Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Text for Morning After Pill

So many people use text messaging today for almost everything they do, you can even order a pizza. So why not be able to get the morning after pill through text messaging. Thats just what six schools in Oxforshire will be offering girls coming this July. In an article by the Hampshire Chronicle this new plan is discussed and the reasonings for it. They will not name the six schools who are involved probably to keep some privacy.

Any girl who is in need can simply text for the pill. They don't mention where the text is sent but I'm guessing the school nurse. They also don't mention where the girl can pick it up. I'm hoping for some secret meet up but it's probably not that exciting and you just go to the nurses office. But they talk about how it's hard for girl to ask for it face to face but if they still must pick it up from someone they still might not ask. However if any girl between the ages of 11-13 ask for it child protection will step in. But if I was that 11 year old I would just ask my older friend to get it for me, so I'm not sure if that plan will pan out as well as they hoped.

They are starting with this plan because of the rise in teenage pregnancy in the recent years. I think it's a great idea since these days no one is helping kids out with sex and what they should do if they have issues. More schools should take the initiative and follow in this direction. 

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B. Jones said...

Schools should focus on teaching children responsibility, accountability and above all else history, science, math and english.

The more you invite government into your life especially when they are taking you in during a time of need the more we are being set up to rely on government to solve all our reckless problems, just look at the current bail out plans or what happened after Katrina.

The more government involves itself in our personal life the more freedom we are turning over to a smily faced tyrant.

The government is the enemy. Respond to their open hands and face lift contrived smiles with middle fingers.