charities or do any special events for them?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah I try to get myself involved with anything that I can that has to do with animals mostly dogs, anything I can do. I’ve gone to major events and stuff like that. There was this photo shoot called Pornstars for Pups and we did a photo shoot and the pictures will be made into a book and then the proceeds will be donated to dog shelters and stuff. Yeah I try to get involved with as much as I can with fundraisers and things like that.

Lucy Vonne: How many dogs do you have right now?

Kaylani Lei: I have two, two little dogs. One is a Maltese Pekinese mix and she has a little pink Mohawk and I have a Chihuahua and they are awesome I don’t even know, life would be boring without them.

Lucy Vonne: Do you ever find it hard to separate sex on set from sex in your personal life

Kaylani Lei: No I don’t find it hard. I mean on set it is what it is, it is work and everybody handles it professionally on our set. But it also is sex and you know I do try to enjoy it and get into it and you want a good performance. But it’s not hard to separate it. I don’t, my personal sex is different because its with somebody I choose. It’s as different as you want to make it but it’s not hard to separate it.

Lucy Vonne: If someone could only own one of your movies, which do you think it should be?

Kaylani Lei: Just one? I really like, I mean its hard cause I love them all because they’re each different and each director has a different style and extremely creative. But the one right now that I really like is Forever is the Night and that was directed by Fran├žois because the character I got to play, I got to play a dark kind of bad ass character not the normal everyday girl. It was kind of fun as far as acting and Fran├žois is amazing to work with, as a director he’s great.

Lucy Vonne: Are there any upcoming projects that your really excited about?

Kaylani Lei: We’re shooting a big one with brad Armstrong where all of us girls are involved.

Lucy Vonne: Is this the first time Wicked has put all their contract girls into one film or have they done something like this before?

Kaylani Lei: Yeah I think, this movie is actually going to be every single one of us. There have been movies before where it’s been all but one girl because maybe someone’s out of town. It’s hard to get everyone’s schedules to coincide with one another because our schedules are so different from each other. But I think for this particular one they were able to get all of us in it so that’s going to be exciting.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

Kaylani Lei: That I really really appreciate them and they’re awesome. They’re just so loyal and supportive and cool like that. They are the ones that keep me around and keep me going so thank you and check out clubkay


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Boys in Toy Land

Check out my latest guest blog on Club Double D "Boys in Toy Land."

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Andy is Back

A while back I posted a message I got on myspace from a guy named Andy. Apparently me not responding to him prompted him to write me another message basically saying the same thing.

You really are a Goddess Ms Lucy
Would you be interested in a guy that would do your house cleaning, chores, errands and anything else that would please you? I am also learning mani/pedi and should be able to do that soon. I love pampering a beautiful lady that expects things to be done her way. Please let me know if you are interested. I won't bother you again if you are not.


I kind of don't want to respond and see how many times he tries to contact me before he gets the hint it's not going to happen. Mean I know and I'm going to hell but I have already accepted that fact. Plus all my friends are going too so it won't be so bad.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Naughty Bookworms 13 Review

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Dirty Talking with Porn Stud of the Week Derrick Pierce

I want Derrick Pierce naked and on top of me right now! He is totally my type of guy, not only for watching porn but in general. I was wet with excitement when he agreed to an interview with me. He is so down to earth, funny, so easy to talk to and a complete charmer. When deciding on what movies to review for Rancho Carne I will immediately pick a movie if I see he is in it. Of course the sexual performance is amazing but his acting skills are equally as good. But there is so much more to Derrick then just porn as you will read.

He is very modest and still doesn't believe it when ladies swoon over him and give him compliments. He better get used to it because he is only going to get bigger and gain more fans. Especially with the recent launch of dedicated to the gorgeous hunk and all that is happening with him. There is even a section where you can write out your fantasies about him, shit I have like 20 of those. 

I guarantee you will want to masturbate to him in the following films; The Wicked, Whack Job, Addicted 4, Bad Girls, Corruption, Upload, Two, Hot Rides, One Wild and Crazy Night, Sex Spells, Ties That Bind, Hello Nurse and Stoya Scream.  

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Lucy Vonne: So how is life as Derrick Pierce?

Derrick Pierce: (laughs) That’s a tall order to answer. How is life as Derrick Pierce? Hectic, yeah hectic. I’m at the gas station right now getting gas and I just finished my first scene ever for Red Light District and now I’m driving 30 miles away to go train in the cage with a couple of my fighters.

Lucy Vonne: I noticed you had a lot of background in martial arts, how involved are you still in that?

Derrick Pierce: Actually just recently I became more involved in it. I started training a couple of guys via a mutual friend in strength training and conditioning. And now I’m suddenly somehow stupidly in the cage with them. I’m not necessarily interested in fighting but I’m training them and the three fighters I have are very very good mixed martial arts.

Lucy Vonne: How involved were you with it before you started doing porn?

Derrick Pierce: 12 years of training and teaching, that’s what I did as a profession before porn. I was a personal trainer and I had two martial arts 
schools with about 350 students total. I just needed a change and this was not necessarily the change I was looking to have but some how it worked out.

Lucy Vonne: You also co-own a motorcycle shop, how involved are you with that?

Derrick Pierce: Well my business partner is out of the country right now so I’m very involved in it right now. Normally I just do the paper work and help with some of the designs and stuff like that. And I have a few of my own motorcycles. They’re always under construction and virtually never done because I’m always trying to change something else.

Lucy Vonne: Do you remember your first scene on camera?

Derrick Pierce: Hell yeah, it was for a company called DVSX, it was shot by Guy Capo. It was shot at the house we call Captain & Tenille house. It was in front of a brick fireplace in the living room. It was with Vanessa Lane for a movie called Gothsend 4 and I remember I had on a black bandana, black leather pants, and big black boots.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any special moves you like to whip out during a scene?

