Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wind Up Toys Not Just For Kids

Wind up toys were always a big thing when I was a little kid. Especially setting them all of at the same time and watching them run into each other. I don't know if that will apply to this situation but you still get to enjoy the wind up fun. Introducing Earth Angel, the worlds first ever green technology sex toy. While other toys claim to be green because they recharge they still have an internal battery. The Earth Angel never needs a battery because it contains a patented power core.

This is the first product from the family owned company Caden Enterprises. Run by husband and wife team Chris and Janice in Ireland, this toy has been in the works for the past two years. They like to think of it as an angel to the earth, hence the name. they wanted to introduce a toy that would be appealing to people in every demographic. The toy and package are made of 100% recycled materials. In staying with the concept of being simple, elegant and good for the earth they only produce the toy in white measuring 8" long.

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The best part of the toy is the wind up concept. On the base of the toy is a small flip handle that pops out and you turn clockwise. Don't worry you won't wear yourself out from winding it up and have no energy to really play with it. With only a few minutes of crank turning you fill up around half of the power cell. That is enough for around 30 minutes of vibration that ranges from soft to intense. Any energy that you don't use gets stored in the power core for next time. The is also an indicator light to let you know the power is getting low you need to do some more cranking.

However if you are in really bad shape and can't find it in you to crank the handle you can plug the toy into your USB port to get energy. But if that's the case then I don't see how you will even find it in you to masturbate. Me on the other hand, I can always find it in me to masturbate. I'm curious about how loud the toy is and if it makes noise while you crank it. But think of how you would be helping the environment by owning a green toy. Even small changes like switching to a green vibrator can make a difference in the long run. You can even recycle your old vibrator if you decide to go green with the Earth Angel.

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