Monday, March 9, 2009

Vampire Gloves

Working at The Pleasure Chest I have found so many new things that I like. The other day we got a shipment from Kinklab with some surprisingly wonderful things in them. They are called vampire gloves and I want three pairs. Made out of a soft black leather with a snap closure at the wrist for form fitting. Covering the fingers and sometimes the palms are dozens of small steel tacks.

Used for sensory play the tacks provide a tickle and sensation so wonderful I was amazed. They are not made for puncturing the skin, but you will if you slap or squeeze your partner. I personally wouldn't get that rough with them but they do feel wonderful. Every time one of my friends comes to visit me at work I show them the gloves and I have gotten everyone wanting them. I never thought lightly maneuvering sharps tacks on myself would feel so good and arousing. I even had them run along my lower back and I got shivers all over.

They are made in your regular sizes of S, M, L, and XL. I will probably end up getting a pair or two. I will need to have an extra pair because my roommate has become quite fond of them too and I don't want her stealing mine. Although I don't think they will be something to whip out on the first date. They might have to be saved for a special occasion and I would have to make sure I wouldn't end up scaring the guy. These would have been great back in the day when it was custom to slap your enemy with your glove. I really think we should bring that back.

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