Derrick Pierce: I don’t really I mean positions are positions. There’s derivatives of positions you know but nothing that’s like my moves or something. I mean do some things that a lot of other guys don’t do. Not that nobody does it but most performers are lazy so they don’t try to hard. (Laughs)

Lucy Vonne: Do you get recognized a lot being out?

Derrick Pierce: I get recognized all the time but its not always recognized for porn. I get recognized, well I have my radio show also but I get recognized whenever I’m flying. It never fails at least 60% of the time when I’m flying people think I’m John Cena. And I don’t mind I think he is a good-looking dude and I take it as a compliment. Although he’s about 40 pounds heavier then me he’s a big boy. And I kind of look around and I’m like seriously you think I’m a freakin wrestler and not just any wrestler but a specific wrestler. But I don’t see it but they do, so I’m like no that’s not me. Then people have a tendency to say things like I know I’ve seen you somewhere before and I don’t really want to tell them yeah you were probably jerking off when you did. So I just kind of say yeah well probably. They ask are you an actor, yeah of some sort. And then people ask me if I’m a mixed martial arts fighter because I’m bald, big and have tattoos I guess.

Lucy Vonne: What made you get the tattoos you have right now and do you think you will get any more?

Derrick Pierce: Actually I just got another one on Monday. I got the tenants of martial arts on my right wrist in Chinese. So yeah I plan on getting more. Why did I get the tats that I got? Well the big one of the left side of my chest and ribs and stomach and stuff, that one was a cover up actually. I had a girls name on my chest a little name like when I was 18 years old. And it was like the little maybe not even half an inch high and maybe four inches long. A really good friend of mine Rocky was tattoo artist and I said I kind of wanted a dragon thing. Maybe come down on my shoulder and onto my arm maybe, but that’s it. He drew out the head and he was like this and I’m like yeah yeah yeah that’s cool but I don’t have a lot of time today so we can do the rest later. He said ok so we went and he did what he said he was going to do. Then I came back and then he told me for what you want that head is too big its not going to look right. And I’m like well you made it. He’s like yeah I did. And I’m like what the hell are we supposed to do now. He was like well let me show you something. So he starts drawing on me and he drew this big whole dragon and I told him he was high, he’s crazy and I would never get such a big tattoo. He basically called me a punk and a bitch and said do you want a real tattoo or do you want these little bullshits ones that everyone else gets. So me being the stupid man that I am said no no no I want a real tattoo, so he did it.

Lucy Vonne: How long did that take?

Derrick Pierce: About 7 hours. Not so bad but once you get on the ribs right around your nipple and your underarm that’s when it gets bad.

Lucy Vonne: Yeah I have a rib tattoo and that wasn’t the most pleasant experience.

Derrick Pierce: No it’s like nerves in my neck started going off and my leg started kicking like a dog, not fun.

Lucy Vonne: How is the Playboy radio show going?

Derrick Pierce: It’s awesome. It’s actually the highest rated show that they have on the air from 7-9 and I believe most times we even beat out Howard Stern reruns

Lucy Vonne: So what’s the basic premise of the show?

Derrick Pierce: The basic premise of the show is Kylie (Ireland) and I have an on air pseudo relationship and we invite a third person into our relationship every Friday night to have a three-way with us. To get to know them and explore them allow them to talk with us about a bunch of different things. So it’s not just porn girls we’ve had directors we’ve had female
 executives from adult companies. We’ve had therapists you know like psychologist on the show before. It’s really just an opportunity to get to know men and women better. I mean it’s always about sex but a lot of times it how we get sex you know. So it’s not just how do I get my girlfriend to let me fuck her in the ass? It’s a lot more along the line of why do; I mean last week on the show was what’s the deal with dating rituals you know. As far as I’m not gunna fuck on the first date but on the third date it’s ok. So we explore things like that. We did a show on what makes you a whore compared to just sexual. We dive into all of that kind of fun stuff people think but don’t really talk about.

Lucy Vonne: So what does make you a whore?

Derrick Pierce: (Laughs) What makes me a whore is I love fucking a lot of different women. I would definitely call myself a slut, at least for now.

Lucy Vonne: At least for now, are you going to be a slut for a while or what do you think? (Laughs)

Derrick Pierce: No I mean I’m dating but I would love to find that real ride or die chick that’s gunna be down for where ever whatever whenever kind of thing you know. There are few and far between. The kind of girl I want would be the kind of girl that likes other girls or is at least cool with me fucking other girls. But not only that but understands what it takes to be with somebody like me because of my business and my aspirations. I want a girl who’s gunna be down for whatever. If I’m like I think we need to rob a bank I want her to start figuring out how were gunna escape. That’s the kind of girl that I want. That’s gunna be like, if I’m thinking about going left she’s already on her way going that way.

Lucy Vonne: So you credit your mom with you having such an appreciation for women, why’s that?

Derrick Pierce: I love women they are wonderful. I mean it’s a double edge sword. They are men’s motivating force 9 times out of 10 for doing a lot of the things that we do. But they are also our biggest down fall and Achilles heel at the same time. Growing up my mom was a very strong female role model and put up with a lot of things in her life she really shouldn’t have. But as the same time showed the versatility and tenacity to be a successful person. So she didn’t make me appreciate women she made me appreciate and desire wanting to be successful and not settling for what every one else thinks you’re capable of. So when I see a strong woman that’s similar to her in that capacity it really makes me think. Because it’s very difficult to be a strong positive but still sexual and feminine woman all at the same time. And so for the women that can pull that off that’s awesome.

Lucy Vonne: Who’s idea was it to launch

Derrick Pierce: That was Honey West, you know Honey.

Lucy Vonne: I do.

