Monday, March 30, 2009

Tantus Zing Plug

Working at The Pleasure Chest I have learned to explore things I didn't think I would want to, like anal play. To help with this adventure I purchased a plug awhile back. No silly bad smelling jelly plugs for me, I went right for the good stuff. I went for the company Tantus who only uses platinum silicone for their toys. I wanted the option of vibration so I went with the Zing, of course in light pink.

Like I said before it's made with platinum silicone which is one of the best materials you can use for toys. It's completely hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless and won't harbor any bacteria. You can even boil it for a few minutes to completely sanitize it. But since it is silicone you can only use water based lubricant with it or else the silicones will have a little war on each other and you will destroy the toy. Great for anyone who has sensitive skin and is allergic to latex.

It has a tapered tip so it slides in very easily. You will want to use lube because the anus does not lubricate naturally. It's 4" long about about 1.25" wide in the middle. Since I'm not used to too much anal play it was a little strange at first but then was really good. The little bullet didn't really do much though. It's not super power full and takes watch batteries which hardly last at all. Plus if the bullet isn't pushed all the way in and you are having sex in doggy it can poke the guy. (But my ex was a baby so what did I expect) I did enjoy the DP action that was going on though, better then I though because it tightens the vaginal wall so you feel more. Another great use is to loosen yourself up before you engage in anal sex.

It's the perfect plug to start off with in your anal adventures. It may seem big but honestly it really isn't that much to take on. You don't have to use the bullet if you don't want to so you get the best of both worlds. Plus it will last a lifetime, unless someone takes it from you. Believe me that happens, I have heard stories.

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