Derrick Pierce: That was Honey and the Webmaster Mark her Webmaster who is now my Webmaster too. She just really thought that there was something there for us to explore. I don’t know, I’ve never really looked at what I did in the business as being fan based you know what I mean. Growing up I watched a lot of porn. I was always; like I knew who the guys were but never really oh my god you’re so and so. And I never thought anybody would be like that about me. So when she started saying we have people ask about you all the time you should really have a site, I was just kind of like whatever. Like yeah right so a couple people think I’m cute or something. Compared to other dudes in the business that’s not really saying that much. There’s only a handful of guys in the business that I think are good looking handsome guys the rest are not that attractive. But they can do the job or have huge cocks or you know something like that. So when someone says your really hot for a porn guy its kind of like thanks…..

Lucy Vonne: Yeah I saw some of the comments the girls have put on there and you have a lot of fans on that site.

Derrick Pierce: I’ve always, I don’t deal well with compliments. I actually have to remind myself to say thank you and to be appreciative of them because a lot of times I’m like shut up or whatever they’re not talking about me. And then I have to remind myself listen don’t knock down other people’s comments whatever they are, take them and appreciate them. It’s not like I don’t appreciate them but I think that your just bullshitting. Like you don’t have to say nice things I’ll still be nice to you. So when the site started doing better I guess then what they had expected I was like ok well I can help out and put some time and effort into it. I’m trying to do the video updates but I do them on my phone. It’s a real pain in the ass because they don’t always send when they’re supposed to send, shit like that. So I’m going to get a handy cam something small that I can keep with me. Cause I kind of think everybody does the whole this is so and so and I’m on set and I’m gunna fuck this hot girl. I mean that’s kind of a given that’s what the video camera gets. The video camera doesn’t pick up the fact that I got up at 6 o’clock this morning and ran at the local track by my damn self for an hour and then went to work out by myself or going to go train or going to get the car washed. You know just goofy shit like that.

Lucy Vonne: Have you ever gotten really weird or crazy fan mail?

Derrick Pierce: Well I don’t know, I’m a freak so define weird and crazy.

Lucy Vonne: I don’t know the same applies to me so.

Derrick Pierce: Yeah what’s weird to other people is probably not that weird to me. I mean I’ve done so much off the wall stuff. Like I hosed a girl off and fucked her and beat a girl up with rubber bands. I don’t think there’s too much weird shit. Women don’t come up with weird stuff typically. Typically, if you’ve read any stories on site and stuff typically its very detailed and more erotic. Guys are the ones that come up with stupid shit like I want to role you around in marshmallow fluff and put two pieces of bread on you and eat you, you know like what?

Lucy Vonne: Is that an actual fan mail that you got because that would be awesome if it was?

Derrick Pierce: (Laughs) Nah I haven’t gotten that one I was just thinking of whacky shit that somebody would say to you where you’d be like ok shut the fuck up.

Lucy Vonne: What upcoming projects do you have that you’re really excited about?

Derrick Pierce: Well now I’m shooting for Red Light that’s always very exciting. There’s the triple X site, it’s still really new. There’s gunna be I would say within the next two months I’m gunna start having clips for sale which is a website actually I’m gunna have a store on there and I’m gunna make a link and I will start to let the fans put together the scenes that they want to see. So if somebody writes in I want you to fuck Savannah Stern in a pool I’ll see what I can do about putting that together.

Lucy Vonne: That’s pretty cool I don’t know if anyone’s actually done that before?

Derrick Pierce: They kind of have but not. Like that I mean people have done personal videos before but that’s really time consuming. But now with the Internet you have a lot more freedom to do that. What else is exciting, oh I have a PR firm that is handling my PR now for Derrick Pierce as the radio personality, whatever the hell that means. Because I really want to start putting it out there, there’s not another radio show out there like that. There’s some, there’s one but they don’t touch on it because they’re not in the business. A lot of people that they have on their show, they’re not booking everyday working porn actors and actresses like the people that I know and the people that Kylie knows. I work daily she works weekly, and she’s directed I’ve directed, we’ve both shot for every major company that there is. Nobody else has access to the people that we have access to you know what I mean.

Lucy Vonne: Do you like directing? Are you going to do more of that?

Derrick Pierce: I’ve been directing I think directing is a blast but it’s very nerve-racking. I was directing for Brazzers for a short time. I’ve learned a lot from working with them. Some of my really good friends are some the absolute best directors in the business; David Lord from Adam & Eve, Hank Hoffman who was directing for Vivid but now directs for Naughty America, Eric Masterson director for Naughty America, Kylie Ireland, Eli Cross who did Upload and Corruption, Brad Armstrong from Wicked, Robby D. from Digital Playground is a very good friend of mine. So I have access to all of these people and I ask them for help. Rick Shameless is a fabulous photographer. I just have a lot of resources to draw from. So every time I was having a shit time or something all I would have to do is kind of put out a call and I got countless people that are willing to help me that are excellent excellent people behind the camera.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anything you want to say to your female fans out there because there are a lot of them?

Derrick Pierce: Let yourself be known. If you’re honestly a fan of it or something that I’ve done or I’m involved with let me know. I appreciate it more then you can possibly imagine. Every single time I get a fan note or anything it makes me blush a little bit. I really appreciate it. I never thought that fans would be that important to me until I had a couple and I appreciate them.

Lucy Vonne: I will say I just watched “Whack Job” and think the best part was you dancing around with the guitar.

Derrick Pierce: Oh my god ah (Laughs) I have heard that so many times. People seem to like it when I make a complete ass of myself.

Lucy Vonne: I think because it humanizes you and you’re just like a regular guy and it’s funny. It was a really good movie.

Derrick Pierce: I have done, if you look hard enough and it’s online you can actually find a scene where I was wearing a dress and a wig with make up with pink high heels.

Lucy Vonne: I’m going to have to find that. (I found it!)

Derrick Pierce: I’ll just say Naughty America, it’s on Naughty America somewhere. I have done everything that they have asked me to do as far as making a fool of myself. I’m all for comedy so if it will make someone laugh I’ll do it. Originally “Whack Job” wasn’t for me; originally “Whack Job” was for Marcus London another performer. He got sick and couldn’t go to Tampa cause we shot that movie in Tampa with Stormy. She was really worried because she was just like it’s supposed to be funny and I don’t know if you can do funny. I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know. How did I do?

Lucy Vonne: It was pretty good I really enjoyed it I liked it.

Derrick Pierce: And my comedic timing was not too terrible?

Lucy Vonne: Your comedic timing was pretty good.

Derrick Pierce: (Laughs) I was a little nervous about that. They’ve always used me as the tough guy or the bad boy or the serious dude you know like in Upload and stuff so I don’t get too many opportunities to cut loose and fuck around.

Lucy Vonne: Well your good at it.

Derrick Pierce: (Laughs) What fucking around, thanks.

Lucy Vonne: You’re welcome.


Fetish Fridays: Formicophilia

Formicophilia is when a person becomes aroused by the sensation of insects crawling around and often times biting their genitals. Formicophilians cherish having genital lice, and draw additional arousal from sex when they know they are "sharing" their "pets". refers to itself as the "fansite of the licing lifestyle", including chatrooms and forums. Here, the site owner claims that the lice he's currently rocking in his pants were created by a Japanese scientist, and were bred to be larger and bite less than the common bush variety. If your looking to be infested your known as a "bug chaser" looking to get "the gift". Personally, I would much rather prefer a "gift"  from a lover that comes in a little blue Tiffany's box than from inside a bush. 

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Welcome to Fetish Fridays!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Fetish Fridays! I'm Lucy Vonne's sister Lily Jayne, and every Friday from now on out I'll be profiling a different fascinating fetish each week. I don't really have any personal fetishes, which is probably why I find it so entertaining to learn about all the random one's other people have. From the hilarious to the downright disturbing, I'll be providing a weekly dose of the often times unimaginable things that get some people off. 

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Worry Mom....

I got bored the other night and after having some awesome pink wine decided to put on temporary knuckle tattoos. So don't worry mom "Porn Star" in not permanently inked on my knuckles.

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Chatting with Claudia Valentine!

Claudia Valentine is relatively new to the world or porn. She has been around for about two years but recently has been making headlines with her appearance in the upcoming Sasha Baron Cohen movie Bruno. She is on the rise in the world of porn gracing the cover of a few of her new releases. This down to earth beauty is all about getting out there and making a name for herself in this industry. Which I'm sure will be no problem with her exotic looks and sweet personality. I have a feeling Claudia career is about to take off with all the hard work she has been doing. She was a delight to talk to!

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Lucy Vonne: How are you? How are things in the life of Claudia these days?

Claudia Valentine: It’s slow with economy but I try to keep busy with doing content and trying to get my website up, and Myspace and Twitter.

Lucy Vonne: I noticed you just joined the Twitter phenomenon, how’s that going for you? Do you find it helpful or more just fun and interacting with fans?

Claudia Valentine: I think it’s much easier to do then doing Myspace or Facebook. I find it’s really easy; I just downloaded an application onto my blackberry. So whether or not I’ m sitting at home or yesterday I was hiking up to the Hollywood sign and emailed Twitter you know. It’s easy to keep your name out there and your fans can watch and see and out your sexy thoughts or that you are a real person and just doing average everyday things, let your fans follow you. Myspace is just; I don’t use much because I don’t sit in an office all day. And I was moving and going back to school so I just didn’t go with it when it all started up. So now I’m always asking friends like “Hey can you help me?” They just think I’m a big dork but I’m like “Oh my gosh I don’t know what to do.”

Lucy Vonne: Are you currently still in school?

Claudia Valentine: I graduated from Arizona state and then after dancing for awhile I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising down in San Diego. Then I started working for a company called Quicksilver but I decided with the energy that I’m putting into porn if I’m going to do porn I should just do it full time and I can always come back to clothing later.

Lucy Vonne: How did you get into the porn industry?

Claudia Valentine: I used to swimsuit modeling like glamour and nude, all that stuff. I happened to fall into doing a pay site one day and that was kind of weird. Like I’m used to being naked and everything like that but somebody photographing me or my butt hole or more provocative poses I was just like oh my gosh. Honestly the first time I did a porn shoot it was no big deal compared to the pay site. Like that was the jumping into the pool you know the cold water spot. So once I was doing porn I was like this in no big deal bring on the next dude.

Lucy Vonne: Whom do you enjoy working with?

Claudia Valentine: I enjoy working with Danny Mountain and Mick Blue. I think a lot of times with directors if you have a great report, you know I love working with Matt over at Zero Tolerance. They make you feel sexy and that makes you do a good scene, makes the sex even better.

Lucy Vonne: I hear you call yourself the quintessential glamour girl, now what does that mean to you? Do you like dressing up a lot?

Claudia Valentine: You know I like being pretty. I mean sexy and slutty doesn’t have to be around but you can be dressed nice. Your boobs obviously come out and all the right things are showing but you don’t need to be like all tacky you can still do a great scene and stuff like that. I like dressing up I like being pretty and I like having a good time. Just glam it up.

Lucy Vonne: Your recent appearance in the upcoming Bruno I hear has cause a little controversy, can you tell me about that?

Claudia Valentine: I guess it’s NC-17 I don’t think it has anything to do with me. I was naked during it but I didn’t know, I thought they wanted a porn girl for it. I didn’t know it would be Bruno or Sasha Baron Cohen. So here I am taking off my clothes and I’m sure the more clothing you take off the more editing you have. Hopefully they don’t cut my scene out but there’s a lot of controversy with Bruno. There are gay porno guys in the movie too and all the things you see on the news about him asking all these nasty questions to some of them. I’m sure that stirs up a lot of anger ness about how they are doing it. So we’ll see, I’m really excited to see how I’m portrayed and hopefully everything will work out and I get more mainstream roles and stuff like that.

Lucy Vonne: Was this your first big mainstream role?

Claudia Valentine: Yeah mainstream, yeah I mean I’ve done some B flicks where I’m the bikini girl that gets killed first. Anything to do with me wearing a bikini or screaming. The stripper or the girl with big boobs roles you get when you are trying to start out. I have friends who are always trying set up their movies and trying to build up their portfolio and they’re like “Hey work with me. Can you do this bit or can you scream and moan? Can you die really well?” (Laughs) sure I guess.

Lucy Vonne: How did you find out it was Bruno? Did they tell you directly after the fact or it wasn’t till awhile later?

Claudia Valentine: I actually found out when I was at the Xbiz awards. I ran into Mark Spiegler and he said something and I was like what “What are you talking about?” Reminded me and I was like “Oh my gosh that was Sasha Baron Cohen, are you kidding me.” And then I was lying in bed and watching the news and they said something and I sat up immediately thought oh my gosh that was it. And my parents don’t know exactly what I do so and a lot of people are going to be seeing that movie and if my parents see me topless I should maybe prepare them for it so there not oh my god. I was talking with my old agent and he was like why didn’t you know. I mean I didn’t really watch Borat or I mean I’ve seen more of it later but I didn’t know any of the characters. I didn’t know who that was and I really thought it was some European rip off of Borat and some 30-year-old virgin. Sometimes I don’t get out too much. You go to school and save a lot of money and you only see what blockbuster has out. I don’t think it had it out then.

Lucy Vonne: When you’re not on set what are you doing?

Claudia Valentine: I like to work out, hang out with my friends, sleep, and have a good time. I guess it varies. I used to travel a lot, used to dance. It’s really just working on the Internet and trying to get your face out there and work out and be human.

Lucy Vonne: What up coming projects do you have that you are really excited about or working on?

Claudia Valentine: Well I’m really trying to get my website back up. I had it up for awhile and then took it down because it wasn’t going in the right angle that I wanted it to be and found a new Webmaster. It’s really about getting stuff on there and creating more of a buzz about me you know. I’ve only been doing porn for two years and I’m 32 years old so some people might say I’m already over the hill and why did you start so late. But at the same time there are a lot of older women. I don’t necessarily play a lot of MILF’s because I look a lot younger then what they want. But try to create my own buzz about myself and my website. Get my name out there and have people see me go to parties.

Lucy Vonne: What kind of special features are you going to have on your website?

Claudia Valentine: A lot of boy/girls, just me having fun, enjoying sex and pictures. I would like to have daily blogs, daily diaries like maybe a video diary; a day about me Simple things like painting my toe nails or going shopping and trying on underwear. You know cute little things and have a little video or web cam stuff.

Lucy Vonne: Do you see yourself staying in this business for a while?

Claudia Valentine: As long as I can, I mean it’s hard right now with the industry. I don’t get as many roles from, I look younger then most MILFs so I don’t get MILF roles. And there are so many girls who are in that in between stage of too old for college girls but too young for the MILFs and cougars. So we are just trying to get out there and have a good attitude and you’re only as good as your last movie.

Lucy Vonne: Do you ever think you will do any directing because I know a lot of people will travel over into that side of the business?

Claudia Valentine: I would love to; I would love to do that. I think it takes a lot of practice and I’m relatively new. Everyone has their own quirks and you have to see what’s hot and sexy and trashy and what makes people cum. What I like I could develop and figure out what might get people to jerk off more. I would love to do that and try it and see if I could do that.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any memorable moments from set that you can remember or funny things that may have happened?

Claudia Valentine: Um cum shots that may have gone over your head. This guy was supposed to come on my face and it blew over my head and I had to lick it off the couch. I did public flashing and I ran around down in Santa Monica flashing and doing yoga outside and stuff like that. That was a lot of fun. I love going around and flashing people and I’ve been doing that since I was probably 12.

Lucy Vonne: You’ve always a sexual exhibitionist then?

Claudia Valentine: Yeah I love having sex outside, just do it or flash people. I just show a boob every now and then. I’ve hung out with my friends and gone to subway and ate a sandwich and pulled one boob out and just sat there eating a sandwich pretending like it was never there just watching the looks on peoples faces and getting a reaction from people that way.

Lucy Vonne: Are you dating anyone right now?

Claudia Valentine: Not right now, I’m just concentrating on myself. I just got out of a relationship not to long ago. It’s tough being in the business and putting all this energy into these scenes and coming home and having regular sex or trying to portray that same sort of energy at home. Having somebody say that now how you do it in your movie. Sometimes it’s having that difference and it’s hard, that balance.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anything you won’t do on camera?

Claudia Valentine: I won’t do animals. (Laughs) I haven’t done anal, I do anal in my private life I just haven’t gotten any work to do any yet. But I’m always open to see what it’s like. Hopefully wont be too painful and it’s fun.

Lucy Vonne: Where’s the best place for fans to reach you if they want to send you a message?

Claudia Valentine: Myspace or hit me up on Twitter. I should be presenting at the next award show, getting my name out there and putting a name with the face and seeing me in some pictures. And hopefully my site will be out soon, should be out in another week or so. I have to go meet with my Webmaster to go drop off some more footage. Every day, every day is work one-way or the other.

Lucy Vonne: Is there a special message that you want to send to you fans?

Claudia Valentine: I appreciate all the love that they give me and if you like girls with curves and dark brown hair keep watching then. I’m learning new things and enjoying my job every day so it’s only going to get better.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Njoy Pure Wand

After discovering my love of glass toys I decided to branch off into similar toys. Njoy makes some of the best stainless steel toys out there and we know my vagina enjoys the best. Stainless steel is great because like glass it's non porous and holds temperature really well. Njoy only uses 316 grade stainless steel for their toys. They feel this grade is the best because it provides superior corrosion resistance, deep and lustrous finish, and added strength and toughness. Plus it's really shiny and I can fix my lipgloss while looking at it. It also comes in this great box with a pink satin inside to store it in.

The pure wand caught my fancy because it's made for the g spot. At about 8" long and weighs 1.5 lbs. Each end has a ball one bigger then the other; 1.5" and 1'". I went for the big end to start off, lubed it up and I was off. It was a little cold when I started but warmed up to my body temp nicely. It slid in and immediately hit my g spot. I find that using harder toys works better for getting me off. I pulled the toy in and out so it would hit hard up against the g spot. I love this toy, it's fantastic. Don't be afraid of using a hard toy, they really aren't scary. I got myself off a few times with this beauty. It's such a gorgeous toy I want to put on display for all to see. This would have to be a toy to ease a guy into, he might get intimidated if I busted this out the first time we fooled around.

Another fun fact about this toy is you can use it for your kegel muscles. Kind of like a dumbbell when you squeeze it lifts the toy up and down. You can start with the larger end in and when you get strong enough switch so you lift that part. A man can also use this to hit his p spot. I could even use this thing as protection when walking home at night, it's like a weapon.

No need to click read more but if you are intrigued click here to get your own.


Monday, April 20, 2009

The Reality of My First Orgasm

This past fall the reality show "Running in Heels" came to the store to film for one of their episodes and they needed a girl to talk to. Originally I thought I was just going to be talking about toys but they then told me they wanted crazy dating and sex stories. Much to all of your surprise I really don't have that many wild ones, that I would share on national television anyways. Two came to mind and decided to share them. However reality television likes to do what they want and combined my two stories to look like one and therefore what I talked about was not true. Take a look.

Of course I'm not a fan of how I look but that's not what I was mad about. I knew they would edit how they wanted but they twisted my words and gave my first orgasm credit to the wrong person. The fireman that I hooked up with in no way gave me my first orgasm. The other story I told was about the guy who did give me my first orgasm, a boy I dated back in Boston. Through the magic of editing it now seems like one story.

When I talked to my parents I told them what happened. My mom and I then talked about our first orgasm stories, she is a cool mom. My dad told me he had heard enough but watched the whole thing. While he supports what I do, when it comes to hearing my personal information sometimes he can only take so much.

To read the actual stories click read more

The Fireman story, oh I'm so proud of this one. The summer before I moved to New York I came to visit my future roommate for the weekend. We decided to have a night on the town. We went to the lower east side and visited a few bars. At the first bar some foreign creepy guy told me he wanted to lick all of my tattoos and tried to get me to leave with him. No thanks. We left and ended up at Iggys where we were on a mission to get drinks bought for us. That when we got hit on by a group of fireman and mission accomplished. One was really cute and one thing led to another and we were making out. That's when we accepted their offer to go hang out at the firehouse.

When we got there my future roommate and I played with the equipment and went down the pole. We took some awesome pictures but dropped the camera, broke it and have yet to be able to retrieve them. So yes eventually the fireman and I ended up in the gym and fooled around, what I will not tell you. But I can assure you that he was not the one that gave me my first orgasm.

The man who did is my dream man. Yes I did meet him online when I was living in Boston. He is my perfect type; built, shaved head and tattooed. However the best part was he was Irish and I mean really Irish with the accent and everything. He made me go weak in the knees. We met for dinner one night, went back to his dorm room and I was hooked from there. I had my first orgasm and a whole new me was born. Especially because he did everything exactly the way I liked it. People knew when I hung out with him because I would have bite marks every so often. But not always in places you could see them. There is even video of how awesome the sex was with him, which none of you will ever see. I still watch it every once in awhile, what can I saw he is so freaking hot.

I still talk to him every once in awhile but he has a girlfriend now so no more naughty things can happen for now. But since him I have been more comfortable with my body and sex life and telling boys what they need to do to get me off. Plus he introduced me to liking it rough which is such a turn on for me.

So there you have it, those are the two stories that made into one. It's only fair to give the right person credit for making me orgasm for the first time.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Porn Stud of the Week: Evan Stone

Many people come and go in the porn industry. It takes something special to be able to stick around for awhile and have a long career. Evan Stone is one of those people who will probably be in porn until the day he dies. He is one of my favorite all around actors out there. I don't find him hot but I do think he is incredibly handsome and his demeanor and personality make him a delight to watch. He is always by far the best thing about watching behind the scenes on movies. I realize I'm probably the only one who watches those things but you should start, they are fun.

Evan was born in Texas back in 1974. He has work a wide variety of jobs before his porn days. Everything from being a farm boy to working at Medieval themed restaurant and performing in the jousting and being an EMT for an ambulance service. He started acting in high school and really enjoyed it. He originally wanted to be a solder and a doctor and did ROTC and was pre med at college. Everything came to a holt when he got a knee injury from playing football.

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He was dared by a friend to enter an amateur dance contest at a club, won and thus began his adult career. He began stripping at night to help with the bills. Eventually he formed his own dance group that became extremely popular and toured the United States for about 8 years. One day he got a friend who offered him a part in a porn for Michael Raven and Evan Stone the porn actor was born. He recently made mainstream news when a 30 second clip of him interrupted the Super Bowl feed in Tucson Arizona.

His career has been one of the best out of all the male actors out there. He began in the year 1997 and has been in about 950 titles since then and isn't slowing down anytime soon. He has won numerous awards including 5 AVN Best Actor awards and Performer of the Year for both AVN and XCRO. I don't think I have ever seen an actress fake it with him, he is amazing. He has this fantastic penis, it's so big. Plus he really is a good actor. I think he is so funny in everything I see him in. I consider Evan the male version of Nina Harley in terms of staying in the business, he has found his true calling.
Want to laugh and masturbate at the same time? Watch Evan in the following films; Burn,  Pirates, Pirates 2, Bad Habits, Nurses, A Taste of Devon, Art of Love, Cargo, Game, Control 9, Eden, Fleshdance, Hot Sauce 5, Girl Next Door, Layout, Island Fever 4, Icon, Kill Jill, Power Lines, Silk Panties, Space Nuts, The Agent, The Housekeeper, and Wicked

Evan is known for his long hair. That's one of his trademarks, it's such a big part of him. Recently however he decided to chop it off for his role  in "This Ain't Star Trek XXX." Which is madness but he does look really good with his new hair. Hustler caught it on video for the world to see. 


Thursday, April 16, 2009

James Deen Makes Me Wet

I heart James Deen. He was on the first Porn Studs I featured on the site. I have boughten porn movies just because I knew he was in them. I love watching his scenes because he is hot and entertaining. He delivers comedy really well when given the chance, better then some mainstream actors I have seen in a while. I recently watched him in Nurses and his scene was the best in the movie. I have turned so many people onto him, including my gay male friends who love him too. My clit and I got very excited when he agreed to let me ask him a few questions. James is a man with a big penis but with little words. Brian Street Team (who I also heart) gave me a few ideas for questions even. There's a threesome I would gladly be in, um can we make that happen?

Click read more to for the interview with the sexy James

Lucy Vonne: What's a typical day if your life like?

James Deen: I wake up around 10, I edit for a while then go work for someone (bang a chick) and then come home edit some more and then go to bed.

Lucy Vonne: How did you and Joanna Angel meet?

James Deen: We met at AVN in Vegas and she basically stalked me for a few months.

Lucy Vonne: How do you guys maintain a relationship working in porn? Any tips for other couples doing the same thing?

James Deen: We are both insane... and both of our insanities compliment each other :-)

Lucy Vonne: What actresses, studios and directors do you like to work with?

James Deen: All of them.

Lucy Vonne: I recently reviewed Nurses and yours and Stoya's scene was by far the best in the movie. Mainly because you guys have amazing chemistry, in not just that scene but in all the ones I have seen you two together. Are you guys just good friends and that's where it stems from or is there more to it?

James Deen: I love her she is amazing in every way. She is like Joanna and my girlfriend.

Lucy Vonne: In your scenes you are always talking to the girls but never loud enough for the camera to pick up and for the audience to hear, what are you usually saying to them?

James Deen: It is a secret that only me and the girls that bang me know :-)

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any special moves you like to use on set?

James Deen: I like to do the humpty hump and the tootsie roll

Lucy Vonne: What have you done in your career that you are the most proud of?

James Deen: I once gave a chick an orgasm and it was freakin sweet!!!!!

Lucy Vonne: I heard you purposely left the room at the AVN's when they announced your category for "Male Performer of the Year," how come?

James Deen: I have social anxiety disorder and I get very scared in situations like that.

Lucy Vonne: What do you hope to accomplish in your porn career?

James Deen: ummmmm... I want to give more girls orgasms???

Lucy Vonne: Does your family know about your job and what do they think?

James Deen: They know. They love me no matter what I do

Lucy Vonne: What would you like to say to your female fans out there?

James Deen: Trust me, I DO want to make out with you. Don't be shy just ask.

Lucy Vonne: What is your favorite kind of bacon?

James Deen: All bacon.

Lucy Vonne: If you had 24 hours to spend with Chuck Norris what would you two do?

James Deen: ummmm throw cans at him and see what he does?

Lucy Vonne: Who is your evil genius sidekick and what kinds of adventures do you two get into?

James Deen: Brian Street Team. We avoid traffic on the way to Vegas and then have sex with every girl in Vegas.

Lucy Vonne: When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?

James Deen: A pornstar. No joke ask my third grade teacher. Her name is Monroe, first name Mrs.

Lucy Vonne: What do you like better and why, Hugos or Del Taco?

James Deen: Hugos.

Lucy Vonne: What up coming projects do you have that you are really excited about?

James Deen: Faith No More is back together. I am going to see them. That’s a project right?


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spank Me

We all know I like a little pain sometimes when I'm getting naughty. A little hair pulling or a bite mark or two. There is something about a little pain that turns me on. Hell I even got turned on last time I was getting tattooed. Many cultures describe pain as an aphrodisiac. But what I like the most is getting my ass smacked, harder the better. Don't worry about hand prints, I had one this weekend that lasted a day or two. Makes me think of who ever did it and I smile. To take this enjoyment to the next step I got myself a lather paddle from work the other day.

As you know I don't play around when I get sex toys, my paddle is really nice. Shape and size of a ping pong paddle because my butt isn't that huge and this one fits just right. Made by a Boston based company Marquis Leather Inc. It is made of real leather and one side has rabbit fur on it. Many people are confused by paddles that have fur or fleece on one side. The reason is rubbing or patting is a big part of the spanking. This paddle in particular because of the rabbit fur when you gently pat it creates this air pocket between your body and the paddle. Doing this after the smack will help with the sting.

To read how I picked this paddle click read more

I have played with the paddles at work many times but this time I meant business. I picked out a few that looked pleasant then proceeded to paddle myself with them to see which one I liked the best. It took a while but mainly because I enjoyed it and kept paddling myself. A few customers did stare and I got a few smiles. Then I had to decided if I wanted fleece or fur on the one side. I closed my eyes and had my coworker rub my arms with them at the same time to pick. It was an interesting site to see.

Butts are not the only thing that people like to have paddled (however I only like my butt smacked). Other areas that are good are inner thighs, upper back, chest, shoulders and calves. But there are some spots one much look out for. Never strike the kidneys, spine or lover back. The fleshier the area the better. Paddles can leave a deep bruise so be prepared for that to possibly happen.

I have yet to have a boy use this paddle on me during naughty time but I am looking forward to it. I did have my roommate smack me a few times with it. Sorry to burst your bubble but I had pants on during her paddling me. So who wants to spank me?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Special Tax Day Gift for the Readers of Sexy Blogtime! from The Pleasure Chest!

Doing your taxes sucks, especially when you find out NYC has it's own city tax. Guess I will have to wait to take that vacation to profess my love to Jean Val Jean next year. But here is something to cheer you up on this day of madness. The Pleasure Chest New York is offering the readers of Sexy Blogtime! a treat.

"Take a titillating tax break on April 15th for our Day Without Taxes. Shop tax-free and get a free 2 oz lube and Rocket vibe with mention of this ad while supplies last."

So come by and treat yourself to something special and get rewarded. All you have to do is mention Sexy Blogtime! and you get your gifts and pay no tax. I know there is something I have reviewed that caught your eye and you want to play with it. Trust me you can never have too many things to play with. I will even be there from 12-8 to help you decide what is best for your penis, vagina or ass. 
Never been there? We are easy to find;

156 Seventh Avenue South
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-2158

1 train to Christopher Street. Walk North on 7th Avenue 2 blocks.
1 2 3 F L V to 6th Ave/14th Street. Walk West to 7th Avenue and head South on 7th Avenue 4 blocks.
A C E to 8th Avenue/14th Street. Walk East to 7th Avenue and head South on 7th Avenue 4 blocks.


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Monday, April 13, 2009

Nurses Review

When it comes to porn that I buy I have very high standards. Usually I go for the things from Digital Playground. Recently I got “Nurses” and was not the least bit disappointed. Hot girls and most importantly super hot guys, 95% of the guys have been featured as Porn Studs of the Week. 3rd in the vocational series from director Robby D. we follow horny nurses, doctors and patients around for a day full of sex.

The script was pretty funny and the cast did a good job at delivering the lines and jokes. Most people really don’t pay attention to those things but when you watch as much porn as I do you notice everything. The girls are cute and bubbly and like to get naked but are horrible nurses. Patients get left or stuck in doors and they keep sleeping with the doctors. Katsuni plays the head nurse who is as tough as a hard cock. Jesse Jane is the favorite and keeps getting asked for photos and autographs. Riley Steele is having a rough first day and Stoya and Shay Jordan and just adorable.

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Evan Stone is always fantastic to watch, he really can be a funny actor. He is brought to the hospital after his fascination of sticking things in his ass gets him into trouble. Lets just say Barbie saw things she never saw before. Thankfully Jenna Haze shares his fascination and lets him pound her ass in delight. These two have great chemistry and enjoy working with one another.

Best scene in the whole movie was with James Deen and Stoya. Lets just say if you want to know how I like it then watch this scene. These two have so much chemistry I love watching them together. Stoya saves James from the rather large nurse trying to give James his sponge bath. It’s not your typical porn music as the scene starts out sweet but ends in rough and intense anal. I love James Deen.

Shawna Lenee and Gabriella Fox come to surprise my other love Scott Nails. They want to make him feel better and what better way then putting on little nurse outfits and sucking his cock. You can tell Gabriella is new since Shawna kind of guides her through the scene. Pretty hot scene and I heart Scott’s penis, which is all that really matters.

Shay needs Katsuni’s help with a patient. Shay is not sure what to do with Tommy Gunn and his erect penis that won’t go down. Katsuni calls him out on taking to many of the little blue pills and mentions there is only one way to fix this, threesome! My television has HD and a penis never looked so good as when they did a close up shot of his. Both girls gave it their all and cured Tommy’s erection.

I could listen to Danny Mountain talk all day long. Plus he isn’t so bad too look at either. He starts acting like a baby when Jesse and Riley tell him he needs a shot. Shyla Stylez pushing a baby basinet over hears and lets Danny know mommy is here to take care of him now. Hot scene, which eventually moves into anal. Shyla really rides the heck out of his cock with her ass.

Mr. Pete and his friend Tony T. are there to donate sperm. Lucky for them Sasha Grey will do whatever she can to help get the sperm out, even if that includes sucking them dry and giving them a taste of her ass. Tony T. did nothing for me but the other two were hot. Sasha goes straight to anal but does switch back to vaginal for Mr. Pete. She is very good at her job and gets all the sperm that she needs.

Jesse and Manuel Ferrara will not stop flirting. They end up in the broom closet going at it but are interrupted by Riley who is having a hard day. To make her feel better they bend her over for some fun. This was the first time Riley has taken on Jesse and Manuel and she held her own. Jesse always brings it and completely dominates over Riley. Manuel is absolutely gorgeous and his penis is magnificent, why haven’t they made a toy out of it yet. Someone get on that.

Erik Everhard plays a character by the name of Mr. Everstein. He keeps getting the nurses to bend over and pick things up. He even trick Riley into thinking he is blind and she has to put special medicine on his penis for hit. Turns out they can’t find anything wrong with him except that he is a pervert, which is fine with me because he is adorable. At the end of the day the girls are tired of his tricks and decide to let him have it. Jesse, Stoya, Katsuni, Shay, and Riley all let him have it. These girls are nuts for each other and his cock. Erik goes from girl to girl pounding the hell out of them. A fantastic way to end the film.

The only thing I had a problem with was how they teased me with Johnny Sins. He keeps popping up around the hospital and talking with patients and the nurses. They page him from time to time. He never has sex with anyone; he is fully clothed for the whole movie. How could they do that to me, I was all excited to see Johnny’s penis because it’s so wonderful and I got nothing. Not even a little no shirt action. Such a vagina tease.

So you should definitely go buy this movie because it’s got the top talent of the industry right now, which includes some of the best penises out there. Rumor is the next installment will be “Teachers.” I think they should do one called “Tattoo Artists” and it can be full of hot tattooed men, just like my dreams.